Diffusing Essential Oils around Children

Now that the use of essential oils is increasingly becoming popular, it makes it critical to address the issue of safety when diffusing oil around children. In aromatherapy, safety is one of the confusing topics as a lot of people don’t realize there’s a danger to inhaling essential oils especially when it comes to kids. It is where it pays a lot to read the label of the oil before diffusing it.

Read the safety information where you can find out info on the essential oil’s chemical component. There you will find out if the oil contains anything that can toxic or carcinogenic. If it does, the label should have a written precaution. A piece of advice – take time to read about the essential oil before doing anything. Now, let’s go back to the topic at hand.

Diffusing around Babies is Safe, but It Shouldn’t Be Done All the Time

If you are planning to disperse essential oil with a baby in the room, the most important concern is if the oil you plan on using is safe. For babies and children, the safest essential oil to use would be lavender and chamomile. You can use these oils to diffuse occasionally so you can soothe kids who can’t sleep. But as I said, do so only occasionally as too often might lead to your baby becoming reliant to the smell.

It isn’t ideal to diffuse around babies all the time. It’s not only for the reason that they might become dependent on the scent to sleep. It’s also related to the fact that essential oils have strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Germs are harmful, and as moms, you might be a little concerned with your baby getting them.

Ultimately though, you aren’t helping your baby if you overexpose them to anything with strong anti-bacterial properties. Exposure to germs and bacteria, as well as getting sick sometimes, is essential to your baby can develop a healthy, strong immune system. For that reason, make sure to only diffuse on the rare occasion that you badly need to get your baby to sleep.

Diffusing Essential Oils around Children is Relatively Safe

To answer the question – yes. It is perfectly safe to diffuse essential oils while there are children around so long as it is done properly. The beauty of diffusing essential oil is it is the safest way to use them because only small amounts of the oil are diluted that mixes with the air in the room. That means when it comes into contact with the air, the volume of the oil is even more depleted.

Still, there are factors to consider when diffusing with children present. These factors are the type of diffuser you use, the length of time you will be using the diffuser, and the type of essential oil used. These three will affect the safety of diffusing around kids, which means you need to check up on these things before turning on the diffuser.


There are passive diffusers, and those use very low dosages, so they are relatively harmless. On the other hand, there are different types of diffusers that you have to make sure are safe to use around kids. You have to know that these diffusers work precisely the way they should be and must be placed at a location where children can’t accidentally tamper with them.

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