Glasshouse Candles Review, Are They Good?

There’s nothing better than lighting a candle that gives off a beautifully intense fragrance that spreads from room to room. But does intense fragrance compensate for high prices? In this article, I will share what I have learned about these triple-scented candles by giving you a Glasshouse candle review.

Glasshouse candles have intensely scented fragrances created with passion, intention, and meticulous craftsmanship. The fragrances are not only potent but long-lasting and disperse evenly. They have multiple fragrance categories to choose from and it’s likely that you can find one that’s a good match for your home. 

If you have been wanting to learn more about Glasshouse Fragrances, the candles they make, and whether you might like them for your home, keep reading!

Glasshouse Candles Review

All About Glasshouse Fragrances

Originally from New York City, Nicole Eckels founded Glasshouse Fragrances in 2005 while living in Sydney, Australia. Indigenous scents of New South Wales piqued her interests, prompting her to begin experimenting with transportative candle scents from her home kitchen.

Glasshouse offerings have expanded into personal fragrances as well. The company has grown to become the leading fragrance brand in Australia, while upholding its mission to invigorate the senses. 

Their candles continue to be manufactured and hand-finished in Sydney, Australia. In order to ensure their high quality standards, each candle is wicked, poured, trimmed, polished, and packaged by hand.

How Glasshouse Candles Are Made

As such, the company prides itself on creating intricately complex fragrances that evoke emotion. They call their highly concentrated candles, triple-scented. All fragrance concepts begin in-house and the company relies on expertise of perfumers worldwide to bring these ideas to life. This initial phase of triple-scented candles can take a year or more to complete.

When blending the candle wax, Glasshouse adds three times more fragrance than the industry standard. This is why they’re referred to as triple-scented. Previously they used paraffin wax for their candles but, encouraged by customer feedback, recently switched over to a soy blend.

After blending, candle wicks are precisely placed inside glass vessels in preparation for wax pouring. Only cotton wicks are used because they encourage an even burn as well as efficient fragrance distribution. Each vessel has a sturdy base that helps protect surfaces in your home from overheating once the candle is lit. 

Prior to finishing, technicians trim cotton wicks to the exact measurement necessary to support an even burn, which is 7mm (¼ inch / 0.7cm).

Glasshouse candles are: 

  • Cruelty free (not tested on animals)
  • Paraben free
  • Silicone free
  • Free from petroleum and its byproducts
  • Contain no animal byproducts

Glasshouse Fragrances & Candle Burning

Glasshouse offers six fragrance families:

  • Fresh – spirited and dynamic 
  • Gourmand – vibrant and cheerful 
  • Woody – luxurious and refined
  • Chypre – mature and mystifying
  • Amber (formerly Oriental) – multi-layered and passionate
  • Floral – lovely and delicate

Across all these families are twenty fragrance options that ignite and transcend emotion. I’ll review some of these fragrances below.

Glasshouse Fragrances Candle Burn Times

In general, candle size can suggest candle burn times. Here are the approximate burn times for Glasshouse candles:

  • 60g (2.1oz) – 20 hours – one cotton wick for even burning
  • 380g (13.4oz) – 65 hours – two cotton wicks for even burning
  • 760g (26.8oz) – 100 hours – three cotton wicks for even burning

But there are also factors that can cause variance in approximate burn times. Here are some conditions:

Fragrance – some fragrances simply burn faster than others. 

Length of continuous burn time – when candles burn for an extended period of time, the wax pools more and more, causing the wick to burn down faster.

Environmental conditions – wind currents can cause candles to burn unevenly, which can reduce the overall burn time of your candle. So candles should not be placed near vents, windows, or any place where there is a strong wind. 

Debris – little charred bits of candle wick, used matches or other debris can not only cause the candle to burn unevenly, it can prevent the wick from properly absorbing and distributing the candle’s fragrance.

Glasshouse Candle Reviews by Fragrance Family

Aside from their sturdy glass containers, Glasshouse candles are most associated with strong fragrance. So in each of these reviews, I will share two scents from each of the six fragrance families, describing their three levels of scent. 

There are three sizes available, but the focus will be on the medium-sized 380g (13.4oz) jar because it’s what’s most available online. But I will provide links to the other two sizes when they’re available.

1. Fresh Fragrance Family

Lost in Amalfi: Sea Mist

Named for the Italian town on the southwest coast, the Glasshouse Fragrance candle, Lost in Amalfi, can remind you of a fresh sea mist gently falling on your face. This scent can help lift your spirits as you to unwind at the same time. If you close your eyes and inhale, you will be greeted with sweet-citrusy freesia and freshness of lavender.

Top Notesfreesia, thyme, tarragon
Middle Noteslavender and moss
Bass Notesmusk and patchouli

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We Met in Saigon: Lemongrass

Just like the Vietnamese city, the Glasshouse candle, We Met in Saigon, is electrifying and mysterious, with scents that flow like soundwaves. Imagine sheet music with rows of oranges and limes, lemongrass, and a hint of bergamot. Fresh and invigorating, light this candle when you need a sensory pick-me-up.

Top Noteslemongrass, orange, lime
Middle Noteseucalyptus, bergamot
Bass Notessandalwood

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2. Gourmand Fragrance Family

A Tahaa Affair: Vanilla Caramel

Gourmand fragrances connect us to memories related to the joy of eating our favorite foods – whether salty or sweet, fruity or decadent, and A Tahaa Affair does not disappoint. Named for the French Polynesian island of Taha’a, known for its vanilla farms, wafts of this sweet-scented candle will transport you to warm air and sandy beaches. Hints of pineapple and coconut join this South Pacific affair of decadence as sweet as grandma’s ambrosia.

Top Notespineapple
Middle Notescoconut
Bass Notescaramel and vanilla

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Montego Bay Rhythm: Coconut & Lime

Montego Bay dreamin’ of your favorite citrusy-sweet beverage? Just like it’s Jamaican city namesake, the Montego Bay Rhythm candle, causes you to feel all the feels as you dance around barefoot under the warm sun. Citrusy fragrance notes soulfully dance around your home with hints of sweet vanilla.

Top Noteslemon, lime
Middle Notesvanilla and amber
Bass Notescoconut and mandarin oranges

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3. Woody Fragrance Family

Arabian Nights: White Oud

Woody fragrances are both sweet and spicy, often appealing to all genders. With powdery undertones and complex floral and leathery scents, it is hard to determine exactly what makes the Glasshouse Arabian Nights candle so appealing. This fragrance is for you if you can imagine taking an evening stroll through a Dubai marketplace with just enough warmth and chill, low murmurs, and shimmering lights in the distance.

Top Notessaffron and olibanum
Middle Noteswhite rose and jasmine
Bass Notesoud (agarwood), sandalwood, and amber

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Secrets of the Sistine: Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh

This is one of the most popular Glasshouse candle fragrances and smells as awe-inspiring as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel looks. If you lit this candle in your home, frankincense and myrrh would be the most pronounced scents. But the tangy sweetness of raspberry, spicy clove, and subtle powdery woodiness of patchouli and musk reinforce those two powerhouse fragrances.

Top Notesraspberry and basil
Middle Notespatchouli, clove, myrrh
Bass Notesfrankincense, cedarwood, musk

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4. Chypre Fragrance Family

The Hamptons: Teak & Petitgrain

The chypre fragrance family exists for the mature olfactory palette. If any set of fragrances can be layered and complex, it is this one. As varied as the properties that line the Long Island coast, The Hamptons Glasshouse candle is citrusy, and fruity, and resious, and mossy all at the same time. It might seem that these fragrances would clash, but that’s not the case. Leathery teak combined with citrusy petitgrain are most noticeable. Every other essence blends to help form a mellow symphony of fragrance filling every room of your home.

Top Notesjuniper berry, green cognac, petitgrain
Middle Noteslemon verbena, iris, fig leaves
Bass Notesambergris, teak and white patchouli

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Midnight in Milan: Saffron & Rose

As elaborate as the city itself, you might find it hard to identify which scent is which after lighting the Midnight in Milan Glasshouse candle. Earthy saffron and gentle rose intermingle with undertones of warm amber. This is another fragrance for those looking to try a daring combination of scents.

Top Notessaffron
Middle Notesrose
Bass Notesmoss, dry amber, and musk

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5. Amber (formerly Oriental) Fragrance Family

Melbourne Muse: Coffee Flower & Vanilla

The amber fragrance family is for those looking to inspire sensuality within the home. As expressive as the city, the Melbourne Muse candle, helps bring about pleasure and peacefulness. Fragrant neroli smells like an orange dreamsicle, more sweet than citrus. The scent of coffee blossoms is unmatched – subtle sugary floral notes twist and turn as the smoke unfurls and dances around your interior space.

Top Notesacacia, neroli, orange flower
Middle Notescoffee flower, jasmine, white floral
Bass Notespatchouli, sandalwood, vanilla

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Kyoto in Bloom: Camellia & Lotus

When you light a match to burn a Kyoto in Bloom Glasshouse candle, you are stepping into the heart of Japan. With each flicker you can smell its culture and soul – soft and sweet cherry blossoms, earthy temple stairs, lush gardens, and flavorful foods. This fragrance is pleasant with subtle bursts of nuance.

Top Noteslime, bergamot, citrus
Middle Notescamellia, lotus
Bass Notesamber, sandalwood, musk, vanilla

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6. Floral Fragrance Family 

I’ll Take Manhattan: Orchids & Blood Orange

The last of the six fragrance families is floral. These are the more traditional fragrances that remind you of colorful bouquets sometimes combined with the scent of fresh fruit or baby powder. The Glasshouse candle, I’ll Take Manhattan, boasts a complex bouquet of flowers and fruit. With spicy orchid and intense blood orange essence leading the charge, hints of gardenia and sandalwood round out this candle scent and will not disappoint those wanting their home to smell like they’ve stepped into their own flower farm.

Top Notesgardenia, tulip, orchid, red currant
Middle Notesblack rose, carnation, nectarine, blood orange
Bass Notesamber, patchouli, sandalwood

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Rendezvous: Amber & Orchid

If you are looking for a more passionate floral fragrance, say hello to the Glasshouse candle, Rendezvous. This time pungent orchids are combined with warm, sweet amber to generate heat at the strike of your match. But before long, these scents are mellowed out by vanilla and neroli, then grounded by musk. Rendezvous puts you in a floral trance that will make you feel as though you are sleeping in a bed of flowers.

Top Noteswhite floral bouquet, sugarcane
Middle Notesorchid, gardenia, neroli
Bass Notesamber, vanilla, musk

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Maintaining Your Glasshouse Candles & Post-Use

Here are some ways that you can prolong the use of your Glasshouse candles and continue to use the glass jars once the candle is done.

Wick Trimming

Trim your wicks to about a quarter of an inch (close to one centimeter) from the surface before burning your candle. Doing this before lighting your candle helps prevent formation of carbon deposit, which causes black soot to build up on your glass candle holder. 

Evening the Surface

The first time you light your candle, allow it to form a pool of wax from the center out to every edge. An initial full burn should last for at least one hour.

Eco-Conscious Consumerism

Glasshouse candle jars can be reused once the candle has served its purpose. Once it’s been cleaned you can store fresh foods, loose leaf tea, spices, and more edibles in them because there’s a silicone seal around the lid that preserves whatever is stored inside. These jars could also protect cotton balls or q-tips.

These jars can also be used without the lid for paint brush or other art supply storage, or even as a fresh flower vase.


Be sure to read over the care and safety guide included with your purchase. Candle burning should not extend past four hours.

Customer Opinions

What Customers Like About Glasshouse Candles

  • Fragrance constantly fills large rooms quickly 
  • Beautiful packaging with reusable glass container
  • Even when it is not lit, it smells delightful
  • This product meets vegan production standards.
  • Stylish packaging can also make a great gift
  • Lighting one of these candles is a great way to start the day
  • Glasshouse Fragrance wants you have the best experience with their candles, so they include a care card

What Customers Dislike About Glasshouse Candles

  • The scents can be overpowering.
  • Botanical ingredients can trigger allergic reactions so some customers were unhappy because their candle caused them to sneeze repeatedly until they removed the candle from their home.

Final Thoughts About Glasshouse Candles

The best way to choose a Glasshouse candle is by learning about their fragrance combinations and then thinking about which scents you typically like to smell. Are you more drawn to floral fragrances or woody ones? How about fresh scents or sweet ones?

I hope that my Glasshouse candle review helps to narrow your focus. Note that each candle highlights one or two scents that you will smell the most so that might be a good way to decide which candle to try first.

It is no secret that Glasshouse candles are in a high-end price range. For some people, this is a turn-off but for many customers, price is not even mentioned in their reviews. Instead, they highlight that the candles are ethically made, the fragrances are amazing, and these candles help fill their homes with joy.

If you would like a nudge in one direction or another, I would suggest starting off with either A Tahaa Affair or Rendezvous candle. They seem to have softer, more familiar fragrances that are less overwhelming and might be a good introduction to this brand.

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