Huntington Home Candles Review: Are They Good?

There are moments you have string odors at home that you want to get rid of, or perhaps you want to relax at the end of a long day. In that case, you need to light a Huntington home candle.

In such situations, you can use the Huntington Home Candles, which are some of the best. These candles use a soy wax blend and are quite safe to use in your space. They give off the most amazing scents, which refresh your area and leave you feeling fantastic.

Be sure to check out the amazing collection that the company has. Strong scents and mild ones are depending on your tastes and preferences. Below is a detailed article that gives insight into the company and the products they make.

Huntington Home Candles Review

All About the Company

Huntington Home candles are also known as Aldi candles. They are part of the greater Aldi group of products with amazing scents.

Aldi is a company that has been around for quite some time and recently released its collection of scented candles. The company is part of the larger Aldi International and deal with a wide range of products apart from scented candles.

Product Line

Aldi candles/Huntington Home candles are just one of the products you can find in Aldi. The candles are quite popular, and many people always seek out the numerous scents available. You can enjoy candle scents such as:

  • Harvest Skies
  • Pumpkin Praline
  • Cedar Oakwood
  • Sugared Almond Cookie
  • Toasted Pumpkin Marshmallow
  • Citrus Clove
  • Rosewater Sangria
  • Gardenia
  • Vanilla
  • Pumpkin Cinnamon
  • Apple Harvest

Apart from candles, there are many other products you can check out at Aldi. These are in different categories such as:

  • Garden
  • Furniture
  • Wines and Spirits
  • Toys
  • Health and Beauty
  • Clothing
  • Kitchen
  • Home
  • Electricals
  • Pets
  • Babies and Toddlers

Special Huntington Candle Features

From the minute you see your first Huntington Home candle, the aesthetics of the glass container tends to pull you in. The manufacturer has done a great job with the exterior with bright colors and easy-to-read names.

The makers use unique and inspiring manes for each scent that you come across. These will exude feelings of warmth and lovely aroma in every person seeking scented candles. Once you open the metal cap of the glass jar, you come across three wicks in every candle.

Huntington Home Candles have three wicks that are lead-free and easy to light. Once you use the candle for some time, you can trim the wick to ensure you get a stable burn. The wicks deliver a steady flame and help remove as much aroma as possible from the soy wax blend.

In addition, every candle from this company is made using a soy wax blend that’s free of any harmful toxins. The soy wax is eco-friendly and won’t emit any toxic gases when using the candle. It’s the best gift which suits numerous occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

Lasting Scents

One feature that’s worth noting with Huntington Home candles is the lasting aroma. The manufacturer uses a special blend of scents to bring you different experiences. The candles come in handy whenever you have to mask certain odors or keep your space fresh.

It means these candles play an important role in improving your indoor air quality. Not only that, you can enjoy some aromatherapy when you opt to use the candles when relaxing and unwinding after a long day.

With all this information in mind, you can now check out some of the best scents that Huntington Home candles have to offer. Read through the information and pick out the candles you like depending on the smells and aromas which attract you.

The Best Huntington Home Candles Reviewed

1. Huntington Home Rose Water Sangria Candle

Huntington Home Soy Blend Scented Candle All Scented, 3 Wicks 45/60 Hours (Rosewater Sangria)
  • PREMIUM PRODUCT: The Huntington Home Spa Soy Blend Aroma Candle is a perfect for your.All our candles are made of premium, non-toxic, clean-burning...
  • QUICKER ODOR ELIMINATOR: Candle has variations of 1,2 or 3 Wicks An intoxicating bouquet of different amazing scents
  • HIGHLY SCENTED: Our candles have high load of strong and premium scented oils that will make them your company in the most memorable moments. The best...
  • Our 100% Soy Blend Candles are great for friends and loved ones that need a smile. Great for hostess gift, housewarming gift, bridal shower, Christmas...
  • MADE IN USA: Candle for Home Scented: Soy blend candles made cruelty free. The best smelling candles gifts for men and women.


  • Scent: Rosewater and sangria
  • Color: Pink
  • Wax Material: Soy blend
  • No. of Wicks: 3
  • Burn Duration: 45 to 60 hours

Lighting a scented candle in your space can be one of the best ways to bring warmth to your room. The Huntington Home Rose Water Sangria candle meets the mark when you want a lovely aroma. This is a top-quality candle that uses soy blend wax.

The manufacturer doesn’t compromise on the burn experience that awaits you. When you open the lid, you notice the candle comes with three wicks. These wicks are to give you a stable and even burn. The candle has a burn duration of between 45 to 60 hours.

It’s a pink candle that you can use as a decorative piece in your space. The candle wax is inside a quality glass jar that won’t shatter easily when you light the candle. Enjoy the lovely rose water and sangria scent when you purchase this large size candle.

Smelling the candle feels like a warm embrace, and you can keep it lit for some time. This is because the scent won’t overpower you. One way to make sure you keep using it well is to trim the wick before you light it.

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2. Huntington Home Gardenia Soy Blend Candle


  • Scent: Floral
  • Color: Blue
  • Wax Material: Soy blend
  • No. of Wicks: 3
  • Burn Duration: 45 to 60 hours

Picture this: it’s late fall or winter, but you want to enjoy some floral scents in your space. One way to accomplish this and have a lovely atmosphere is by burning a scented floral candle. The Huntington Home Gardenia Soy Blend meets this requirement.

This is a scented candle that fills your space with a floral aroma and comes in a quality glass jar. The jar is quite attractive and blends well with any décor in your room. All you have to do is open the lid, light the wicks, and set the candle on a safe and flat surface.

The Huntington Home candle comes with three wicks. The wicks guarantee an even burn, and you can use the candle for a duration of up to 60 hours. The makers use a soy blend for the wax, which is non-toxic and a great substitute for the standard paraffin candle wax.

It delivers a long-lasting floral scent that you can enjoy for some time. The three wicks make the candle burn effectively and provide a better fragrance in your home. This candle can be the best gift for occasions such as birthdays, weddings, among others.

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3. Huntington Home Vanilla Scented Candle


  • Scent: Vanilla
  • Color: White
  • Wax Material: Soy blend
  • No. of Wicks: 3
  • Burn Duration: 45 to 60 hours

Nothing beats a vanilla-scented candle when you light it in your home. The candle tends to release the most fantastic aroma, which captivates you in many ways. The scent is wonderful to smell and helps ease your tension, and works as an aromatherapy aid.

The scented candle wax is in a see-through glass jar. The wax is a soy blend that is eco-friendly and not hazardous to your health. You won’t need to worry about toxic fumes and flavors, which can cause irritations for you and your loved ones.  Another positive note about it is the wicks and wax is all lead-free.

It will last for 45 to 60 hours, depending on your usage. In addition, the candle has three wicks that deliver a stable flame, and you can enjoy a better quality aroma in your space. The first appearances of the candle are captivating since it’s so lovely.

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4. Huntington Home First Snow Candle


  • Scent: First snow
  • Color: White
  • Wax Material: Soy blend
  • No. of Wicks: 3
  • Burn Duration: 45 to 60 hours

Another top candle to try out in your space is the Huntington Home First Snow candle. This scented candle gives you warm and inviting vibes when you want to unwind at home. It’s white and tends to blend well in any area you place it.

The candle exudes warmth and coziness in the form of the great flame and lovely aroma that fills your space. It has three wicks that give you an even and stable burn. Ensure you place the candle on a flat and stable surface away from flammable items.

It’s made using a high-quality soy wax blend and amazing fragrance. The soy wax is safe to use as it won’t emit any harmful gases in your house. The scent is mild and not overpowering, especially in the evening when the windows are closed.

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Customer Opinions

Products that have been on the market for some time have both positive and negative reviews. It’s prudent to first read through what different customers have to say before making a purchase. The information can help you decide the item meets your needs or not.

This applies to the scented Huntington Home candles. These are candles that you can use for decorative purposes and to refresh your space. While some people love them and use them often, others don’t have positive experiences.

Read through all the information, then make a final decision about these scented candles.

Positive Customer Opinions

Triple wick is the best

Huntington candles come with three wicks. These wicks make it easier to use the candles to light up a space and get an even burn.

Glass jar prevents dripping

Candles that come without a container are prone to dripping which causes a mess. The Huntington candles come in a glass jar that protects surfaces from the soy wax.

Long-lasting scent

Huntington Home scented candles have a wonderful aroma. It spreads fast in any space and tends to linger for quite some time, even after blowing out the candle.

Beautiful aromas

There’s a variety of Huntington Home candles that you can get to add to your collection. The scents are unique and bring you new experiences when you want to relax at home.

Long burn duration

The Huntington Home candles come in a large glass container. The container carries a lot of soy wax which can burn from 45 to 60 hours. It will be quite some time before you have to replace it.

Harmless soy wax

Instead of using wax that has toxic materials in it, Huntington Home candles use a soy wax blend that’s safe to use at home and won’t emit any harmful fumes in your space. The soy candle wax is an eco-friendly blend that you can use without much worry in your living space, even with pets and toddlers around.

Negative Customer Opinions

The candles are expensive

When compared to other similar brands in the market, the Huntington candles are expensive.

The glass jar is fragile

After a few uses, the glass jar breaks, which can be quite dangerous. It shows the jar is made using low-quality glass material.

It’s hard to open the lid

The Huntington Home candles come in a lovely glass jar that has a lid. It’s not easy to get the top of a new candle opens.

Less burn duration

The burn duration of the large candle is supposed to be 60 hours. However, for some candles, this is not the case. You have to replace them after a short while, which is expensive considering the high price.

In Summary

Sometimes you may cook a meal that leaves your whole house with a certain smell. Or there’s a problem with the plumbing, which leaves a lingering odor at times you want to kick back and unwind after a long day and need some assistance to do so. The Huntington Home Candles can help save the day.

Once you opt to get some scented candles in your space, Huntington Home candles are some of the best in the market. When you want a mild and inviting aroma in your home, get the Huntington Home Vanilla Scented Candle. The vanilla scent is not only inviting but spreads warmth in every corner of your room.

In addition, you can pick a day to enjoy a wonderful and floral aroma that gives you spring and summer vibes. The Huntington Home Gardenia Candle works wonders to refresh your space and musk all strong odors.

All these work well together with the Huntington First Snow candle that’s mild with white wax. This blends well with any interior décor. You can get some to use in your bathroom or other living spaces. What matters most is picking scents and aromas that suit your preferences.

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