Do Multiple Wick Candles Smell Stronger?

When you buy a candle you are faced with the option of how many wicks out want in your candle. Many times there is a price difference for single wick candles and multiple wick candles with the the multiple wick candles being more expensive. The question is, though, does the higher price mean more fragrance?

Multiple wick candles do in fact give of more scent so the higher price does indeed mean more fragrance. By adding more wicks, you are burning the wax faster, which means that you get a stronger smell.

Using a candle with multiple wicks can be a very effective way to make your house smell better faster than a single wick candle. While having more wicks means the candle burns faster, there are ways to make sure you get the highest possible burn time.

Do Multiple Wick Candles Smell Stronger

Burning Multiple Wick Candles

When you are burning a multiple wick candle, you have multiple sources of heat to melt your wax. With the extra heat sources, you candle will melt faster, which means you will have a stronger scent throw.

The term scent throw is used to describe the strength given off by the candle. When talking about the scent throw when a candle is lit, we call it the hot throw. When the candle is not lit, the fragrance it gives off is called a cold throw.

Because multiple wick candles have a stronger scent throw, they do not have as long of a burn time as you would expect. Take Bath & Body Works candles as an example.

They offer a single wick and three wick candle. The three wick candle is larger than the single wick, which is why three wicks are needed. Both candles have a total burn time of 25 to 45 hours despite the size difference. This is because the extra wicks in the larger candle makes the candle burn faster.

So, while the candle is larger, you do not get a longer burn time because the candle burns quicker with the extra wicks. This may be a deal breaker for some candle buyers but if you are looking for a candle to quickly fill a room with fragrance, a multiple wick candle is the way to go.

If you are looking for a candle to quickly mask an unwanted scent in your house, a candle with multiple wicks is the way to go. The quicker the candle melts, the quicker the fragrance is emitted.

As we know, the hot throw from multiple wick candles is stronger than a single wick candle because of how quick the wax melts. Because of this, a multiple wick candle is the best choice for rooms needing a quick fix for an unwanted smell.

There are also two types of wicks that can affect the way and speed that your candle burns, which affects the scent throw your candle gives off. Candles can have either wooden or cotton wicks. The type of wick also makes a difference in the total burn time your candle has.

Multiple wick candles are designed specifically for you to burn all the wicks at once. The design is larger and flatter to the point where one wick is not enough to burn the whole surface of the candle evenly. In order to get an even burn, each wick needs to be lit.

By only burning one wick in your multiple wick candle, you will not be getting the most from the scent either. The major source of the strong scent throw is the quick melt you get from burning the three wicks. So, it is in your best interest, economically and in terms of fragrance, to burn all three wicks at once.

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How to get the Most from You Candle

So we know that burning a candle with multiple wicks means your candle is burning quicker than it would if it only had one wick. There are some tricks you can use to make your candle’s total burn time be as long as possible, though.

An easy trick to keep in mind is to check the ingredients in your candle. You will get the longest burn time from your candle if the base is made of soy wax. This is because soy wax has a slower burn rate than paraffin wax does. These candles also have a burn that is cleaner and that produces less soot during the burn.

The first time you burn your multiple wick candle, make sure you let it burn for around three or four hours to ensure you get a full melt pool. This helps prevent your candle from tunneling.

Tunneling happens when the wick burns down the center of the candle instead of melting the candle evenly across the whole surface. Because of this, you are basically wasting the wax along the sides of the candle because they do not get used during a burn.

You also need to keep in mind that you should not burn your candle for too long. It is ideal to extinguish your candle when the melt pool is an inch or less deep. By continuing to burn your candle past this, you are causing the fragrance to evaporate quickly. This, in turn, leads to a weaker scent throw over time.

Another trick to extend the burn time of your candle is to trim the wick to a quarter of an inch before using it. And by that I mean trimming it before every use. By trimming the wick, you are preventing your candle from burning unevenly. Another perk to trimming the wick is that you prevent your wick from mushrooming and producing less soot while burning.

Wooden Wicks vs. Cotton Wicks

Most candles you find in stores have cotton wicks. Candles made with cotton wicks are generally easier to maintain and cost less than candles made with wooden wicks. The wooden wick candles, though, are not as common and can open up a new conversation with guests.

Wooden wick candles can come with either a single wick or multiple wicks. Just like with cotton wick candles, the more wicks you put into the candle, the better scent throw you are going to get.

The question we want to address, though, is whether wooden wicks or cotton wicks have a better scent throw.

Wooden wicks burn lower, which means it heats the wax around the wick without quickly burning it like a cotton wick would. With a cotton candle, your wax burns quicker and can burn the fragrance off quickly. You may notice after a long burn, you may notice that the fragrance is not as strong as it used to be.

With a wooden wick, though, you are getting a smoldering burn which means you are getting a longer burn time than you would with a cotton wick candle.

Wooden wicks produce a smoldering flame which channels heat into your candle quicker than it would with a cotton wick. This means you are going to get a stronger scent quicker than you would with a cotton wick.

Another reason the wooden wicks are better is from them being laid out horizontally instead of put into the candle vertically like a cotton wick. This helps the wick stay lit longer. It also burns so low that the flame is capable of touching the wax, which makes the burn slower. This lets off a stronger scent throw.

Wooden wicks are better for a strong and quick scent throw than cotton wicks. If you are prepared to put the effort it takes into maintaining a wooden wick, this is a great candle choice.

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