Does Freezing a Candle Make It Burn Longer? (Explained)

Have you heard of freezing your candle to extend its burn time? Do you want to know if it works? Would you like to learn the proof and facts behind it?

I can tell you from experience that freezing your candle for three to five hours before lighting can make it burn longer. This method of extending your candle’s burn time is ideal for votive and pillar candles. It isn’t ideal for container candles. Remember, the cold can harm your container candles.

Look no further; all you need to know about freezing your candles to extend the burn time is right here. I tested this method myself to tell you all there is to know! Keep reading to learn more.

How Does Freezing a Candle Make It Last Longer?

Freezing the wax of a candle can lengthen the burn time greatly. In theory, the frozen, hardened wax will melt slower due to being cold. Whether or not this claim is wholly factual is up in the air.

There need to be more studies on this idea. Yet, with several people trying this fad at home, there is some proof behind freezing candles to extend the burn time.

What Happens to a Candle When It Freezes?

With many different types of candles, several things can happen to your candle when it freezes. Some factors like the type of candle (pillar, container, votive, etc.) or wax can immensely affect your candle when freezing.

Wax contracts and shrinks when it gets cold; this can cause your wax to pull from the sides of the jar. Though this likely won’t affect the quality of your candle, it won’t give a stunning look to it.

Can the Cold Damage Your Candle?

You may wonder, can the cold harm your candle? It would help to be mindful that the cold can damage your candle.

A rapid temperature change, such as freezing, can negatively impact your candle wax in many ways, such as cracking or the wax shrinking. It would be best to take precautions when freezing your candles to avoid an issue.

Benefits of Freezing Your Candle

There is one primary benefit to freezing your candle. Freezing your candle can prolong its burn time. A frozen candle will be colder, which results in slower melting.

Slow melting wax assures your candle burns as long as possible. However, with every pro comes a con.

Risks of Freezing Your Candle

There are several risks to freezing your candles. These risks can bring awful effects on your candle. 

Check out a couple of risks of freezing your candle below:

  • When undergoing a fast temperature change, the wax contracts, pushing the fragrance oils out of the wax. This could cause your candle to lose scent throw.
  • The wick could soak in moisture when exposed to the elements of your freezer; this could cause trouble when burning. 

Should You Store Candles in the Freezer?

So now you know the point of freezing your candle, should you store candles in the freezer? It is a fair question! There are so many adverse effects of freezing some candles. Some candles can be stored in the freezer, while others cannot.

Some candles will have a negative impact from being held in the freezer. When candles are exposed to the elements of your freezer, they’re exposed to moisture. The candle and wick can absorb this moisture which could result in problems with burning.

What Kind of Candles Can You Store in the Freezer?

You can store specific styles of candles in the freezer, mainly ones without a container. 

Some types of candles you can store in the freezer can include but are not limited to: 

  • Pillar candles. 
  • Votive candles. 
  • Taper candles. 

Depending on the wax you use, you should be able to store these candles in the freezer efficiently. 

What Sort of Candles Shouldn’t You Store in the Freezer?

There are a few types of candles you should avoid keeping in the freezer. Container candles are the number one that you shouldn’t store in the freezer. When a container candle is exposed to the cold, it can harm it. The cold can cause your candle jar to shatter or crack.

Your wax can also pull from the container’s sides, making for an unsightly candle. However, it should still burn correctly and evenly with wax that has contracted, pulled from the sides, or cracked.

When removing your candle from the freezer and you notice it cracked, confirm there is no gap between the cracks of the candle. Gaps in the wax can present tunneling.

When Should You Put Your Candle in the Freezer?

When should you place your candle in the freezer? That is a great question! Relying on when you place your candle in the freezer makes a huge difference on your candle. If you place your candle in the freezer too early, it can negatively impact it.

Let your candle cool after pouring for at least 24 hours at room temp before placing it in the freezer for the best results. Although, you don’t have to set the candle in the freezer 24 hours after pouring. Anytime after 24 hours of cooling should be sufficient.

Can You Put a Candle in the Freezer to Cool?

You can try this cooling method; however, this is risky. It would be best not to put your candle in the freezer to cool after pouring; this is a horrible idea. The drastic and quick temperature change can cause your container to shatter, crack or cause wet spots and sinkholes.

When the wax cools that fast, it creates these sinkholes and wet areas due to the fragrance oils being pushed out of the wax. This can cause a weak scent throw and poor burning. I suggest avoiding cooling your candles in the freezer; let your candles cool at room temperature for the best results.

Chilling your candles in the freezer only puts you at risk of a subpar candle or a mess in your freezer.

How Long Should You Keep Your Candle in the Freezer?

How long you keep your candle in the freezer can influence your candle’s burn quality. For the best results, I advise placing your candle in the freezer for three to five hours before lighting it. Though, you could leave it in there as long as overnight. Longer than overnight can be a bit excessive.

You don’t want to store your container candles in the freezer, yet, you could keep non-container candles in the freezer. Keeping your candles in the freezer for a few hours before lighting can make for an ideal and lengthy burn.

How Can You Extend the Burn Time of a Candle?

You can lengthen the burn time of your candle in a few ways. The most common way is placing the candle in your freezer for a few hours. When you pull your candle from the freezer, light it immediately for the best results.  

Other ways you can extend the burn time of your candle can include: 

  • Always keep your wick trimmed to 1/8 to 1/4 inch long.
  • Keep the wax pool clear of debris.
  • Sprinkle salt in the wax when melting to increase burn time. 
  • Let your candle completely cool before lighting again. 
  • Avoid putting your candle in front of fans, vents, or drafts. 
  • Burn your candles for at least three to four hours, no more than six to seven. 

To Conclude

You can prolong the burn time of your candle by freezing it for a few hours before lighting it. This is a favored trend lately, and for a good reason! Trying this method myself, I am impressed. Feel free to share this article with your friends and family. Spread the word on this perfect method of extending your candle’s burn time!

Grace Young

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