Gonesh Incense Review: Are They Good?

Burning incense can be a calming experience but there are so many brands out there that it can be hard to determine which one to choose. Well, in this Gonese incense review, I hope to help you narrow down your choices. 

Gonesh is an affordable brand that creates incense for the masses. They provide a wide range of fragrance options for all sensibilities. Because they are so accessible, trying out their scents is less intimidating than when buying from more expensive companies, and it can even be fun to try a variety of their collections because it’s at a reasonable price.   

Continue reading to learn more about the types of incense offered by Gonesh and which ones I find to be the best. 

Gonesh Incense Review

All About Gonesh The Company

Originally named The Hindu Incense Company, a Lithuanian immigrant, Radkins, purchased the company in 1923 and primarily sold incense cones and burners. By the mid-1960’s the second generation of this Chicago-based immigrant family joined the business that is now called Genieco, Inc.

They added incense sticks to their product offerings and in 1965 and trademarked the company name, Gonesh. From then on, Genieco, Inc has been the manufacturer and supplier of Gonesh. This name was chosen to reference Ganesha who was an elephant-headed Hindu god of new beginnings.

The hippie movement of the 60’s and 70’s helped the company grow beyond expectation. As another generation entered the business in the early 1980’s they focused on marketing their business based on product quality. Gonesh has continued to grow as a company to this very day.

Gonesh products are sold in many types of retail stores around the globe, as well as through online retailers. 

Background About Gonesh Products

In addition to incense and incense burners, Gonesh makes small collections of scented and unscented candles in votive and tea light shapes. You can also find Gonesh reed diffusers, fragrance sprays, potpourri, aroma diffusers, oil warmers, wax melts, essential oils, fragrance oils, sachets, and hanging air fresheners.

But their incense collection is the most vast. They offer more than twenty-five collections overall, with over 100 scents. Here’s a list of their collections and short description of differences between them all:

African American Heritage Collection – a set of five scents, like, Family Unity, Spirituality, and Rhythm.

Antique Horror Collection – a spine-chilling set of two scents: black orchid and black velvet. Both are in packaging illustrated by Gus Fink

Aromatherapy Incense – eight fragrances to calm, cleanse, beautify, focus, inspire, and welcome relaxation, peace, and strength.

Best Friends Collection – four different scents that are pet and pet-parent friendly

Buzzz Incense Collection – described as “clean” and highly stimulating scents, this is a set of five fruity fragrances, like Coconut Buzzz  and Raspberry Buzzz.

Classical Collection – eights fragrances that have been sold for over thirty years and are still amongst Gonesh’s best sellers

Concerto Aromatherapy – in cinnamon, lavender, or a floral variety.

Dia De Muertos Collection – a set of three incense fragrances to burn while celebrating the special day: agave musk, dulce de leche, and saguaro blossom.

Everyday Incense Collection – subtler scents of lavender, vanilla, and nag champa

Extra Rich Collection – another one introduced decades ago but is still as popular as ever. These are single fragrances and blended notes packed around charcoal sticks. 

Flower Shop Collection – includes eight floral scents, like, gardenia, rose, wisteria, and jasmine.

Gonesh Adventure Collection – a set of five scents celebrating adventurous environments with titles like Cryptic Woods, Envision Paradise, and Arctic Chill

Gonesh Outdoors Collection – three citronella incense options combined with fruity scents, like, cherry, orange, and strawberry.

Herb & Earth Incense Collection – six airy, herbal scents: cedar, chamomile, patchouli, jasmine, lavender, and vanilla

Holiday Traditions Incense – all of the holiday favorites, like, Cupid’s Serenade, Summer Strawberry Blast, Christmas Wreath, and Warm Cinnamon Cider.

Morning Star Incense from Nippon Kodo – three Japanese-style incense options: sandalwood, lavender, and jasmine

Off the Wall, Inked Incense – designed to “please the senses and elevate the mood” this collection is said to “transform air into art” with fragrance blends like, Dragon’s Blood and Bamboo Hemp.

Off the Wall, Tagged – also created to rouse emotions and senses, these blends are richer, more velvety. 

Patron Saints Incense – favorite patron saints, like, St. Jude, along with their devotions and prayers. 

Scented Garden Incense – an all natural set of two scents, a musky cinnamon, and fruity mango-mandarin

Sparkz Sticks Collection – celebrating everyday life with scents like, #XtremeRush and #EndlessSummer

Spiritual Sky – heavy scents like patchouli musk, Dragon’s Blood, and amber

Yoga Pets Collection – four scent blends to burn during yoga practice.

Zen Garden Collection – agave, cactus, ocean, and peppermint scent blends reminiscent of the spa.

Zodiac Collection – a fragrance blended for each of the twelve zodiac signs.

Gonesh recently added a natural collection to their product line as well. It comprises four scents: lavender, white sage, sandalwood, and nag champa, which is an earthy but sweet fragrance. Bamboo wood is used as the central base and its fragrant ingredients are made with wood powders, resins, herbs, and honey as a binder. Packaging is 100% recycled.

They truly cover the full spectrum of needs across their incense collections whether religious, part of the tattoo culture, or just a long-life fan of Gonesh, you will likely find a scent that resonates with your senses.

How Gonesh Incense Is Made

From the very beginning, Radkins used HighCharcoal, which is now trademarked by the company, to make its incense cones, and then later its sticks. The company states that their incense uses the highest charcoal content and that that is why their incense burns cleanly without tainting the fragrances.

Charcoal is packed around a bamboo stick, and then the sticks are hand-dipped into fragrance oils. They work with expert perfumers to create innovative oil mixtures using resins, herbs, and woods. At least 50,000 sticks are dipped every day, and then they are left to dry on racks.

Gonesh incense is partially packaged by hand as well. Workers place bundles of incense on a conveyor belt that then slides the sticks into cello bags. Later on in the process, machines slide the cello-wrapped stick bundles into outer paper packaging.

Gonesh Eco-Friendly Efforts

Gonesh has taken efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by adding solar panels to the roof of their factory. With the use of solar panels, they reduce the amount of electrical energy used, which helps lessen the impact of other energy systems that are less sustainable over time.

Their paper packaging can also be recycled if you have that service in your area.

Top 7 Gonesh Incense Products

As you can see from all of the various types of incense collections mentioned above, there are more than a few options to consider when buying Gonesh incense. The items I chose below are not an exhaustive list, these are just the fragrances that have stood out to me. 

Each stick is ten inches long and the length of the incense is about eight inches. Burn time is about forty-five minutes per stick.

1. Gonesh Extra Rich Collection: Sandalwood

Gonesh - Extra Rich Scented Incense Sticks - Non-Toxic 10” Slow Burn Aromatic Sticks - Sandalwood - 20 Sticks - 4 Pack
  • Charcoal incense burns pure & delivers clear fragrance, elevating scent rather than masking/diluting
  • Sandalwood incense rooted in Santalum heartwood, relaxing & sensual fragrance used for meditation
  • Hand-dipped incense sticks in single note proprietary fragrances of fruits, florals, woods & spices for full-body aroma
  • Perfect for yoga, meditation, rituals, or indulging your home or space with incense of choice
  • Long-lasting incense, easy to use at home or anywhere - each pack comes with 20 charcoal incense sticks

Since sandalwood is the scent most associated with incense, I thought I’d start with this one; this is a set of four packages, each with twenty sticks inside. Sandalwood is a heavy but smooth and grounding scent that helps calm you.

It is also known to be a sensual fragrance that helps pull you into a meditative state. 


  • Common incense fragrance
  • 80 sticks will last for a while
  • Fragrance shines through – no burnt smell


  • If new to sandalwood, quantity might be too high

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2. Gonesh Extra Rich Collection: Nag Champa

Gonesh - Extra Rich Scented Incense Sticks - Non-Toxic 10” Slow Burn Aromatic Sticks - Nag Champa - 20 Sticks - 4 Pack
  • Charcoal incense burns pure & delivers clear fragrance, elevating scent rather than masking/diluting
  • Nag Champa is a complex blend of woods & earthy aromatics that improves focus and provides immune support
  • Hand-dipped incense sticks in single note proprietary fragrances of fruits, florals, woods & spices for full-body aroma
  • Perfect for yoga, meditation, rituals, or indulging your home or space with incense of choice
  • Long-lasting incense, easy to use at home or anywhere - each pack comes with 20 charcoal incense sticks

Definitely rich, Nag Champa is another common incense scent. It’s sandalwood-based and is usually combined with floral scents like frangipani or champak. Gonesh suggests that Nag Champa can help you relax and focus. Includes eighty sticks total.


  • Common incense fragrance
  • Enough to use daily
  • Clean burn


  • Not everyone likes heavier scents

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3. Everyday Incense Collection: Black Cherry

Gonesh Everyday Black Cherry Incense - 4 Pack
  • GOLD QUALITY: Our Incense has the highest charcoal content of any brand currently on the market - it delivers the purest, cleanest burn, and crystal...
  • 4 PACKAGES: Contains four 30-stick packages of incense, totaling 120 incense sticks.
  • BLACK CHERRY: More fruity than floral, the tart smell of black cherries, strawberries and blackberries creates a powerful yet refreshing scent that...
  • WORLD WIDE: Enjoyed by millions; our unique fragrances are known the world over. Gonesh Incense can be found in stores in the United States, Japan,...
  • ETHICAL PRACTICES: Gonesh Incense utilizes fair trade labor and environmentally responsible production methods to give you the best incense around....

The Everyday Collection was created for those who want to burn incense daily without being overwhelmed by the fragrances. This is a soft, but complex fruit-based fragrance that isn’t too overwhelming. There are thirty sticks in this one pack. 

When you can find this scent, it’s best to buy it because it sells out quickly whether in stores or online. 


  • Can burn daily
  • Decent amount to try the scent out
  • You’ll smell more fragrance than smoke
  • Fragrance smells authentic


  • Not everyone likes fruity scents

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4. Holiday Traditions: Christmas Set of Three Scents

With the holidays right around the corner, these incense sticks might help your home feel cozy all winter. 

This set includes four packs of each fragrance for a total of 240 sticks.

  • Christmas Wreath – smells like stepping onto a tree farm
  • Vanilla Sugar Cookie – like being led into a kitchen by the smell of a pan of freshly baked sugar cookies.
  • Warm Cinnamon Cider – just like a pot of cider warming up on the stove – sweet and tart with just enough spices. 


  • More than enough to last through the holidays
  • Smells just like each description
  • Familiar fragrances everyone will enjoy


  • May not want to use year round (but you can if you want)

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5. Gonesh Classic Collection: Variety Pack

This is the collection that’s been around for about four decades. These are the scents most closely associated with the Gonesh brand.

Included classics:

  • No. 2 – a soothing floral fragrance with woodsy and spice notes
  • No. 4 – this one is more fruity and leaf or stem-smelling
  • No. 6 – spices and barks from older times that help you feel at peace
  • No. 7 – spiced up floral notes with an earthy undertone
  • No. 8 – airy and transitional, just like a spring mist while passing damp soil and fresh blossoms.


  • Opportunity to try popular scents
  • Value for the price
  • You’ll smell more fragrance than smoke
  • Most customers like all five scents


  • You may not like every scent

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6. Gonesh Adventure Collection: Arctic Chill

This is a lovely blend of citrusy lemon and bergamot combined with mint and sandalwood, finishing off with velvety musk. And somehow all of that truly smells like a fresh snowfall. Arctic Chill is a surprising treat.

It’s a five-pack set of twenty sticks each for a total of 100 sticks. Both men and women have been known to really enjoy Arctic Chill.


  • Nice mellow scent
  • Liked by men and women
  • Good amount


  • Stuck with 100 sticks if you dislike the scent

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7. Extra Rich Collection Variety Pack

Gonesh Incense Extra Rich Collection Variety Pack, 5 Packs, 20 Sticks Each (Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Dragon's Blood, Patchouli, Cryptic Woods)
  • Fresh and woodsy, the rustic scent of Gonesh Extra Rich Cedarwood Incense will help you bring the camping experience home with you. Burn this scent on...
  • Gonesh Extra Rich Sandalwood Incense is smooth, fresh and earthy. Derived from the heartwood of the genus Santalum, sandalwood produces a fragrance...
  • Dragon's Blood is a cologne like blend of rich botanical fragrances mixed with herbs and ancient resins for a truly magical experience. Dark and...
  • Gonesh Extra Rich Patchouli Incense is sensual, earthy and spicy. Feel the warmth and enjoy the mystery of this intense, classic fragrance. Patchouli...
  • Gonesh Extra Rich Cryptic Woods is an enchanting and mysterious fragrance. Zesty Bergamot and sensual Violet are blended with Amber and creamy Vanilla...

I thought that this variety pack was a nice medley of individual scents and blends. There are a total of five fragrances with twenty sticks in each package.

In addition to sandalwood mentioned above, this set includes:

  • Cedarwood – like freshly cut cedarwood burning in the fireplace
  • Patchouli – very recognizable blend of spices, earthiness, and warmth
  • Cryptic Woods – a mysterious blend of bergamot, violet flowers, vanilla, and amber
  • Dragon’s Blood – complex blend of herbs, resins, botanicals

This is a nice combination of mostly earthy mixed with a few botanical scents. It’s perfect for those who prefer woody fragrances.


  • Quite a range of scents
  • Enough to test for your preferred scent
  • Enough familiar scents to make it worth the purchase


  • You may dislike some of them

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Customer Opinions About Gonesh Incense

Customer feedback about Gonesh incense is steady across the board, which is a good sign. They’ve consistently produced quality incense sticks over decades, and it doesn’t appear that they’ll be stopping any time soon.

Favorable Feedback

  • If you enjoy exotic spice scents, then you might like this brand. 
  • For some, this is their go-to low cost incense brand, and they buy the more expensive natural brands when they can afford it.
  • Considering that they’re low priced, they smell amazing and give off a nice burn that isn’t too smokey.
  • The scent continues to fill the room long after the stick has finished smoldering
  • Many incense sticks in the same price range have a chemical-like smell to them, or they are really strong but Gonesh sticks have just the right amount of fragrance.
  • Some customers who used Gonesh incense decades ago have returned to the brand and are happy to experience the fragrances just as they did long ago.
  • They do a good job of masking odors within the home.

Unfavorable Feedback

  • Most of their incense sticks are not fragranced using natural or essential oils.

Final Thoughts About Gonesh Incense 

With so many fragrances to choose from and enjoy, I suggest you take a chance on whichever fragrance or variety pack that stands out to you the most. 

If you prefer earthier scents, then Extra Rich Collection Variety Pack might be a good fit. The Gonesh Classic Collection is more airy, fruity, and floral.  Or, you can go with the tried and true Sandalwood fragrance.

At any rate, customers seem to really love Gonesh incense, so I don’t think you could go wrong with any fragrance that you choose.

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