Glade Solid Air Freshener Review: Are They Good?

The simplest solution can be one of the best solutions. Whether you need to freshen a stuffy closet or stinky garage, solid air fresheners are a basic, albeit good choice.

Glade Solid Air Freshener Review

Glade Solid Air Freshener Product Overview

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If you’re looking for consistent deodorizing in a specific area of your home, then I would suggest Glade solid air fresheners. 

They’re little cone shaped containers that house fragranced gel. When exposed to air, this gel shrinks over time as it continuously releases its scent.

Although there aren’t any mechanical or electrical components to this solid air freshener, its scent remains pretty strong all the way to the end.

Clean Linen is one of Glade’s most popular fragrances, so that’s the example here. But there are many additional fragrances, like Apple Cinnamon, Hawaiian Breeze, Cashmere Woods, Radiant Berries, and more.


  • Cost-effective
  • Come in a large variety of fragrances
  • Easy to replace
  • Doesn’t require batteries or electricity


  • Must keep out of reach of pets and children
  • Weak fragrance throw in larger rooms

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Consider This Before Buying Glade Solid Air Freshener

Each unit costs slightly less or more than $1 US dollar. So you have to be wary of shops that charge much more than that. 

In some cases, you might have to pay more out of convenience.  If you live in an area where there’s hardly any access to a store that sells them, then paying over $2 each for a small bundle of them might be necessary. But try not to pay more than $3 USD per individual unit.

Another thing to consider is the location you intend to place a solid air freshener if you own a pet or have young children. It’s likely that both pets and children will be intrigued by these cones because of their fragrance, color, and shape. 

If you don’t have a safe place to put them, that’s out of reach of children and pets, then you shouldn’t buy these at all.

Lastly, if you plan to stock up on these fresheners, make sure that you can store them in a cool, dry place. Extreme heat or cold can cause them not to function properly. For example, if they’ve been frozen, as they thaw, their fragrance can separate from the gel, creating a mess. This also causes the gel’s scent to be far less potent, and they won’t freshen as well or for as long. 

You’ll experience a similar outcome if temperatures are too high. In those cases, the gel might melt all together. This could damage your carpet, shelving, or flooring. And you’d have to toss them out because they wouldn’t be functional at that point. 

Glade Solid Air Freshener: Features & Benefits

Some people may doubt the effectiveness of solid air fresheners because they’re simply gels that dry out over time. But their simplicity is part of their attractiveness.

Here are some reasons to consider purchasing Glade solid air fresheners:

Compact Size

Each cone is 6 oz (170 g). It’s a compact container that can fit in small spaces. I usually place them in the corner of my closet. They’re out of the way but freshness pours out when I open my closet doors.

They can also be placed near the base of your toilet and be barely noticeable. If used in larger rooms, they can conveniently fit in the corners behind couches or entertainment units. They’d also be out of the way if they’re placed on shelves in a laundry room or garage. 

The size of Glade solid air fresheners makes them quite versatile.

Simple Operating Procedures

In order to adjust the fragrance intensity, simply lift or lower the cover. That’s it. When opening a new unit, I typically twist the lid only a little – maybe half an inch (1.27 cm). 

If I am using them in a larger closet or feel that the fragrance is fading, then I inch the cover up a little more. You can keep making adjustments until you’re smelling as much or as little fragrance as you desire.


Each solid air freshener lasts for about a month. This is a decent amount of time. PlugIn air fresheners can last between 30 and 60 days, but they also use electricity. 

Experiencing consistent fragrance for a month without having to use any resource but air is a good deal. Some customers have reported that these gel fresheners last even longer than a month. If you keep the lids lower, I can imagine them lasting at least six weeks in a small space.

Energy Efficiency

Speaking of this being an outlet-free fragrance option, that helps you run a more energy efficient home. Although PlugIns don’t use a high amount of energy, especially the newer models, you also don’t have to buy and constantly replace batteries. 

Safe Choice

So long as solid air fresheners are kept away from pets and small children, you might also consider them to be a safer option.

Unlike candles or incense, you don’t have to light solid air fresheners. Nor do you have to remain in the vicinity to monitor them.

These fresheners can make your home smell welcoming without being visible or creating a potential fire hazard.

Customer Feedback

After searching out what customers think and feel about these solid air fresheners, I discovered mostly positive reviews, with a few concerns.

  • Glade’s solid air fresheners have accurate scents that don’t smell like chemicals.
  • Closets are fresh and clean when using these.
  • Even though they only last about a month, due to they’re inexpensive price you don’t feel bad chucking them out and replacing them with a new one.
  • They smell great, but the scents don’t travel very far.
  • If you plan to use them in larger rooms, you’ll definitely need more than one.

Alternatives to Glade Solid Air Freshener

Not every product meets everyone’s needs. If you’re not convinced that Glade solid air fresheners would be a good choice for you, then here are some alternative solutions.

Renuzit Gel Air Freshener: Pure Breeze Pet

Renuzit Gel Air Freshener, Pure Breeze, 7 Ounce (3 Count)
  • The purity of white muguet and jasmine buds mingle with the clean crispness of apple, pearl and cucumber for a classic scent that works well in any...
  • Solid air freshener cone adjusts to the level of fragrance perfect for you
  • Great for continuous freshness in small spaces, such as bathrooms, closets and next to the kitchen sink
  • Simply pull to your preferred fragrance level – pull all the way up for the most fragrance and twist down to decrease fragrance level, no outlets or...
  • Includes 3 cones of 7-ounce air freshener in Renuzit’s Pure Breeze scent

Within the same price range, you have Renuzit gel air fresheners as a viable alternative. 

They work in the same way, but these are a little larger – 7 oz (198 g) – and their gel is 98% naturally sourced. 

Renuzit Gel air fresheners also last for at least 30 days, but they license scent options you won’t find in Glade’s fragrance range. Snuggle fabric softener is a good example. Although it’s basically a crisp linen scent, Snuggle is a familiar and comforting fragrance that’s an attractive option for a lot of people who have positive memories associated with this brand.

Another unique fragrance option is Renuzit’s Scent Swirls line. Vanilla, Apricot Blossom, and Almond is a softer, more mature fragrance blend that you don’t see being offered by Glade as a solid air freshener scent choice.

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Glade PlugIns Starter Kit: Apple of My Pie

Glade PlugIns Refills Air Freshener Starter Kit, Scented and Essential Oils for Home and Bathroom, Apple of My Pie, 0.67 Fl Oz, 1 Warmer + 1 Refill
  • Stir up the season with Apple Of My Pie, a limited edition festive plugin air freshener from the Glade Holiday Spirit Collection
  • Sweet notes of Gala apple, cinnamon, and baked crisp; it’s a room freshener that provides a festive vibe perfect for any party
  • Our most adjustable warmer ever (vs. previous Glade plug in warmer, on low setting) lets you fill any room with the glam, allure, and excitement of a...
  • Glade plug in scents are crafted by master perfumers and infused with essential oils
  • Glade is America’s #1 selling fall fragrance brand* (*Based on Nielsen sales data Total USxAOC ending Oct 2021)

Sticking with the same brand, a Glade product alternative would be their PlugIns. If you don’t mind that they use electricity, the warm scented oil from PlugIns has a stronger fragrance throw. This means that one unit can fill an entire room with delightful fragrance. Multiple solid air fresheners would be needed to accomplish the same scent intensity.

PlugIns are more expensive and your electricity bill will slightly increase, but those are non-issues for some people. It’s a matter of preference.

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AirWick Pure Freshmatic Automatic Spray Starter Kit

Air Wick Automatic Spray Starter Kit (Gadget + 2 Refills), Summer Delights, Essential Oils, Air Freshener, Odor Neutralization
  • FRAGRANCE: Bring the delights of summer into your home with this playful and fun fragrance combining fresh white florals, sweet melon, and subtle...
  • Air Wick Automatic Air Freshener sprays fills your home with continuous, fresh fragrance. The latest version comes with 24/7 OdorProtect technology...
  • Each refill provides up to 70 days on low setting of automatic and continuous fragrance. Replace refill can when there is a red flashing light
  • Refills for use in Air Wick Automatic Air Freshener spray gadgets. The sprays bursts at 9, 18 or 40 minutes settings to achieve desired fragrance...
  • Use in any room: living room, bathroom, hallways, kitchens, den and office

Continuous freshness that’s battery-powered is another alternative. If you are drawn to the “set it and forget it” aspect of using solid air fresheners but would prefer a different choice, consider this one. 

In this starter kit, you’ll receive:

  • 1 automatic spray device
  • 2 air freshener refill cans
  • 1 AA battery

Each can is 5.89 oz (167 g), which is nearly the same amount as the solid air fresheners, but the container lasts up to 60 days instead of only 30 days. You can choose from one of three fragrance settings and these can either be hung on a wall or placed on top of a table or shelf.

You can program them to release fragrance every 9, 18, or 40 minutes.

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Glade solid air fresheners are an economical, low maintenance way to add continuous fragrance to your home. They’re a good solution for closets, laundry rooms, and other small spaces. Otherwise, you’ll need to use more than one for larger rooms.

These air fresheners are offered in a wide range of scents and are small enough to go unnoticed in compact spaces. Clean Linen is a customer favorite; you can try it here.

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