Can You Reuse Wax Melts?

Wax melts do not vaporize no matter how frequently you use them; only the scent diminishes with time. Sometimes the wick on your candle may burn out, but there’s still some wax left at the bottom or the jar’s sides. Other times, you get a perfect scent that you just can’t let go of, and you want to keep using it. So, is it possible to reuse melts from wax?

Wax melts are reusable as long as they still emit that incredible scent. Old bits that have previously burnt can give a wonderful fragrance when melted and re-used. However, the smell gets weaker the more you use it until it completely fades. You can still reuse the wax until its scent fades entirely.

If you don’t want to throw out the candle’s leftover bits or you still want to retain that rare scent, read on to find out ways you can reuse your melted wax. Find out how many times you can reuse the wax and how creative you can get with it even when the scent has already faded.

Can You Reuse Wax Melts

How Often You Can Reuse Melted Wax

A candle bar can last up to 50 hours, depending on how strong the scent is and the type of wax used in its manufacture. Some great fragrances that will last longer include:

Some candles can be reused even more than three times, with the scent still intact. The go-to for most people is to keep melting the wax until the fragrance fades. Once the scent fades, don’t dispose of the wax. Learn how you can reuse leftover wax.

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How To Melt Candle Wax

After using your candle, the wax settles at the bottom or on the sides of the jar. Using a kitchen knife may be helpful to scrape it off. But in the long run, the glass weakens from all the scraping, making it easy to crack or break. However, there are alternative ways to get the leftover wax out of the jars.

  1. Using Boiling Water

Bring water to boil, then place the old candle jar without letting the water inside the container. Once it is smooth, you can use a metallic device like a kitchen knife to slowly remove the wax.

  1. Direct Heat

This is a faster method to melt the wax. It is advisable to use low heat so that the wax melts gradually. It becomes easy to pour it out of the jar into where you need it.

  1. Freezing

Cooling objects makes them freeze and contract. Placing the jar in a freezer makes the candle inside shrink, and it becomes easy to pop out of the container. 

Creative Ways To Reuse Wax Melts

Instead of throwing out old bits of candle wax or jars with leftover wax, here are some ideas that will help you recycle melted wax. 

  1. Creating New Candles

If there is some wax left on your old candle, gently heat it, add a new wick and let it cool for some hours to form a new candle. Similarly, if there are other tiny bits of wax leftover from other candles, you can melt them all together and add a new wick to get a unique mixture of different fragrances. You end up reusing old candles while getting a great scent out of it. 

  1. Starting Fires

Wax is a great way to keep fire burning because it melts slowly. A combination of carton, lint, and wax is excellent for outdoor fires. You can also use cotton pads, dip the ends in melted wax, then let them cool. If you love camping, the residue is a great way to keep your fires burning for longer.

  1. You Can Fix Squeaky Doors

Does it bother you each time the door squeaks when you open it? If so, you can melt the wax on the hinges to prevent them from stroking against each other; hence, no more screeches when you open your door.

  1. Fixing Jammed Drawers

It can be unpleasant when the drawer refuses to open when you need it. Rubbing wax on the drawer slide makes it easier for you to slide your drawers.

  1. Renewing Shoelaces

When you use shoelaces for long, the ends become frayed, making it hard to insert them through your shoes’ eyelets. To make the split ends stick together, drip wax on the ends and rub them with your fingers. The resin makes it so easy to lace up again.

  1. Releasing a Stuck Zipper

Candle wax is an excellent lubricant. Just like oil or grease, you can use it to ease the zipper down when it is stuck. 

  1. Sealing Letters

Another option for you is to close your envelopes in the old fashioned way. It is a classy way to send messages and gives your invitations a touch of elegance.

  1. To Creating Wax Pieces

Wax is easy to melt and mold. You can use the leftover wax to create unique pieces for decoration while involving friends and family, which is also a great way to bond as you get creative. It all depends on how much wax you have; the more, the better.

  1. To Decorate

Using colored wax, melt them on an objects’ surface to create patterns and shapes. Given that wax comes in different colors, it makes it fun to decorate objects’ exteriors. Find plastic or glass and get creative.

  1. To Ease Skating

Waxing curbs will make it easier to skate as the wax greases the curb reducing friction as you slide. You can melt the wax into a jar then apply it on the curb.

  1.  To Make Ornaments

Apply wax on the ends of strings when making beaded ornaments. The beads slide right through to make your work easier; use this technique when making bracelets and necklaces.

  1.  A Longer Lasting Aroma

Closed spaces such as shelves and closets get stuffy, mostly when kept closed for a long time. Old wax can act as a remedy. Cut the scented wax into tiny fragments, tie them in an old cloth, then suspend them in your closed space. Each time you open it, the beautiful fragrance will linger.

These are just some of the hacks when it comes to reusing melted wax. Keep in mind that you can also reduce the candle’s use if you want it to last longer. Once you burn it enough to emit the scent, switch it off until the ambiance fades. 

Benefits of Reusing Melted Wax

Here is why you should consider reusing melted wax.

  1. It Saves You Money

Instead of throwing out the used candles to purchase other ones, reuse the old one to save you some cash. It is a pocket-friendly alternative compared to frequently buying an expensive new candle each time.

  1. It Preserves Unique Fragrances

By recycling the wax, you maintain that special scent that you have grown to love with time. If you are sentimental about a particular scent (or you got the candle as a gift), reusing it preserves it for you.

  1. Discovery of New Aromas

When you melt different waxes together, the resulting fragrance may be an even better one than the previous one you had. Experimenting with different aromas may give you a perfect scent.

  1. Great Activity for Family and Friends

You can engage your friends and family members in your wax projects. It is a fun and great bonding activity.

Risks and Challenges Involved in Reusing Melted Wax

Some types of wax have alcohol in them, which makes them highly flammable. Be careful as you melt the wax and never leave it unattended. Hot wax can also burn if not carefully handled.

Secondly, different waxes have ranging boiling points, making it tricky when you gather old wax to melt them together. You have to wait for all the different types to melt before you go ahead with other tasks.

Lastly, reusing the wax means that the scent will not be as strong as the previous one. However, you can enhance the fragrance by adding some essential oils, which will still emit a nice ambiance. These oils are also likely to evaporate when heated for a long time.

Is Reusing Wax a Great Idea?

Scented wax creates a fantastic ambiance that lifts your spirit and leaves the room with a lingering aroma. Therefore, it is good to keep the scent alive for as long as possible, which is only achievable by reusing the old wax. Not only does it save you money, but it also preserves that sweet fragrance that you enjoy so much. 

Go ahead and experiment with various scents, and you might obtain a great scent altogether. Be careful when melting the hot wax, and enjoy doing so with friends and family.

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