How to clean an oil diffuser?

Everyone loves a home that when you enter its filled with a nice and naturally fresh aroma. But not everyone knows how to clean an oil diffuser.

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Diffuser needs to be cleaned frequently

Essential oil diffusers come in different shapes and types, but their purpose is the same to diffuse essential oils into a given space of your home. Some even humidify it at the same time.

The market is full of essential oil diffusers and for a good reason. Except for a good aroma in your house, it has a lot of advantages if you want a healthy life.

Once you have found a spot for it in your home, you enjoy its benefits. but never comes into your mind that it needs to be taken care of. This is a common mistake for every user out there, the diffuser should be cleaned after each use, it is essential oil.

Having an essential oil diffuser in your home, make your life better and more relaxing, but like everything else, it needs your attention.

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If your oil diffuser breaks down, it is very annoying when it breaks down and doesn’t work the way it should. Cleaning is sometimes the best thing to do but not always the cure. When your diffuser isn’t working properly the main reason is that it needs to be cleaned and maybe at first it won’t be an easy task but you should get used to it.

At one point it doesn’t matter how much you take care after your home, even if you clean it daily it still comes to a point that you need to clean it again, at least a part of it. While to the products that make our life better and easier, we commonly forget about their need for some care.

Diffusers are kind of different, because they somehow make the most part by themselves, meaning that the commonly used oils, at least some of them help the fight against germs and mould. So, your diffuser its safe and sound at this point. However, neglecting to clean it after your oil has run out and the water is not replaced for days it will become a mould issue.

Why clean oil diffuser?

Based on our little description above it looks like the world is perfect and we can allow ourselves to be a little lazy, but it turns out that there are some oils which after running out leave residues behind, which will impact the scent of your diffuser and also its efficacy.

Except for the other impacts that the diffuser has when not working properly, it also is an extra cost, if you will need to pay somebody to fix it or replace it.

Nothing can work properly if we don’t give a little attention to it, we have to care about our little diffusers just like they do for our little homes.

How to clean your diffuser?

Every time after each use it is entirely essential to clean your diffuser. Use a microfiber cloth or a cotton brush and just wipe out all that is left from the previous oil. Instead of leaving it untouched and having a negative impact in the diffuser and the air you will breathe. Keep in mind that when you do clean it, empty it before from oil and water.

Important to clean is also the mist chip. This little chip is found inside your diffuser and you can use your microfiber cloth with a just a little alcohol, to clean it up.

It is also suggested that at least once or twice a month. A deep clean is required in order for your diffuser to be in good shape. White vinegar could be another option, just use a teaspoon of it and turn the diffuser on, but don’t forget to do try this process in an open space because your home it will not be your favourite place anymore.

Bottom Line

Oil diffusers make our life easier, better and more relaxing. In exchange they need us to care for them. It is suggested that you clean your diffuser daily, after each use and deep clean it twice a month, if you think it is needed more, clean it more, I am sure it will not harm it. Don’t forget to clean the inside and outside and never leave the trace of water in it.

Now just enjoy its scent.


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