Capri Blue Candles Review: Are They Good?

I’m sure you’ve noticed these bright cobalt blue scented candles online and in stores. 

But Capri Blue offers a wide range of attractive vessels. Whether you like your candle containers to have a pop of color or blend into the background, there’s a Capri Blue vessel for you to try. Their soy blend candles are available in uniquely fragrant scents, like Citrus & Violet Haze. 

Read on to learn more about Capri Blue and which fragrance and vessel size might work best for your home.

Capri Blue Candles Review

All About Capri Blue Candles

It helps to learn more about the company behind the products we purchase. 

Capri Blue is a home and personal care brand founded over 20 years ago. It was formerly called Aspen Bay Candles, a brand you might have come across in Anthropologie stores. In 2001, Tom Reed purchased the company, renaming it. To this day, Capri Blue is considered a fashionably trendy candle. This is due to Reed’s rebranding efforts. 

Capri Blue switched hands again in 2016. Merged with Thymes and Aspen Bay Candles, the three companies now form Curio. Aspen Bay and Capri Blue already had the same parent company, DPM Fragrance. Under Curio, Aspen Bay was dissolved into Capri Blue and Thymes maintained its previous branding.

Volcano remains Capri Blue’s iconic fragrance, and they continue to research fashion trends when blending new fragrances. It’s no wonder that you can also find these candles in fashion-forward department stores like Nordstrom as well as specialty retail shops. The company also lists their products on online marketplaces, like Amazon.

Capri Blue Products

This company makes three main groups of products: home care, home fragrance, and beauty.

Home fragrance products include candles, diffusers, room sprays, and the PURA smart home fragrance system.

Under their Beauty category, you’ll find lotions, perfumes, soaps, bath bombs, and body washes. Personal care products include lip balm, hand sanitizer, and dry body oil. Beauty products are available in four scents: Volcano, Blue Jean, Aloha Orchid, and Watery Moon.

The Home Care line includes products for laundry and surfaces, as well as dish soap. This entire line is solely available in Capri Blue’s Volcano fragrance.

Capri Blue Candle Ingredients

This company uses high quality, non-toxic ingredients that are not tested on animals. You also won’t find synthetic dyes added to their candle wax. 

Here’s more information about ingredients used for their candle line:


Capri Blue candles are made with soy wax blend. They state that their candle wax is primarily soy and there’s a small amount of food-grade paraffin wax added in. As I’ve mentioned previously soy wax is difficult to work with. It leaves bumps and craters on the surface, it doesn’t hold as much fragrance and paraffin, and burn time can vary.

This company decided to blend the two waxes in order to produce a stronger fragrance throw, produce a smooth, silky top surface, and extend burn time.


Lead-free braided cotton wicks are used in every Capri Blue candle. The exact size and wick composition varies because fragrances burn differently. Container size also determines which wick to use for a specific candle. 

I’m not sure if they have hundreds on hand like Yankee Candle but it’s encouraging to know that they take these factors into consideration. 

If a wick is too large, it can cause flames to rise too high because the candle will burn too quickly. But if a wick is too small, it’s possible that the wax won’t fully pool. So it’s a good sign to know that Capri Blue appropriately selects a wick.


As with many companies Capri Blue uses a fragrance blend consisting of natural, essential, and synthetic oils. Since essential oils are completely natural, they can sometimes vary in scent from batch to batch. For instance lavender essential oils might not smell the same if they are grown in different temperatures.

Adding in synthetic oils helps the company to make more consistent fragrances. This way, popular scents like Volcano smell the same whenever it’s purchased. 

Capri Blue fragrances are divided into five scent categories: bohemian, floral, forest, fresh, and spice. There are a number of interesting scent combinations within each category.

  • Blue Jean
  • Coconut Santal
  • Dark Vanilla & Sandalwood
  • Frosted Fireside
  • Havanna Vanilla
  • Paris
  • Aloha Orchid
  • Cactus Flower
  • Exotic Blossom & Basil
  • Guava Blossom
  • Lola Blossom
  • Alpine Juniper
  • Crystal Pine
  • Smoked Clove & Tabac
  • Citrus & Violet Haze
  • Pineapple Flower
  • Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco
  • Pomegranate Citrus
  • Volcano
  • Watery Moon
  • Pumpkin Dolce
  • Tinsel & Spice

Some of these fragrances are intriguing. Coconut Santal, for instance, blends flowering hibiscus, lime, coconut, and amber. That’s not a scent combination that you come in contact with frequently.

Home Fragrance Collections

Now let’s focus on what we really came here for, candles! Capri Blue home fragrance collections are more vessel-focused than fragrance-focused.

There are ten vessel collections:

Dual Tone – This set includes two-toned geometric color blocks available in three colorways. Bubblegum pink is combined with coral, orange, and a dark peony pink. Topped with gold lids, these containers are bright, bold decor additions.

Gallery – These jars are shaped like the Signature collection but covered in colorful Memphis style patterns.

Gilded Muse – Some of these containers are made of tin with a metallic pattern print.Others have three-dimensional, multi-faceted shapes.

Glam – Sparkly containers that look like they’re covered in really fine glitter.

Glimmer – Solid and ombre containers that appear to have been splattered with gold paint.

Glitz – Combination of metallic and glitter effects.

Mercury – The metallic look combined with paint splatter effects.

Muse – Glass jars and lids with three-dimensional patterns.

Signature – Their Signature line includes the cobalt blue containers you’ve come to know and love. Signature container colors also include black, aqua, and bubblegum. Most of them are solid colors, but a white pattern overlays some of the solid-colored glass and tin containers.

Watercolor – Signature jars wrapped in watercolor designs.

Not every fragrance is offered for each vessel. Below I’ll share ones that I’ve come to like.

Top 7 Capri Blue Candle Picks

When purchasing Capri Blue candles, you have to pay really close attention to the labels. Containers look alike even when there’s a different fragrance inside. The scent isn’t always obvious because labeling is small, but it’s there, so be sure to read it so that you pick the right scent.

1. Signature Glass Holder in Volcano Fragrance

Capri Blue Volcano Candle – White Signature Jar Candle-Large Candle with Soy Wax Blend - Luxury Aromatherapy Candle - Tropical Fruits & Sugared Citrus Scented Candle (19 oz)
  • Scented Candle: Chic glass candle with a lid that burns up to 85 hours
  • Capri Blue Volcano: Drift away with iconic notes of tropical fruit and sugared citrus
  • Signature Collection: This classy silhouette is the iconic vessel that started it all
  • Capri Blue Candles: Our candles are fan-favorites with a high-quality wax blend that is long burning
  • Inspired by contemporary fashion trends, Capri Blue creates exciting new products for every season

Let’s start out with Capri Blue’s Signature collection and fragrance. You may be used to the cobalt blue container, but I thought I’d show you the white one in case you haven’t seen it before. 

The signature collection is available in four sizes:

All but the jumbo jar are available in seven fragrances. This particular vessel is 19 oz, 4 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter. Burn time is up to 85 hours. Volcano is a tropical blend of sweet and citrus fruits.


  • Long burn time
  • Elegant classic solid colors
  • Playful patterned tins
  • Signature fragrance


  • A little expensive

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2. Glitz Ombre Found Glass Candle in Pumpkin Dolce

This glitzy container looks as though it’s been dusted with glitter ombre. The glitter is denser on top and then fades into the saturated orange container base.

Think of a pumpkin pie filling in a gingersnap crust with luscious vanilla whipped cream on top. That’s how this Pumpkin Dolce candle smells.

It’s 8 oz (227g), 4 inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter. This candle burns for up to 40 hours.


  • Perfect for holiday season
  • Alluring decor addition
  • Inviting fragrance
  • Decent burn time
  • Would make a nice gift


  • Expensive for the size

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3. Capri Blue Boxed Tumbler Scented Candle in Aloha Orchid

Although this is one of the signature candles, I wanted to talk about it separately because it is gift-ready. It’s also a different vessel shape than most of the candles in the Signature collection.

This 8 oz (227g) candle burns up to 35 hours; it’s 3.5 inches tall. Whether it’s a stocking stuffer, birthday or congratulatory gift, it’s the perfect size and fragrance.

Aloha Orchid is a fragrant bouquet of gardenias, orchids, and jasmine flowers. It’s an uplifting and delightful floral scent. 


  • Boxed for gifting
  • Gentle floral fragrance
  • Reusable container


  • On the expensive size

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4. Capri Blue Gilded Muse Faceted Candle: Volcano Fragrance

Capri Blue Volcano Gilded Muse Faceted Candle - 11 Oz - Large Candle with Soy Wax Blend - Luxury Aromatherapy Candle -Notes of Sugared Citrus & Tropical Fruits
  • Capri Blue Candles: Our all-natural soy candles are fan-favorites, formulated with a high-quality wax blend and complete with a lead-free wick to...
  • Volcano Scented Candles: With its familiar feel and cult-like following, Capri Blue Volcano is the perfect blend of tropical fruits and sugared...
  • Candle Care: Always allow the top of the Capri Blue Candles to liquefy fully before blowing it out to avoid tunneling. Keep the wick trimmed to ¼”...
  • About Us: Inspired by contemporary fashion trends, Capri Blue creates exciting new products for every season. Our Capri Blue Volcano soy wax candles...

Part of the Gilded Collection, I thought this to be a subtle but exquisite vessel. Although it’s iridescent white opal, the faceted shapes add volume to this container. It’s like adding an art sculpture to your home.

Also in the energetically sweet Volcano fragrance, this 11 oz (312 g) candle burns up to 44 hours. It’s height and diameter are the same, 4.25 inches. 


  • Sophisticated vessel
  • Timeless fragrance
  • Decent burn time
  • Great gift idea


  • It’s rather pricey

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5. Capri Blue Muse Tin Candle Holder: Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco Fragrance

This is one of Capri Blue’s bestsellers. Rose gold tin with white graphic pattern overlay makes for a casual, yet mature decor element.

Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco is a light and fruity fragrance. But you don’t have to wait until New Year’s to burn this candle. It would add a sweet and airy scent to your home year-round. There are also hints of mimosa flower and violet.

Specifics: 12.5 oz (354 g), 65 hour burn time, 3.5 inches high, 3.75 inches in diameter


  • Durable tin container
  • Fruity, fresh, floral fragrance
  • Nice size candle
  • Long burn time


  • Not for those who dislike citrus scents

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6. Capri Blue Mercury Hexagon Scented Candle: Blue Jean Fragrance

What I like most about the Mercury Collection is its less common vessel shapes. This one is a tall pillar candle, but in a 17 oz (482 oz) hexagon-shaped container. At 6.25 inches high and 3.5 inches in diameter, the candle will burn for up to 77 hours.

The Mercury Collection is available in a small 4 oz (113 g) jewel box candle. There’s also an 8 oz jar and 15 oz candle bowl. Its found glass design looks like gold confetti scattered throughout the vessel.

This taller hexagon vessel is only available in four fragrances, Volcano, Aloha Orchid, Havana Vanilla, and Blue Jean. 

Blue Jean has a complex fresh linen fragrance. You’ll notice hints of patchouli and citrus as well. Just remember to get a longer lighter for this candle.


  • Tall statement piece
  • Beautiful glass exterior
  • Unique vessel shape
  • Complex but fresh fragragrance


  • A little expensive

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7. Capri Blue Dual Tone Glass Scented Candle in Pineapple Flower

Capri Blue Pineapple Flower Candle - Dual Tone Signature Jar Candle - Luxury Aromatherapy Soy Candle - Fresh Scented Candle (19 Oz)
  • Dual Tone Signature Jar Candle (19 Oz): This Pineapple Candle comes in a fun pink candle jar with a gold lid, which is sure to liven up any space!
  • Pineapple Scented Candles: Close your eyes and feel the island sun! Capri Blue Pineapple Flower is a sweet escape filled with the scent of sparkling...
  • Dual Tone Collection: Available in two different glass candle sizes (8oz & 19oz), three different colored jar candles, and three fragrances, this...
  • Capri Blue Candles: Our all-natural soy candles are fan-favorites, formulated with a high-quality wax blend and complete with a lead-free wick to...
  • About Us: Inspired by contemporary fashion trends, Capri Blue creates exciting new products for every season. Our Dual Tone scented soy wax candles...

If you want both punchy color and fragrance, you might like this Dual Tone candle in Pineapple Flower fragrance. It’s a sweet and tangy combination of juicy pineapple, plum, and lemon flower.

This signature-shaped container has a nice, stable base and its gold lid adds an extra layer of glam. 

A fairly large candle at 19oz (539 g), it’ll burn up to 80 hours. It’s 4 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter. 


  • Fresh, tropical scent
  • Adds color to home decor
  • Long burn time
  • Attractive reusable container


  • Not for those who dislike fruity scents

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Customer Opinions about Capri Blue Candles

The most polarizing reviews are what end up online. When people really love a product or strongly dislike it, you’ll more than likely be able to make an assessment about whether or not to buy it. While the final decision is yours, I thought it might be helpful to let you know how customers feel about Capri Blue candles.

What Customers Like about Capri Blue Candles

  • Capri Blue’s Volcano fragrance has been around from the very beginning. To say that customers love this scent is an understatement. 
  • They feel that they get their money’s worth out of the candle because it burns for a long time. As long as they take care of it and allow the wax to fully pool every time it’s burned there’s hardly any unused wax at the bottom of the container.
  • Each fragrance has a strong throw that makes its way throughout the entire space.
  • Customers really enjoy how candle vessels make a beautiful addition to their home decor.

What Customers Dislike about Capri Blue Candles

  • Some customers feel that the Capri Blue candles they purchase at Anthropologie have a stronger fragrance.
  • These are luxury candles that are more expensive than similarly-sized candles by different brands.

Final Thoughts

Capri Blue seems to be a good scented candle brand with less common fragrances that are worth a try if you’re looking for something different.

There are so many beautiful vessels to choose from, but I’m most drawn to the Gilded Muse Faceted Candle in White Opal. I love its simple elegance. I suggest you look for a vessel that compliments your decor, and then choose your favorite fragrance.

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