How Long Do Reed Diffusers Last?

How Long Do Reed Diffusers Last? Do you know that the time a diffuser oil can last it all depends on the temperature?

Most people prefer reed diffusers as they are frame free hence safe from fire, very easy to use and have vibrant scents. These have made it extremely popular in home fragrance and more practical scent solution today. It’s now used in almost every home for its excellent performance and its non-harmful effects.

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Reed diffusers are environmentally friendly as they don’t emit soot to your furniture, ceiling and walls thus they remain clean. They contain ingredients that are DPG free and alcohol-free. This makes it safe and pollution free hence can be used for approximately 3-4 months as they don’t have harmful effects on the environment hence no pollution diseases hence fit for human consumption. Most other frames cannot be able to work without polluting the environment thus making the reed diffusers the best of all.

Reed diffuser oils have proved to last for months depending on the environmental factors such as the Air conditioning, doors open and closed and heating among other factors around your home. A 100ml diffuser oil should last for about 2-4 months depending on the temperature at home. Most Aromatherapists recommend diffusing for about half or utmost one hour. If a reed diffuser that is continually used going via a 10ml bottle it can last for about a week. Although it lasting effects can be improved and last for longer. This reduces the cost and worries to expenses in your home expenditure.

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To scent your room for some months you need to put some amount of oil into a diffuser bottle and insert the sticks. to expose the oil moisten sticks to air turn over once. The oil inside the bottle will move on and wick the sticks and give your room a scent for months.

To refresh the scent you need to regularly turn the sticks at least once per week is the most appropriate. The reed soaks up the scent and produces a pleasant aroma in your home. It’s recommendable you take your reed diffuser into the kitchen sink to carry out the refreshing activity.

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In order to scent your room strong and the room is too large you may need more than one bottle of reed diffuser each placed at different corners for optimum scent effect. Or put more sticks in the bottle. If your room has air condition and several door openings to the outside it might affect the results. this can be done for about 2-4 months depending on your house temperature.

Unlike other frames that produce heat and emit soot, they don’t require heat and are soot free hence take care of your safety, furniture, walls, and ceiling. The reed diffusers disperse scent into the surrounding naturally hence an ideal for home use. Reed diffusers are economical and durable as they can go up to 4 months. The long-lasting effect of the scent can be controlled and made longer through regulating the room temperature of your room.

You can refill your reed diffuser when the fragrant oil is empty. Read our full article on How to Refill Your Reed Diffuser.


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