10 Types of Diffuser And Find the Best

Many people ask me which type of diffuser is the best. The following is an introduction to 10 types of diffusers and their advantages and disadvantages. After reading this article, you can find out the best diffuser for you.

1.Classic Nebulizer Essential oil Diffuser

Essential oil Diffuser

Material: Glass, wood

Principle: The application of Bernoulli’s aerodynamic principle on the sprayer, using the gas produced by the equipment to cause the pressure difference in different areas of the container, through the physical force of the essential oil blowing into a foggy shape.

Usage:  Add more than 10 drops of essential oil to the glass bottle without water. Turn on the power and wait more than 10 seconds for the spray to occur, and if not, add the essential oil in moderation.

Pros: Physical atomization, no heating, odour, the composition is not easy to change, fast, wide range of incense expansion, no humidification effect, suitable for areas with high humidity; adjustable spray volume; automatic intermittent operation (e.g. spray three minutes stop two minutes).

Cons: Each time you have to add enough essential oil to operate, the consumption of essential oil is large, the main body is glass material, fragile (said to be artificially blown), viscosity of the essential oil such as rock bluegrass, myrrh, roses, sandalwood and so on cannot be used, easy to block capillary.

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2.Nebulizer Essential oil Diffuser

Nebulizer Essential oil Diffuser

Material: PC plastic, PP plastic

Principle: With the 1. Essential oil Diffuser expansion instrument principle of the same, no need to add water, no need to heat, directly will be physical atomization of essential oil.

Usage: Insert the fine oil bottle directly into the device and connect the power.

Pros: Can be considered to be the industrial version of the “Classic Nebulizer Essential oil diffuser”, inherited the essential oil diffuser function advantages, improve some of the shortcomings: such as glass fragile, capillary size is not fine enough problems, control more accurate, of course, also lost the handmade “original” style and beauty; the function of intermittent spray is worth mentioning. Suitable for larger spaces, living rooms, clubhouses, offices, etc.

Cons: The price is expensive, the noise is large, only one essential oil can be used at a time, even if a variety of essential oils are mixed in advance also to a sufficient amount; nozzles and capillaries also remain the last used essential oil, cannot immediately eject the essential oil you loaded (unless the nozzle is changed), the viscosity of the essential oil easy to block the capillary. The consumption of essential oils has improved compared with the essential oil expansion instrument, but it is still larger.

3.Ultrasonic Essential oil Diffuser

Ultrasonic Essential oil Diffuser

Material: PP Plastic (food appliance grade)

Principle: the vibration of the ultrasonic wave transforms the essential oil mixed with water into a subtle vapour ejection. When essential oils spread in this way, essential oils are suspended in the air for several hours.

Usage: Add a certain amount of water in the container (it is recommended to use pure water), drip into the 1~4 drop essential oil, turn on the power supply, set the spray time can be.

Pros: Physical atomization, no heating, safety, will not destroy the composition and curative effect of essential oil, the amount of essential oil is very province, can be set spray length, adjustable spray volume, the expansion of incense speed, large space, humidification, aromatherapy, Night Lights three kinds of functions.

Cons: High humidity areas, the original room should be dehumidification, with this equipment will be more humid, cannot automatically intermittent spray.

4.Candle Diffuser

Candle Diffuser

Material: The majority of ceramics, there are also glass.

Principle: The characteristics of accelerated evaporation by heat in the use of essential oils.

Usage: Pour two-thirds of the water into the upper container, drip into the 1~4 drop essential oil, ignite the candle below and put it in the stove.

Pros: Easy to move, no need to connect, it can also be used outdoors, cheap, small size, swaying candlelight + aromatic smell, create a romantic and warm atmosphere effect.

Cons: Need to ignite open fire, there is a fear of fire; After the water is dried, the high-temperature state cannot immediately add water, easy to cause the container to burst, knock, kick to trigger scalding; essential oil spreads faster; and high temperatures may alter the chemical composition and efficacy of essential oils.

5.Lamp Warmer Diffuser

Lamp Warmer Diffuser

Material: glass, ceramics

Principle: Same as above

Usage: Pour two-thirds of the water in the upper container, drip into the 1~4 drop essential oil, connect the electricity, turn on the lights and it can be used.

Pros: High security, do not worry about open fires caused by fire, can also be used as lighting, one thing dual use.

Cons: Light bulbs easy to break, unconventional light bulbs, not good matching, Long opening time, high lamp body temperature, easy to burn, after boiling water, high temperature state cannot immediately add water, easy to cause container burst, high temperature may change the chemical composition and curative effect of essential oil.

6.Ceramic Diffuser

Ceramic Diffuser

Material: Ceramic

Principle: Heating internal cement resistance to make local heat and maintain a constant temperature

Usage: Drop directly into the 1~4 drop essential oil, do not add water, connect to the electricity can be used.

Pros: 65~80°c constant temperature, suitable for the slow evaporation of essential oils, power saving, provincial essential oil, ceramic shell with insulation characteristics, only the top groove will heat, not hot in other places, do not worry about burns.

Cons: Fewer brands to choose from, small incense expansion space, single-use, low price, High temperature may change the chemical composition and efficacy of essential oils.

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7.Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser

Material: Rattan or reed, glass bottle, seal plug

Principle: Capillary phenomenon, the low liquid can be sucked to the height of the capillary

Pros: Also known as “fire-free Aromatherapy”, as the name suggests: “No fire, no electricity, safety and environmental protection”, in Europe and the US, Japan and South Korea is very popular, because the rattan has a capillary cavity, water absorption, oil absorption, good volatility, can automatically and continuously expand incense, can also be used as a soft ornament, cheap;

Cons: The “fragrance” supplied on the market, most of which is not pure natural ingredients, added artificial flavour or inferior essential oil, usually relatively cheap.

But if you use pure natural essential oil to hook up, the speed of consumption is too fast. It is recommended to pour a small amount of mineral water into the finished oil bottle, seal the mouth, shake up and down, and then insert the rattan to expand the fragrance.

Can not only make full use of the remaining in the bottle of essential oil but also to the home of small space (such as bathrooms, storage rooms, shoe changes, etc.) to bring a pleasant fragrance. If you don’t choose the right one carefully, it may not perform so well in the large room.

8.Electric Diffuser / USB Diffuser / Car Diffuser

Car Diffuser

Material: Plastic, metal

Principle: local heating, the use of essential oil heat evaporation characteristics

Usage: Drop directly into the 1~2 drop essential oil, do not add water, plug into the USB port connected to the power can be used.

Pros: Extend the use of aromatherapy scene to the car, next to the computer and so on USB interface on the device, small size, can carry with you.

Cons: Small expansion space, small price expensive, high temperature may change the chemical composition of essential oils and efficacy.


1) Some cars do not have a USB port, need to be equipped with a cigarette converter to convert the USB interface converter can be.

2) Some car diffuser is directly plugged into the cigarette device interface.

3) There is also a USB diffuser with Humidification function, the volume is larger.

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9.Diffuser Fan

Diffuser fan

Principle: The rapid flow of air, accelerated evaporation, to achieve the purpose of incense expansion

Usage: In fact, is the ordinary fan (whether there are leaves or leafless fans) attached to an aromatherapy box, containing a cotton core, dripping into an essential oil, you can turn on the fan.

When you buy a fan, you can focus on whether you have this feature.

Pros: Fan and do both expansion, large space for expansion of incense.

Cons: The consumption of essential oil fast, the replacement of essential oil will have to replace the cotton core, can only be used in summer.

10.Diffuser Jewelry / Diffuser Bracelet / Diffuser Necklace

diffuser jewelry

Material: ceramic/glass/wood/metal hollowed out carved small bottle necklace or pendant, cork stopper

Principle: temperature heating, natural evaporation

Usage: Drop the essential oil several drops, drip into the vial to cover the lid can be, essential oil through the bottle cap gap or cork slowly emitting.

Pros: Can carry with you, but also let the fragrance drift, both decorative.

Cons: Small bottle is not easy to clean, always use a kind of problem, the expansion of incense speed is slow.

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The 10 types of diffusers described above, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, to be selected according to their own use of the scene.

For example:

Yoga Hall Meditation classes or recitation classes, with a candle diffuser, is very suitable for creating an atmosphere;

Reed diffuser at home to change the shoe stool is the most suitable;

Modern people spend a lot of time in the car, car diffuser to help you refreshing, safe driving;

Nebulizer Essential oil Diffuser Incense Expansion machine is the latest products, scientific and technological content is also high, absolutely tall. But product maturity and value for money let me tangled;

Generally speaking, oil does not dissolve in water. The waterless diffuser is used to give full play to the essential characteristics of the essential oil. Such as Essential oil Diffuser and Nebulizer Essential oil Diffuser.

Finally, I chose the reed diffuser and nebulizer diffuser, analysis down the overall cost-effective best, one reed diffuser in the bathroom and one nebulizer diffuser in each bedroom in the home, for some time has been used well.


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