Edens Garden Essential Oils Review: Are They Good?

It is a common question that people ask – are Edens Garden essential oils good or not? I have researched and come up with some answers. This article will analyze the quality, quantity, varieties of Essential Oils available from Edens Garden Company.

Edens Garden essential oils are one of the best products in the market. Edens Garden offers an incredible variety of quality essential oils online, along with aromatherapy accessories and gift sets for customers. So, with millions in sales on their essential oils yearly, I do not doubt but to place these oils on a pedestal, they very much so deserve.

If you want to know more about their lovely essential oils, you better keep reading. Trust me; it will be worth your while.

Edens Garden Essential Oils Review

All about Eden Gardens

While on a mission trip to New Zealand in the early 2000s, Edens Gardens CEO Grace was inspired by local farmers and their use of essential oils.

While she was there, she understood and grasped the aromas of essential oils to bring relaxation and tranquility within herself. The entire company is based on her experience. She had a pure and untouched experience in the countryside in New Zealand. But relaxation was simply the tip of the iceberg of what she discovered these fantastic essential oils could do.

Despite the tough competition, Grace never lost hope, and she began to create something that would allow her to share essential oils with everyone. After a few years of trial and error, Edens Garden developed into an established brand providing various types of essential oil products.

At the core of Edens Gardens’ company values lies serving its customers. This explains their growth due to a positive reputation and good customer experiences across the board.

Product Line

As the leading supplier of high-quality essential oils, Edens Garden offers an extensive range that includes everything you need for your skin and hair care. Whether a set or an individual oil product, they provide many options to pamper yourself with luxurious scents at affordable prices.

The best part is their gift packs are so beautiful! Most clients love them because each comes in its own ethereal packaging, making these sets ideal presents.

These are all the things they have in their product line-up:

Essential Oils

Edens Garden has an extensive collection of over 150 essential oils. They are constantly adding new scents and blends, making their line-up one of the biggest available on the market. Their bottles range from 5 mL to 30mL with various options for both single aroma and blends.

Carrier Oils

Edens Garden sells carrier oils to give your essential oil diffuser blend more impact. Dilute single, diluted scents with a high-quality carrier like avocado or hemp seed for an even spread of redolence and better application on the skin.

Synergy Blends

Edens Garden has 80+ blends that are pre-made to serve a particular purpose. Some of the ready-made essential oil blend selections include “Stay Alert,” “Worry Less,” and “Anxiety Ease.” There is also muscle relief, anxiety ease for kids on airplanes, air purification, allergen reduction, and more.

Ok for kids™ Essential Oils

Edens Garden offers 18 synergy blends that are both safe and therapeutically beneficial for kids. Aromatherapist Sylla Sheppard-Hanger and essential oil chemist Dr Robert Pappas have worked together to create this line-up with the safety in mind and therapeutic benefits of the oils in these blends.

Edens Garden has fun labels and names for their kid-specific essential oils, such as “Focus Focus Focus” or “Ouch Erase.” This way, getting your little ones started with essential oils is both easy and enjoyable! Each blend addresses the most common needs of parents and children. They also have aromas that kids will love to smell.


Roll-on essential oil bottles provide a quick and easy way to apply oils on the go. These 10 ml roller bottles come pre-diluted so that anyone can use them anytime, anywhere. Rollers are great for beginners and seasoned users who need an instant boost of their favorite scent or therapeutic benefits.

Gift and Sets

Edens Gardens’ essential oil sets include a variety of scents to suit your needs. Whether you want aromatherapy for stress or just the best oils, there’s an option for everyone and every budget! Each set comes with easy-to-understand instructions so that even if this is your first time using essential oils, it’ll be super simple. Edens Garden’s pretty packaging makes these kits perfect as gifts.


Edens Gardens is the one place you can buy stylish and high-quality diffusers. Their line of ceramic glass covers with plastic interiors is not what I usually expect from a regular diffuser.


The bar soaps by Edens Garden are devoid of harmful perfumes and synthetic ingredients. They blend aromatherapy advantages with immaculate washing, making it a stunning addition to any bathroom countertop. Each bar of their natural soap contains essential oils.

Natural Perfumes

If you want to wear a perfume with essential oils, Edens Gardens have natural perfumes. They contain 20% pure oil without synthetic or toxic fragrances, so they still carry aromatherapy benefits. But they aren’t as powerful as the single oil versions.

Why They Are the Best

Eden Garden operates on these five core values:


All Edens Garden oils are therapeutic grade and 100 percent pure. As a result, they are recognized for their efficacy in aromatherapy usage.


Edens Garden is a business that puts its customers first. Customer assistance is available at all times to address your inquiries.


Licensed aromatherapists write the EG weblog and magazine. As a result, you’ll be able to keep educating about the many advantages of essential oils from a credible source.


This component of the quality guarantee refers to pure, untainted oils that are devoid of synthetics. You can seek their oil testing results and see it for yourself if you want.


In a third-party facility, Edens Garden oils are GC/MS analyzed. As an essential oil company, EG takes great care with its products.

Loyalty Reward Program

At Edens Garden, your first order will earn one note per $1 spent. To receive the next level of rewards, you must spend 5,000 notes or more before redeeming them for future orders. You can use up to 100 notes on each order, and there is no maximum number of times that you can participate in their program as long as it remains active.

Top Products from Edens Gardens

Below are the bestselling essential oils that this brand distributes globally:

1. Anxiety Ease- Blend Sygerny

No products found.

The wonderful blend of citrus, lemongrass, and ylang-ylang eases nerves and brings calm. I often diffuse this oil or use it in our homemade lotions for a daily dose of tranquility.

Anxiety Ease is a specifically created oil that uses Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Lemongrass to help you calm down and get back to life with commitment and enthusiasm. For a more calm approach, pause a second to inhale a few drops.

How to Use

You may use the Anxiety ease directly on your skin to inhale whenever you need it. The second way is by adding a few droplets into a diffuser. And the last way is by mixing it with a carrier oil for everyday application. Some other clients use it on their face masks too.


  • It comes in a 10ml bottle.
  • 100% pure grade oil blend
  • It has a 30-day return policy


  • This blend is non-toxic.
  • Free from GMOs, parabens, phthalates, fillers, preservatives, and sulfates.
  • It is safe for vegans.
  • It is not tested on animals.


  • Some clients were disappointed that this blend was not what they expected.
  • Some clients attest that the orange or the lemongrass scent became overpowering.

No products found.

2. Peppermint oil- Single Blend Essential oil

Edens Garden Peppermint 5 ml 100% Pure Undiluted Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil GC/MS Tested
  • Peppermint is a wake-up call to the senses, a declarative aroma that states, “Yes, you can!” A cross between various wild mints, Peppermint is a...
  • Women-owned and family-operated since 2009, we personally source each essential oil and raw ingredient to ensure affordable prices without...
  • As the leader in the essential oils industry, we value safety, quality and education in offering only the best aromatherapy products. For this reason,...
  • Each of our products is expertly formulated and hand-poured, including over 200 essential oils and synergy blends. We also offer a wide array of...

This blend is famously loved because of its fantastic aroma that replenishes and rejuvenates the mind and body. Peppermint is actually a potent cure for several mental and physiological issues like depression and anxiety.

Some use it to uplift moods, reduce tiredness, and aid in concentration and mental clarity. People also use it to mitigate the feelings of vomiting and nausea.

It also has significant effects on pain relief and muscle stiffness after workouts. It also has microbial advantages to help with getting rid of harmful pathogens on your skin.

How to Use

The first way is by applying it directly to your skin. This is the best when you want it for pain relief, nausea, and vomiting. You may use it topically to ease headaches. Another way to utilize this essential oil is to dilute a few drops with a carrier oil to use every day.


  • Available in a 10ml bottle.
  • It is a 100% natural peppermint oil.
  • It has a thirty-day return policy.


  • It has numerous uses.
  • It helps to repel insects and other small animals.
  • The blend is not toxic.
  • The blend is not animal tested.
  • It is vegan safe.


  • Some clients say that the scent is milder than they expected.
  • The scent does not last long, needing a re-applying which results in the bottle needing refilling sooner.

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3. Frankincense Carterii oil

No products found.

This oil is among the famous oils used worldwide. You can use it during meditation to induce relaxation. It also has amazing effects that help bring down inflammation and swellings. People like to use it for everyday use on their skin. It makes the skin younger and enhances its glowing.

People with arthritis use it topically to ease the pain.

How to Use

You may use it directly on your skin for a fast mood-boosting and a nice fragrance. You may also mix it with a carrier oil for daily use for younger and glowing skin.


  • It is packaged in a 10 ml bottle.
  • It is a blend with 100% frankincense oil.
  • It has a thirty-day return policy.


  • You can use this oil on children.
  • It has amazing effects on reducing swellings and pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is great for skin in reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin glow.
  • It is an affordable essential oil.
  • It is non-GMO or other synthetic ingredients.
  • It is not tested on animals.


  • Some users attest that the scent was too overbearing.
  • It does not work for certain skin conditions.

No products found.

4. Good Night- Synergy Blend

Edens Garden Good Night 5 ml 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade GC/MS Tested (Lavender, Sweet Majoram, Chamomile, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Key Lime, Vanilla)
  • Good Night: A pleasantly cozy blend that promotes calm and rest. Good Night possesses layers of individual oils, each with unique soothing properties...
  • Choose a size that's best for you. Almost all of our oils are available in 5 mL, 10 mL, 30 mL, & 120 mL sizes. All oils are packaged in glass amber...
  • GC/MS Certified: Each product offered by Edens Garden goes through multiple rounds of testing. We stand by our products and take pride in offering...
  • Freshness and Quality: We control the freshness and quality of each product and ensure every oil received is brand new and from a fresh batch. We...

The Goodnight synergy blend does just as the name suggests- proffer you a good night’s sleep. It is a vibrant blend of ylang-ylang, bergamot, sandalwood, key lime, vanilla CO2, lavender, sweet marjoram, and lime. And the resulting fragrance is one of citrus having floral and earthy tones.

These components invoke a calming effect on the brain and the body that induces sleep effortlessly.

How to Use

The best way to enjoy this oil is to diffuse it airborne before hitting the sack or applying it topically. In the latter option, you may use it in a carrier oil or just sprinkles a bit at the soles of your feet. You may also dab a bit on your neck or wrist.


  • It is available in a 10ml bottle.
  • It consists of essential oils that are 100% natural and of therapeutic grade.
  • It has a thirty-day return policy.


  • It is a non-toxic blend with no synthetic additives.
  • It is favorable to vegans.
  • This product is not animal tested.
  • It has numerous benefits to the body.


  • Some users attest that the blend’s aroma is mild.

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5. Tea tree oil- Pure Blend

Edens Garden Tea Tree Essential Oil, 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade (Undiluted Natural/Homeopathic Aromatherapy Scented Essential Oil Singles) 10 ml
  • Tea Tree is perhaps the finest example of the earth’s natural healing power. This essential oil’s purifying, fresh aroma speaks to its medicinal...
  • Tea Tree is a must-have for all first-aid kits, offering purifying and healing properties. Originally used by indigenous tribes to aid healing, Tea...
  • Women-owned and family-operated since 2009, we personally source each essential oil and raw ingredient to ensure affordable prices without...
  • As the leader in the essential oils industry, we value safety, quality and education in offering only the best aromatherapy products. For this reason,...
  • Each of our products is expertly formulated and hand-poured, including over 200 essential oils and synergy blends. We also offer a wide array of...

Tea Tree is nature’s healing ingredient. It is famous for having remarkable antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that aid in its mostly medicinal uses. People have been using it as an additive as they clean their home’s surfaces. It is also a potent insect repellant.

Some people use it on their scalp to help reduce dandruff and to repel lice from hair strands. It works best for this function when you mix it with soothing lavender oil. Because of its microbial properties, you can use it to fight off foot or nail fungus.

It also helps heal abrasions and cuts faster. If you have bruises after a sport or exercise, you may use a Tea Tree directly on the wound.

How to Use

The first way is directly on your neck, wrist, or skin. But if you are to use it this way, just dab a bit as the scant can be a bit overpowering. Another way is mixing it with carrier oils like almond or avocado oil for your skin and hair. You must dilute it if you apply it topically.


  • It comes in a 10ml bottle.
  • It consists of 100% pure tea tree oil.
  • It has a thirty-day return policy.


  • You may use this oil on kids older than two.
  • It has numerous healing properties.
  • It is vegan-friendly.
  • This product is not animal tested.


  • The scent seemed a bit too strong for some users.

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Customer Opinions

Some people who have used Eden Essential oil products, say both good and bad things about them. If you would like to purchase any, it is best you check out these reviews.

It would be best if you remembered, though, that each experience is unique. All in all, these are some of the feedback.

Positive Feedback

The products meet the manufacturer’s promises

The vast product line meets the manufacturer’s claims.

The products last long

A bottle will serve you for a while, especially when using it in a diffuser. The oils work wonders and dissipate evenly.

The variety is unmatched

The number of oils you can select is massive. Whether it is a pure blend or a synergy, you have essential oil for everything.

All-natural blend

The all-natural and pure oils are a great part of the brand. Also, the fact that there are no GMOs, Sulfates, and other synthetic additives makes it a top-notch brand or essential oil.

Negative Remarks

Some scents are overbearing, while others are mild

Some synergy blends tend to wear out faster than others, while others are so strong that you may not tolerate the smell.

The dropper delivery system is not best for measuring

The dropper system might not be the best device to help you measure when you want to use the oils.

The bottle leaks

Some bottles leak when you place them incorrectly. This leads to spillages and wastages.

Final Thoughts

Getting an essential oil from Edens Gardens seems like a pretty great idea. And that is because there is something for everyone. Each of the five mentioned products is beginner-friendly—their uses are straightforward.

The top product from the above list is Anxiety Ease, as you can use it anytime and in any place when you need to get relaxed.

All in all, all the other Edens Garden oils are still remarkable. You must, however, take note of a few things: if it reacts with your skin or body in any way, stop using it right away. Also, certain oils are not healthy for expectant mothers as well as lactating ones. And the best way to know this is to read the disclaimer on the bottles.

Edens Garden Essential oils can help you in your day-to-day life. So pick one that suits your needs best.

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