Happy Wax Wax Melts Review: Are They Good?

Using wax melts is a great way to add fragrance to your home and make it smell exactly how you want it to. Happy Wax is dedicated to making it convenient to add fragrance to your home. While they make it convenient, there’s still the question of whether or not this brand is worth your time and money. Does Happy Wax sell wax melts that are actually good?

Happy Wax without a doubt leaves their customers, well, happy. Their wax melts are high quality and created with the best ingredients and extra care. When you buy from them, you can do so without having to worry that you’re going to receive a low quality product that doesn’t give off a good fragrance.

Before buying from Happy Wax for the first time, though, it’s important to know as much as you can about them. While their products are a good quality, you want to make sure that these are actually a good fit for you and your home. You should know about the company itself, what products they sell, and other offers they have, such as subscriptions.

Happy Wax Wax Melts Review

What You Need to Know About Happy Wax

Before buying from a company for the first time, it’s important to know as much as you can about them. This will give you the chance to really know what you’re buying and who you’re buying from. You’ll also be able to better gauge whether or not this company is going to be a good fit for your fragrance preferences. In this section, I’ll tell you everything I feel you should know about Happy Wax before deciding whether to buy from them.

Happy Wax’s Story

Happy Wax was born out of the town of Durham, North Carolina after the owner was talking to a police officer about his love for making candles in his spare time. The officer showed the founders his bear shaped melts and that’s how they fell in love with the uniquely shaped melts. After that, they started Happy Wax.

With the mission of crafting the best wax melts that every customer will be completely satisfied with, Happy Wax set off into making their fun bear shaped wax melts.. They want to make melts that are of the highest quality that can be enjoyed by everyone. This company is dedicated to making sure you’re not only melting wax, but you’re doing it in a way that is fun and healthy.

Happy Wax takes pride in what they use in their wax melts. Their wax is completely soy, which means that it is sustainable and friendly for the environment. The wax is fragranced using essential oils so you’ll get a truly authentic fragrance when you use their melts. The essential oils also add to the health aspect that Happy Wax strives for with their melts because essential oils hold health benefits in them.

Happy Wax Wax Melts

Happy Wax’s wax melts are a unique product sold in cute little bear shapes. These wax melts are smaller than your typical melt, but their fragrance makes up for their small size. Happy Wax uses essential oils to fragrance their wax melts and they make sure to really pack the melts with a large amount of fragrance so you are completely satisfied with their melts.

When using their wax melts, Happy Wax recommends that if you’re using a wall plug-in diffuser, you start with one or two melts but if you’re using a larger wax warmer, you use two to three. One of the good things about the small size of the bear wax melts is that it’s easier to control the amount of fragrance. If three melts isn’t a strong enough fragrance for you, you can add one more without worrying about it being overpowering.

By using two wax melts at a time, you can get up to 8 hours of fragrance time before you have to replace the melts. You have three different buying options when it comes to their wax melts.

Their options are:

SizeWax Melt Count
Estimated Fragrance Time
Pouch (2 oz)16 bearsabout 60 hours
Tin (3.6 oz)24 bearsabout 100 hours
Half Pound Pouch (8 oz)60 bearsabout 240 hours

The size of the wax melts also makes it easy to mix and match fragrances. Because you need two to three melts for a standard sized tabletop warmer, you can use different fragranced melts to make your own customized fragrance. Happy Wax actually really encourages you do this with their melts.

Other Products Sold by Happy Wax

Happy Wax is primarily a company that sells wax melts but that’s not the only thing they sell. One of the other big products that is sold by Happy Wax is their wax warmers. These warmers are made specifically with the use of Happy Wax wax melts in mind but you can use whatever brand you want in them, too.

The wax warmers sold by Happy Wax have a warming dish that is made out of silicone, which is different from every other wax warmer on the market. This unique feature is an incredibly convenient way to take care of your wax melts when they’re cooled off.

With the typical wax warmer, you have to wait for the wax to cool slightly before pouring the still melted wax into an airtight container. This could lead to spills and can generally just be a messy process. Happy Wax wax warmers make this process incredibly easier. All you need to do is leave the wax melts in the silicone dish until they harden. Once the wax is hardened, pop it out of the container and store it in an airtight container.

Another product sold by Happy Wax is air fresheners for your car. These air fresheners are the kind that hang from your rearview mirror. You have the option of purchasing them as a single air freshener or in a pack of four.

Happy Wax Subscription

Happy Wax has made it easier to never run out of wax melts with their subscription service. This service will mail you wax melts four times a year, making it easy to get melts without forgetting before you run out.

The way this subscription service works is that you choose your package and the amount you want and Happy Wax takes care of the rest. They offer two different packages to choose from. The first is the adventurous package where they’ll send you their most fun and unique melts for you to try out. They also have a classic package where you’ll receive their highest rated fragrances with a few surprise fragrances mixed in occasionally.

Next, you choose your size. There are two different sizes to choose from. The smaller size is three tins of wax melts, which is about 300 total hours of fragrance. This size is shipped out every three months, meaning that one tin should last you a month. The larger size is four tins, which is about 400 total hours of fragrance. This package is shipped out every four months.

When you get your subscription, you won’t get three or four tins of the same fragrance. Instead, they’ll provide you with a few different fragrances so you can mix and match your scents if that’s how you prefer to enjoy your melts. You can even add a wax warmer onto your first subscription order if you don’t have one already and it automatically won’t be added onto the next subscription payment.

A Review of 4 Happy Wax Wax Melts

1. Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon mojito is a great fragrance to put in your warmer on a hot summer day when all you want is a refreshing mixed drink. The top note you get in this fragrance is the fruity scent of melon. Followed by that, the next note you’re met with is more fruity fragrances of raspberry mixed with the citrusy lime and refreshing mint. Finally, the base note is a mixture of floral, sweet, and musk scents.

Happy Wax gives recommendations for fragrances to pair with the fragrance you’re buying. With the watermelon mojito fragrance, they recommend you pair it with mango daiquiri or elderflower gin.


  • These wax melts last a pretty long time.
  • The fragrance is long lasting.
  • The fragrance is clean and crisp.
  • You get a strong scent throw with this fragrance.


  • The mint can be a bit overpowering to the other notes in this fragrance.
  • The melts are smaller than other brands so the fragrance doesn’t last as long.

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2. Calming Lavender

Not only will you get a relaxing lavender fragrance with these melts, but you’ll also get some notes of spice with thyme and other herbs along with some woody notes. This is a sophisticated fragrance that will leave any room feeling calm and relaxed.

The top note of this fragrance is filled with lavender, thyme, and bergamot. The middle note is made up of rosemary. The final base note leaves you feeling warmth with the woody and spice fragrances of cedar, fir, patchouli, and clove. Happy Wax created this fragrance for people who truly enjoy smelling the essence of lavender.


  • Just one bear melt can fill a large room with fragrance.
  • The lavender really does create a calm atmosphere in a room.
  • You get an enjoyable fragrance without your home being filled with unwanted chemicals.
  • The fragrance is strong but isn’t overpowering.


  • Some people may find that the lavender can be overpowered by the other notes in this fragrance.
  • Depending on the batch your melts are made in, the fragrance may not be as strong as you may like.

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3. Apple Harvest

Apple harvest is a great fragrance to use during the fall time but can definitely fit in your home year round, too. This autumn scent will make you feel like you’ve just freshly picked apples from an orchard and will make your home smell fresh and crisp.

The top note in this fragrance is a fruity mixture of apple and orange. From the middle note, you’ll get hints of pumpkin mixed with the fall spices of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. Finally, the base note will balance out the spice with vanilla and the sweetness of caramelized sugar. Happy Wax recommends that if you’re going to mix fragrances, you pair them with pumpkin soufflé or cinnamon chai.


  • This fragrance has the authentic fragrance of freshly baked apple pie.
  • You get a strong scent throw from these melts.
  • These melts last a long time for being so small.
  • The scent lingers for a long time after you’ve turned your warmer off.


  • The apple fragrance can be overpowered by the other notes in these melts.
  • Depending on the batch your melts are made in, the scent can be faint.

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4. Vanilla Sandalwood

If you love earthy fragrances, you’ll love this luscious and earthy scent of vanilla and sandalwood. Not only is it slightly sweet, but it also has an exotic feel to it, too. This is a great fragrance to use when you’re looking to have a relaxing and refreshing feeling in your home.

The top note of this fragrance is completely made up of vanilla. Mixing with that in the middle notes are the earthy scents of patchouli and cedarwood. The final base notes are more earthy fragrances of patchouli and vetiver. While there’s quite a bit of earthy notes to these melts, it’s completely balanced out and complemented by the vanilla.


  • This fragrance is soothing and will make your home feel cozy.
  • The fragrance given off by these melts are very natural smelling.
  • These melts last for hours.
  • You get a truly authentic fragrance with these melts.


  • This fragrance is subtle so it may not be strong enough for some people.
  • You won’t get a super strong fragrance throw with this scent.

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Customer Reviews

When buying from a company for the first time, it’s always helpful to look at customer reviews. These reviews can not only help you decide if the product is what you want in your home, but it can help you figure out which products are worth your money and which you should pass on.

What Customers Like

Customers really enjoy the packaging and presentation of these melts. Between the simple, yet cute packaging, and the bear shaped melts, customers can’t get over how adorable it is. But that’s not enough reason to purchase them. What does give you enough reason, though, is that people buy their products and keep coming back for more.

They keep coming back because they truly enjoy the fragrances and the quality and authenticity the fragrance and melts hold. The fragrance truly smells what the scent name advertises. Not only that, but it goes beyond just the fragrance of the name by adding different fragrance notes into it, making a complex fragrance.

Customers also really enjoy the strength of the scent throws in most of the fragrances. You can put two or three melts into the melting dish and have fragrance spread throughout the whole room in no time, with a fragrance that lingers for a long time after your warmer is turned off.

What Customers Don’t Like

There isn’t much about Happy Wax wax melts that customers don’t like. They generally are really happy with the quality of the melts and end to come back for more once they’ve run out. One thing that they don’t enjoy, though, is that some of the fragrances don’t have strong scents or scent throws. This could be because off the batch the melts were made in, though.

Regardless, for the amount of complaints about the scent throw, there were many more about how much they enjoyed the fragrance’s scent throw.

Final Thoughts

Happy Wax is a great company to buy your wax melts, and warmers, from because they offer high quality products that are actually good. You can mix and match these melts and have fun making new fragrance blends or you can just enjoy one fragrance at a time. However you choose to enjoy your wax melts, you won’t regret bringing Happy Wax products into your home.

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