Can Plug-in Electric Air Fresheners Set Off the Fire Alarm? Let’s Find Out

Electric air fresheners play a pivotal role when it comes to keeping my home fresh and smelling wonderful. However, the first time I encountered them, I had a concern. I wanted to know if a plug-in electric air freshener could set off the fire alarm in my house.

A plug-in electric air freshener can set off the fire alarm if it’s near the smoke detector. Even simple things like deodorant have been capable of setting it off.  The best thing to do was to make sure you set it up far away from the alarm.

It’s better to delve deeper and understand how plug-in electric air fresheners work. Then you can see why location matters in your space. Please stick around, and let’s learn more.

Can Plug-in Electric Air Fresheners Set Off the Fire Alarm

Can Plug-in Electric Air Fresheners Set Off the Fire Alarm?

Plug-in electric air fresheners are pretty popular in many homes, offices, and institutions. They come in handy when you need a space to remain lovely and fresh. These air fresheners are simple to use since you plug them into the socket and keep replenishing the fragrant liquid.

As a result of using them often, it gets easier to musk any foul odors. Now people can sit and enjoy what they’re up to without suffering due to bad smells. However, one issue remains when using plug-in electric air fresheners. Is it possible for these devices to set off the fire alarm?

A better way to answer this question is to learn how electric air fresheners work. A plug-in air freshener is quite simple to use at home or the office. All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on. The device does the rest. Remember to pour in the fragrance.

The plug-in electric air freshener releases fragrance in your room, depending on the settings. The fragrance comes out in a splash which is the main culprit behind setting off alarms. Typically, if the electric air freshener releases the fragrance near a smoke detector, this can easily cause the fire alarm to go off.

Therefore, choose the location of the plug-in electric air freshener carefully. Try as much as you can to keep it on the opposite side of your smoke detector to avoid the fire alarm going off. If you have a small space, it might be wise to have the fan on when using the electric air freshener.

In that case, the fan will spread the fragrant particles faster before they directly hit the alarm. In addition, try cracking open a window to let in cool air. This is some of the best ways to prevent the fire alarm from going off.

How to Prevent False Alarms Due to the Plug-In Air Freshener

False alarms caused by plug-in air electric air freshener are the worst. Picture the sound of the fire alarm going off in your home every time the air freshener releases fragrance. That can be pretty disturbing.

Not to mention, you end up using plenty of batteries on your smoke detector and have to keep deactivating the unit. So, it’s better to find ways to prevent the fire alarm from going off in your home because of the plug-in air freshener.

Below are some of the best methods to change this scenario.

Install a Smart Smoke Detector

Old-school smoke detectors find it hard to distinguish between a real fire and a false alarm. The fire alarm goes off when there’s some humidity in the air because of the plug-in air freshener.

The good news is, you can resolve this situation and even prevent it by installing a smart smoke detector. Smart smoke detectors are the new kid on the block for better safety and prevention measures at home.

These are units that can distinguish the difference between a real fire and a false alarm. The unit works by detecting the presence of heat in the space as well. So, it can only go off when there’s heat detection, which greatly reduces the rate of false alarms.

In many ways, having a smart smoke detector works to your advantage. It’s a unit more capable of alerting you when there’s an issue, even when you aren’t at home. But, the fire alarm will only go off when there’s smoke and heat present.

An in-built sensitivity to both smoke and heat works to your advantage. So whenever your plug-in air freshener goes off, the unit waits to detect heat before sounding the alarm. If there’s no heat, it won’t go off.

Invest in a Photoelectric Fire Detector

There are two types of smoke detectors. One is the ionization model, and the other is photoelectric. These two serve the same purpose of alerting you when there’s a fire. However, there’s a difference between the models worth noting.

The ionization units are by far the most common in many homes. These smoke detectors work by identifying flaming fires in the house. Photoelectric units detect the smoldering effect of the fire before it spreads.

While many people have an ionization unit, it’s better to get a photoelectric fire detector. This unit will help you best prevent false alarms because of the plug-in fire alarm.

This unit relies on a light beam to help detect the presence of smoke in your home. It has a light-sensing chamber that sets off the alarm whenever smoke alters the light beam.

Choose the Right Position for the Smoke Detector

Many things in your home can set off the fire alarm, including dust and a plug-in air freshener. Truthfully, it won’t take a lot to set off the fire alarm. It’s why you have to choose the best spot to position the plug-in air freshener.

Pick an area that isn’t in direct contact with the unit. By selecting the right position, you stand a better chance of preventing false alarms. For instance, use the air freshener on the opposite side of the room. This gives room for the concentrated fragrance particles to spread across the room.

More so, it might be wise to consult with a fire expert if you have issues with false alarms. They can make it simpler to pick the best spot to plug in your air freshener in the house to minimize false alarms.

Employing these measures will give you peace of mind whenever you want to use a plug-in electric air freshener. You won’t have to worry about the unit setting off the alarm in your home or space.

In Conclusion

As we summarize, it’s clear that there is a possibility of your electric plug-in air freshener setting off the fire alarm. However, this will only happen if you plug it in too close to the alarm. As the fragrant is released, it can set off your smoke detector and have the Fire Department at your door.

So, make sure you find the right spot to plug in your electric air freshener and enjoy unique aromas in your room. You can employ certain measures to prevent the plug-in air freshener from setting off the fire alarm.

You can Invest in a smart smoke detector that only goes off when heat is detected in the room or get a photoelectric fire detector that detects smoke better. Three, plug in the air freshener away from the smoke detector to prevent false fire alarms.

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