Gift Ideas for Candle Lovers: What We Wish You’d Buy Us

Shopping for a candle lover can be incredibly easy or it can be on the more difficult side. The easy side of it is buying them a candle you know they’ll love. It tends to become more difficult when you want to get them something outside of the candle box. The question then becomes, what would my candle loving friend enjoy?

Candle lovers will absolutely love whatever candle gift you get them. They’ll especially love the gift if you get them: a USB candle lighter, an accessories set, a candle making set, an astrological candle, a candle to commemorate of fun memory, a personalized candle, a candle from Otherland, match strikes, candle holders, or a ring candle.

No matter what you choose to gift to your candle lover, they’ll appreciate the thought put behind it and the addition to their collection. In this post, we will be taking the ideas I’ve recommended into consideration.

Gift Ideas for Candle Lovers

1. USB Candle Lighter

If your candle lover wants to create a greener lifestyle, a USB lighter is the perfect gift for them. This device makes it so you don’t have to use butane lighters or match sticks, which means you won’t be creating waste while lighting your favorite candle. This lighter charges off a USB port and lights a candle without a flame.

The USB Candle Lighter Company offers a lighter specifically geared towards lighting candles as well as a wide variety of color choices. These lighters are powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The great thing about this company is that they provide discounts when you purchase multiple of their lighters. This can come in handy if you want to get a gift for yourself too!

Price: $30 to $100

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2. Candle Accessories Set

Every candle lover needs an accessories set. In a set, the normal tools provided are a wick trimmer, wick dipper, and candle snuffer. These tools are perfect for candle users that take caring for their candle seriously. Anthropologie offers a sleek pewter set that your candle lover will be able to display without worrying about it not fitting in with their home decor.

This kit is perfect for caring for your candle. A wick trimmer is definitely a necessity in candle care. Most candle company recommends you trim the wick on their candles to a fourth inch before you burn your candle each time. The candle snuffer is good for candle care because it allows you to kill the flame without dirtying your wick with soot. The wick dipper is a way to put out your flame without smoke by pushing the wick into the wax.

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3. Make Your Own Candle Set

While buying your candle lover a candle will make a great gift, an even better gift would be the materials for them to make their very own candle. There are many different kinds of kits that come with varying amounts of materials and tools. The kit I recommend, though, is the CraftZee soy wax candle kit. While it is called the Complete DIY Candle Making Kit, there is no experience required to be able to use it.

This kit comes with almost everything you will need in your candle making journey. The only products you will have to provide for yourself are sauce pot for double boiling, stirring utensils, rubbing alochol, and paper towel. The kit includes four fragrance oils in the scents of lavender, vanilla, grapefruit and mangosteen, and Egyptian amber. They also provide you with enough materials to make three candles of each fragrance.

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4. Astrological Candle

Another great gift for your candle lover is an astrology candle. This is a great way to get a gift that is more personal for them. I recommend purchasing astrology candles from Uncommon Goods. The candles are made out of soy wax with fragrance oils. Each astrological sign is represented by a different combination of fragrances.

These candles come in a sleek black jar with the sign name, dates, and scent written in bright yellow font. The background of the label shows stars lighting up the dark night sky. This candle will go great in any kind of house decor and the fragrance will fill the room.

5. Homesick Memory Candle

Homesick is known by their state, country, and city candle collections, which would be a great gift for a candle lover who has moved away from their home. They also have a memories collection, though. These candles are meant to bring back memories from a specific occasion. Some of the scents they have are Apple Orchard, Beach Cottage, and Friday Night Football.

If one of these memory candles fits into your life with your candle lover, then line of candles would make a great gift for them. Each fragrance has a combination of scents specifically designed to bring back memories of the event. For example, Apple Orchard has red apple, mandarin leaf, clove, pear, and cinnamon sticks. These candles also have a clean, even burn, as well as a burn time of 60 to 80 hours.

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6. Personalized Candle

Yankee Candle is one of the top and most popular brands of candles. Their burn times for their large jar candles are up to 150 hours, which is far higher than most other brands. They also have an amazing scent throw, which means they can fragrance a large room. While Yankee Candles make a great present themselves, they offer an even better option. You can pick out a scent you want to gift and personalize it with a picture.

When personalizing a candle, you can choose the size candle you want to buy. You can also include two lines of a message to put on the picture. This gift is a great way to give your candle lover a candle that is personal and represents your relationship with them.

Price: $22 to $60

7. Otherland Candle

If you buy your candle lover a candle from Otherland, they will be absolutely thrilled. While there may only be a small handful of fragrances they sell high quality candles that are clean and environmentally responsible. These candles burn smoothly, creating an even melt pool. They also have scents that range from rugged to floral. For example, their scent Chandelier is composed of champagne, saffron, and leather.

This is also a great gift if your candle lover wants to create a greener lifestyle. Otherland uses clean ingredients for their candles, which means they are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. They also do not use any synthetic dyes in their candles. The wicks in these candles are completely made of cotton, which means the candle will give off a clean burn.

Price: $36 for one, $89 for three

8. Match Strikes

Match strikes make a great decoration piece for your candle lover. A match strike is a decorative match holder that you can also use to light the match. These come in many different shapes to choose from. I recommend picking a match strike from Johnathan Adler. While there are not many to choose from, the options you do have are sleek and fit in with any type of home decor.

If you are going to get your candle lover this gift, make sure you get them a box of strike anywhere matches. This is important because regular matches will not be able to ignite on the decorative match strike. Even if they do not get any more strike anywhere matches after this, it will still make a nice decorative piece that will allow them to store their matches fashionably.

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9. Candle Holders

Candle holders are a great way to make your candles look even more decorative. There are countless different candle holder designs so there will always be the perfect one for your candle lover. Bath and Body Works has several different candle holders that any candle lover will love. They have elegant holders and pedestals for a more sophisticated decor as well as cute and fun holders like a whale or sea turtle.

Bath and Body Works also releases a new elaborate seasonal candle holder each year. These are large holders for their three wick candles, such as a ceramic haunted house for Halloween. Regardless of what you choose, your candle lover’s three wick candles will look amazing burning while placed in the candle holder.

Price: $16 to $30

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10. Ring Candles

Jackpot Candles is a company that sells candles with rings inside of them. As the candle burns, the wax melts to reveal packaging with a ring inside. The rings inside are worth $15 to $5,000. When picking out a candle, you have the option to choose the ring size so your candle lover doesn’t need to worry about the ring not fitting. The candles come in two different sizes, twelve ounces and sixteen ounces.

A major perk to these candles is that the twelve ounce candles are created with wooden wicks. These wicks create a nice crackling noise as it burns and helps provide a stronger scent throw. Wooden wicks also provide a clean burn. Because of this, the wick makes this the perfect gift for your candle lover. Both candle sizes are made with soy wax. Regardless the size or scent, this gift is perfect and will give your candle lover a surprise.

Price: $25 to $30

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11. Jo Malone Candles

Jo Malone is a luxury candle company that sells elegant and sleek products. There are over 400 different fragrances in their shop. This means there is a fragrance for every candle lover out there. You can’t go wrong with any of these scents, either. The waxes Jo Malone uses are composed specifically to pair well with the fragrance oils used, which means it will give the maximum potential scent throw.

Jo Malone also hand creates their candles, which helps make their products high quality. This makes their products a little more pricey but they are completely worth the money. Your candle lover will love how strong the fragrance is and how pleasant their home will smell while burning this candle.

Price: $36 to $520

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12. Anniversary Map Candle

Uncommon Goods has an anniversary map candle for you to gift to your candle lover on your special day. This candle is made out of soy wax, which means it will have a slow and long burn. This champagne scented candle is the perfect way to show your love to your candle lover. Whether you choose the location you met, of your first date, or of your wedding, this is the perfect gift to express your love.

This candle is completely personalized so it fits for you and your candle lover. You can put in the year you started dating or got married, your and your candle lover’s name, your anniversary date, and your city and state of the location you choose. Uncommon Goods will then put this information onto the label of your candle along with a picture of a map inside a heart.

Price: $45

13. Candle Warmer

A candle warmer is a great gift for a candle lover who is not able to burn candles. Most apartments and dorm rooms do not allow candles to be burned. A candle warmer is a great alternative to burning candles. The Candle Warmers brand offers many different designs to fit in with any decor your candle lover prefers.

Candle warmers are a safe way to make a room smell amazing. There is no flame so there is no risk of causing a fire. The great thing about these candle warmers too, is that they can also come with a dish for wax melts. This can also be a great gift for your candle lover to go with the candle warmer. It gives them more options for filling their room with fragrance.

Price: $7 to $45

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Wrapping Up

There are countless different gifts you can get your candle lover. This list hopefully narrowed down what you can choose for them. Regardless what you choose, these products are perfect for any candle lover.

This list has also compiled gifts from many different price points so you can find a gift to fit any budget. Whether you buy them a candle or an accessory to go with the candle, they are going to be absolutely thrilled when they unwrap their gift.

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