Do Wax Melts Evaporate? Facts You Should Know

A great fragrance alternative to burning candles is to use wax melts and a wax warmer. This is also a less hazardous method of adding a lovely scent to your home. When I first started using wax melts, I wanted to know how often I would need to replace my melts. That left me with the question of whether or not my wax melts evaporate.

Wax melts do not evaporate like the wax in candles do. The only thing that evaporates from the melt is the fragrance. Once you’re unable to smell any fragrance, it’s time to toss out the wax melts and get some new cubes.

Wax melts are different than candles in the sense that they do not need to be lit and the wax does not evaporate. Using wax melts in place of candles is a great way to safely fragrance your home and a gives you a reusable product.

Do Wax Melts Evaporate

What You Should Know about Wax Melts

What are Wax Melts?

Wax melts are cubes of scented wax that you melt without having to light a wick. They come in many shapes and sizes and are sold by several popular brands. Some of the most popular brands are Scentsy, Yankee Candle, Pet House.

Wax melts are designed to melt slower than candles and gives off a strong scent throw. These can also have a slight scent throw while in a solid state but the most fragrance is thrown when the wax is being warmed.

Because they melt slower, they tend to last longer than candles. You can get around 20 hours of burn time per single wax cube. Another reason wax melts last longer than candles is because they contain more fragrance than candles do.

Wax melts are acceptable for more environments than candles are, such as workplaces and apartments or college dorms. These are also convenient as they do not require you to keep it somewhere that it’s able to stay lit. Because there’s no wick, there is no need to worry about it not staying lit.

They are also convenient because if there is a spill, it is easy to clean with soap and water. When a candle spills, you have to worry about the flame igniting a flammable object nearby.

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Using Wax Melts

When you use a wax warmer and wax melts you are emitting a fragrance into your home in a safer way than burning candles. Whether you prefer a flameless option or you’re not able to use candles under a lease or housing rules, wax warmers are a perfect alternative for you to use.

There are two kinds of wax warmers: electric and tealight. If you need to avoid an open flame, the electric warmer is the best method for you. With an electric warmer, you have the options of warmers that use a heating plate or a light bulb.

Wax warmers melt your wax at a lower temperature than a candle melts. Because they are melted at a lower temperature, the melts to do not evaporate. Instead, you are just left with the fragrance free wax after melting it.

Wax melts also give you more of an opportunity to be creative than candles do. When using wax melts, you can experiment and combine fragrances by putting two or more fragrances into the warmer at a time. By combining fragrances, you are able to create you own new fragrance to enjoy.

When choosing a wax melt to buy, you want to make sure you buy a product that will give you a long fragrance lifespan. Wax melts are usually made out of either paraffin wax or soy wax or even a blend of the two. Melts that are composed of soy wax will burn cleaner and tend to last longer than melts composed of paraffin wax.

While either type gives you a great scent throw, you’ll get a longer scent throw with soy wax melts than you will with paraffin wax melts. Using soy wax melts is also a more natural method for people who are trying to live a greener lifestyle.

Caring for Your Wax Melts

While wax melts don’t evaporate, they do lose their fragrance after a given period of time. The amount of time you have for a fragrance throw varies with each brand you buy from. In order to prolong the lifespan of your fragrance, there are ways to care for your wax melts.

When you’re finished with your wax melts, allow the wax to cool a bit before removing it from the warming plate. Make sure you store your wax melts in an air tight container to help protect the fragrance. Then, place your sealed waxes in a dark, cool place.

It’s important for the container to be air tight because the fragrance can dissipate if the wax is exposed to open air. Placing the container in a cool, dark place will keep the wax from melting again in the container too. If the wax is stored in a sunny and warm area, the wax can melt, which will release fragrance and shorten the lifespan of your melt.

When you store your wax melts, make sure you are using your oldest melts first. Wax melts can lose their fragrance over time and by using your oldest melts first, you are ensuring you’re getting the maximum scent throw you can.

Why Choose Wax Melts Over Candles

Wax melts are a great option for anyone that is unable to burn candles. College dorms don’t typically allow candles so wax melts would be a great alternative. These are also good alternatives for parents of toddlers. You will have less of a fire hazard with these around toddlers. If your child knocks it over, you’ll have to deal with melted wax instead of an open flame.

You are also given a longer fragrance lifespan with wax melts than you are with candles. Because they are packed with more fragrance than a candle, you are going to have a longer lifespan and a stronger scent throw than you would with a candle.

You also have more of an opportunity to mix fragrances to create your own fragrance. With candles, you can burn more than one at a time but the fragrances won’t fully mix and won’t be even throughout the entire room. With wax melts, they will fuse into one melt pool because they are melting in the same tray. This will give mixed fragrances coming together to make one new fragrance instead of two separate fragrances burning at once.

Another reason to choose wax melts over candles is that you can reuse the wax from the melt once the fragrance has dissipated. If you have essential oils or fragrance oils, you can use them to add fragrance to your used melts. This is another way you can customize your fragrances. You can combine fragrance or essential oils to come up with a completely personalized fragrance.

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Final Thoughts

Wax melts make a great addition to any home as a flameless way to fragrance a room. These are a great product to reuse because the wax does not melt. Instead, only the fragrance dissipates. Because of this, you can put more fragrance into the scentless wax to make your melts ready to use again.

If you care for your wax melts, you can get a long fragrance lifespan and a strong scent throw. You can enjoy a long lasting fragrance with a strong throw that can fill the room you put your warmer in. Wax melts are a great way to fragrance a home and can give you the opportunity to customize your fragrances.

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