DW Home Candles Review: Are They Good?

Did you know you can change the atmosphere in your home and create the best ambiance? Lighting a scented candle is one way to relax and ease your anxiety at the end of a long day. A brand I’ve come across and liked is the DW Home Candles.

DW Home candles are an excellent brand for anyone seeking scented candles to use in any space. These candles meet the quality check and have a fantastic range of fragrances for you to enjoy. All you need is to peruse what they have and pick out the scents you like.

Here is a detailed review of the company, top DW candles, and customers’ reviews. Stick around and enjoy this detailed review before adding some of these candles to your collection at home.

DW Home Candles Review

All About the Company

Every product you come across in the market has a source. The source is usually a manufacturer with a facility and distribution channel for their products. A potential buyer must get to know the source of the candles before making a purchase.

The section below sheds more light on DW Home candles and who makes them. The information can serve as a foundation for you as you seek candles to use.

See the top products and features to look out for as you check out the different candles available. There’s even a section where the company outlines all the latest candles with new scents.

The History of DW Candles

DW Home Candles is not a new brand in the market. Many avid candle lovers might have come across the products at one time or the other. The company was started back in 1996 with one goal in mind— to create top-quality candles.

The idea for high-quality, contemporary candles came about when there were few options for consumers. This is why DW Home Candle had a plan and mission to bring top-quality candles more stylishly.

These candles can serve numerous purposes, including home décor, thanks to the glass jars and color. This led to DW Home candles setting itself apart even in such a competitive industry.

Many candle lovers opt for its products since they are pretty eye-catching. The company prides itself on being a global manufacturer and is ready to meet the needs of a diverse group of buyers.

It’s set up an impressive supply chain to meet demand. In addition, it continues to work with a team of US-based designers to improve on quality and aesthetics of the candles.

It’s no secret the DW Home candles are quite popular with many candle lovers due to their appearance and wide range of scents.

Product Lines

The company is well known for making some unique candles. A quick look at their website will show you just how diverse they can be. While other manufacturers also produce a wide range of scented products, DW Home concentrates on candles only.

This is how you get a wide variety of amazing scented candles to choose from. Below you will find reviews of some of the top picks.

DW Home Unique Features

DW Home is a luxury brand that makes top-quality candles. The candles have a wide variety of scents that you can pick and use in your space. These candles come in a large high-quality glass jar which you can recycle once the candle is over.

The fact that you get a large glass gives you a longer burn duration. Candles can last from 56 to 64 hours. Another noticeable feature is each candle comes with two wicks. The double wick technology is crucial because it enables the candle to burn evenly.

In addition, it’s worth noting the high candle quality is because of how it’s poured. There is no automation when it comes to making DW Home candles. These candles are hand-poured to give customers a top product that lasts.

In addition, the scents are all-natural, and there are no toxic fumes released when you light the candle. The double wick also gives you better illumination when you only want to use the candle as a source of light in your room.

Manufacturing DW Home Candles

DW Home candles use some of the best palm wax you can find to make these safe to use home candles. Everything about the manufacturing process is to give you an end product that is satisfying and long-lasting.

You notice the fragrance the candles give lingers for quite some time, even after blowing off the candle. DW Home’s blend of palm wax is the reason you get an even burn, and the candle lasts longer.  It gives a consistent scent that meets your expectations.

The makers have a set system that guarantees quality. They pour the hot wax into every individual glass carefully to ensure there are no bubbles or spillage. Before the wax pouring commences, each glass jar is warmed before the hot wax to ensure it does not compromise its quality.

It takes a couple of days for the hot wax to cool off and solidify in the jar. The manufacturer does not rush the process and only packages the candles completely dry and solid. All candles come with two wicks giving you an even and stable burn.

The 6 Best DW Home Candles Reviewed

1. DW Home Calming Waves Candle

DW Home Decoware Richly Scented Candle Large Double wick 15oz --- Calming Waves
  • FRAGRANCE PROFILE dazzling citrus orange, effervescent mandarin and sugared clementine splashed over warm undertones of fresh- cut white cedar and...
  • Richly Scented
  • Artisan Made, Hand Poured
  • Large 2 Wick, Burn Time 56 Hours
  • Sure to Create a Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere


  • Size: Large
  • Scent: Fruit
  • Color: Green
  • Name: Calming Waves

As you begin your search for the best-scented candles to use at home, you come across the DW Home range of products. Among these magnificent candles, be sure to check out the DW Home Scented Calming Wave candle.

First appearances speak volumes, and this candle does not disappoint. It works with every décor set up you can have in your home. This is a scented candle with a robust fruit smell that spreads evenly throughout your space. The scent is subtle but lingers for some time, even after you blow out the candle.

You can tell this is a top-quality product by looking at it. The manufacturer takes time to make a satisfying product in a glass jar that you can place anywhere. The candle is a large size and has a burn duration of 56 whole hours.

DW Home candles use wax material that is safe and does not release harmful gases into the air. All you need is to order the candle, and you can start to enjoy the best fragrance at home. It has a large double wick which gives you an even burn and also illuminated your space better.

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2. DW Home Apple Butter Honey Candle

DW Home Decoware DW Home Apple Honey Butter Scented 2-Wick Large Candle
  • Two wick scented candle.
  • Approximate burn time 56 hours.


  • Size: Large
  • Scent: Apple Butter Honey
  • Color: Red
  • Jar Material: Glass

Imagine you want to spend the evening relaxing and enjoying some fantastic aromas in your home. Here is a candle that can create for you the kind of atmosphere you envision. The DW Home Apple Butter Honey candle checks all the boxes when it comes to ambiance.

The candle releases the apple butter honey scent when you light its double wicks. It gives you lovely fall vibes as the leaves fall and the temperature begins to drop. The manufacturer uses top quality wax to attain the top quality candle you get when you order.

The double wick gives you better lighting and also ensure your candle burns evenly. This is what provides it lasts for quite some time with a burn duration of 60 hours. All you need to do is unseal the black cap of the glass jar and light the candle to enjoy the aroma.

The manufacturer’s hand pours the candle wax into the glass jar, resulting in a red wine-colored candle. This is a great pick when you want a deeper shade candle to go with your interior décor.

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3. DW Home Fresh Cut Gardenia Candle

DW Home Large Double Wick Candle, Fresh Cut Gardenia
  • Sun-kissed gardenia petals infused with blooming jasmine flowers.
  • Provides approx 64 hours of burning time
  • Approx 16oz wax fill
  • Made from a palm wax blend, lead free wicks, US made fragrance, colored & printed glass


  • Size: Large
  • Scent: Aromatherapy
  • Color: White
  • Jar Material: Glass

As an avid candle user, you are ever in a quest to discover some amazing scents to add to your collection, right. Here is another top pick when you want to use DW Home candles in your space. The DW Home Fresh Cut Gardenia candle gives you aromatherapy vibes when you light it.

The candle contains an infusion of two kids of flowers. These are jasmine and gardenia, which give you a fantastic scent that fills your space. Like all DW Home candles, it comes with two wicks that brighten the space and guarantee an even candle burn.

You get up to 64 hours burn duration for this large size home candle. It comes in a glass jar that’s top quality and won’t fall apart when you light the candle at home. The candle is white and matches well with many areas in your home. The candle even works as a lovely gift to a friend or loved one.

It’s safe to use the candle in your home because it’s made using natural materials. The manufacturer uses a unique blend of palm wax, and there are no additives that can affect your health. In addition, the candle wicks are lead-free.

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4. DW Home Lavender Chamomile Candle

DW Home Large Double Wick Candle, Lavender Chamomile
  • An herbaceous blend of fragrant lavender and soothing chamomile with notes of bergamot and a hint of wild musk.
  • Provides approx 64 hours of burning time
  • Approx 16oz wax fill
  • Made from a palm wax blend, lead free wicks, US made fragrance, colored & printed glass


  • Size: Large
  • Scent: Aromatherapy
  • Color: Purple
  • Jar Material: Glass

Another top puck when looking into DW Home Candles is the DW Home Lavender Chamomile candle. This lovely purple candle comes in a large glass jar to use in any of your spaces. It produces a wonderful and relaxing scent that lasts longer in your home.

You get wax and a blend of chamomile plus lavender in the glass jar to give you an excellent product. In addition, the manufacturer has added some hints of bergamot to provide you with a better aromatherapy experience when you want to kick back and relax.

When you buy it, expect a burn duration of 64 hours and two wicks on the candle. The top quality wax material burns evenly and does not release any harmful gases into your space. Once you’ve finished using the candle, blow it out and seal it with the black cap.

This is a large candle that can last you for quite some time. The dark purple coloring is quite attractive and can blend well in your living space. When you incorporate the candle into your aromatherapy experience, the scent works wonders for you.

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5. DW Home Sandalwood Myrrh Candle

DW Home Sandalwood Myrrh Scented Large 2-Wick Candle by Decorware
  • Warm sandalwood blended with aromatic flowering myrrh with hints of musk infused oak
  • Provides approx 64 hours of burning time
  • Approx 16oz wax fill
  • Made from a palm wax blend, lead free wicks, US made fragrance, colored & printed glass


  • Size: Large
  • Scent: Aromatherapy
  • Color: Gray
  • Jar Material: Glass

Are you seeking a stronger fragrance that can last for some time in your space? DW Home sandalwood myrrh is the answer. The grey candle also has some hits of musk and oak infusion in it to give you a robust aroma in your space.

The strong scent works best when you want to neutralize strong odors in your room. The aroma lingers even after you choose to blow out the flame. You get the candle in quality and a lasting large glass jar with lots of wax in it which you can burn for up to 64 hours.

You can opt to light the candle and add to the décor in your space. In addition, you can gift the candle since it’s quite stylish and elegant. It has a great burn time and delivers a strong, stable flame which any person can appreciate in a scented candle.

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6. DW Home Warm Tobacco Pipe Candle

DW Home Large Double Wick Candle, Warm Tobacco Pipe
  • Warm Tobacco and brushed suede meld with aromatic greens, soft weathered woods, earthy patchouli and smoky leather.
  • Provides approx 64 hours of burning time
  • Approx 16oz wax fill
  • Made from a palm wax blend, lead free wicks, US made fragrance, colored & printed glass


  • Size: Large
  • Scent: Aromatherapy
  • Color: Black
  • Jar Material: Glass

For any person who loves the smell of tobacco, this is the right candle to light in your living space. It gives off a warm tobacco scent that’s quite strong with hints of smoky leather and the outdoors.

It has a burn time of 64 hours and comes in a large glass jar. The color of this candle is black, which creates contrasts in your living space. You also note that there are two wicks in the candle to give you a stable and even burn.

Like other DW Home candles, the manufacturer uses a top-quality palm blend to make the candle. It’s a good quality that does not emit any harmful fumes that can affect your health.

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Customer Opinions

A good review of a product is never complete without looking into what other buyers have to say. Customer opinions can help shape your view of the DW Home candles and make buying or not easier.

In this section, you get to see the positive and negative customer opinions about these fragrant candles. The views are crucial and can save you a lot of time and money.

Positive Customer Opinions

  • The candles are made using quality palm wax that does not emit any toxic fumes
  • The double wick feature does give a stable and even burn for the candles
  • Each burn duration for candles bought is as stated when purchasing the candles
  • The glass jar comes in handy for other uses once the candle is no more
  • This candles are pretty elegant and make the perfect gift for any and every occasion
  • The sleek appearance adds to the décor in space, and you can choose not to light the candle
  • A variety of fragrances means you can mix up your collection. The company is always coming up with new fragrances, which is impressive for a collector
  • The aroma is long-lasting and fills a space quite fast. In addition, it lingers long after you blow out the candle.

Negative Customer Feedback

  • There’s no even burn even with the two wicks in the candle. The wicks don’t last at all
  • The fragrance is not as good as expected
  • DW Home candles are expensive and yet not the best quality in the market

In Summary

As you choose to spend more time in your home, it makes sense to create some ambiance. One way to achieve this is by lighting a scented candle in the room.

DW Home has some of the best scented candles in the market, which meet and even surpass your expectations. For any person who wants a fruity yet mild scent in their space, use the DW Home Calming Waves candle.

At the same time, you can get a candle that’s more therapeutic and gives you a more aromatic scent. The DW Home Apple Honey Butter candle is a deep red wine color and can blend well with the décor in your living space.

Stronger scents are perfect when you want to mask certain scents in your home. In this case, you want a candle that has stronger aromas that linger for some time. Try the DW Home Warm Tobacco Pipe candle.

All in all, there are many more candles you can get when you visit the DW Home Candles website. There’s even a section for new fragrances, which you can check out. The candles above are suggestions, and you can choose any other as per your liking from their diverse collection.

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