5 Best Yoga Candles In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best yoga candle is, then we recommend La Jolie Muse Blue Lotus Scented Candle as the best one.

If you don’t feel that your yoga sessions are as relaxing as you would have liked, then it’s probably time that you try to enhance your experience with scented candles. They aren’t guaranteed to make your yoga better, but they are certainly worth a try.

If you are shopping for the best yoga candles, then don’t rush and stop for a moment – there’s more to it than you may be thinking. It might seem that any candle with work for yoga needs, but they’re actually are some loose rules that you should follow.

In this article, we’re going to review the following yoga candles:

Best Yoga Candles

Picking The Best Candles For Yoga

Let’s start this post off with our yoga candle buyer’s guide.

If you’ve ever shopped for a candle, then you probably will have no issues with picking the right scented candle for your yoga needs. With that said, there are some unique factors and criteria that apply to yoga that you likely have never thought about.

So below, let’s talk about the key things to consider in scented candles – with yoga in mind.

Candle type

You probably know that candles these days are typically made of paraffin or soy wax.

Paraffin wax is one of the most popular and oldest types of candle wax. Candles made of paraffin boast a strong scent throw, decent longevity, and a pocket-friendly price tag.

However, paraffin wax is losing popularity nowadays because it’s thought to pose some serious health risks, though it appears that they only occur with everyday use through years. Paraffin is not very eco-friendly too since it’s manufactured from crude oil.

But although paraffin wax is falling out of favor, it’s still extensively used in candles due to its accessibility.

Soy wax, in contrast, is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its relative safety and eco-friendliness. Although research is still inconclusive, soy candles don’t seem to emit the harmful toxins that paraffin candles do. Additionally, soy wax is made of easily renewable soybean oil, burns clean, and has a longer burn time.

Now, when it comes to yoga, you should think about how frequent your yoga sessions are. If you were to do yoga everyday, then a soy candle would be ideal since it would allow you to avoid exposure to harmful substances.

Soy candles still smoke, of course, but you’ll have to deal with it unless you are willing to go for a flameless candle.

If you are running a yoga studio, then you should definitely avoid paraffin candles too. In a studio, candles will probably be lit throughout the day, so the harms of paraffin may become evident quicker.

If you aren’t going to do yoga everyday, then you may consider soy wax blends. These consist of soy wax plus other types of wax, most often paraffin. Soy blends cost less than 100% soy candles yet deliver some of soy’s benefits, such as the clean and long burning. But containing some paraffin, they may still do harm to your health in the long term.

By the way, if you want a safe and natural candle, then also strongly consider beeswax candles. These candles are very expensive, but they are completely natural, burn very long, and emit a pleasant honey-like scent.


The scent of candles is thought to trigger certain emotions that may be helpful during yoga sessions. For example, here are a number of popular candle scents and what you could expect from them:

  • Lemongrass, rosemary, cinnamon. This scent is usually considered refreshing, so it’s a good pick if you want to have an energizing yoga sessions.
  • Peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, rose. These scents are typically used for stress and anxiety relief.
  • Lavender is often used for relaxation and might also help you improve your sleep.
  • Jasmine relaxes, like lavender, and is also thought to heighten sexual energy.
  • Sage may reduce blood sugar levels and control pressure.

If you have any specific needs, then you should look up online what kind of scents and essential oils would work for that.

If you want a beeswax candle, keep in mind that they usually come unscented. You might be able to find scented beeswax candles, but these candles may be unsafe due to the fragrance additives.

Burn time

With yoga, things are simple – longer burn times are ideal since they would allow you to save money in the long run. This would be especially beneficial for studio uses.

Candle manufacturers usually advertise their burn times in the product description, so comparing candle burn durations is rather easy. When comparing candles, make sure to consider their size in ounces as well. Ideally, you would want a smaller candle with a longer burn time.

Pack size

Finally, keep in mind that you should try to purchase candle packs that contain multiple candles. Candle packs are usually more cost-effective and can thus save you money in the long run.

However, if you are dealing with an unfamiliar candle brand, you should buy a small pack (maybe even a single candle) for initial testing.

Although small candle packs are not cost-effective, they are cheaper upfront. Besides, if you end up not liking the purchased candle, you won’t be stuck with a bunch of unused candles, and you will not have wasted money on a large pack too.

Best Yoga Candles Reviews

Natural Beeswax Votive Beeswax Candles

If you want to go all-natural, then beeswax is perhaps the right way to go. Beeswax candles are really expensive, but as mentioned earlier, they are eco-friendly, safe, and long-burning.

This particular brand of beeswax candles includes either 4 or 18 candles, depending on which pack you choose. For reasons explained earlier, we recommend that you go for the small pack first for some initial testing.

The burn time per candle is 14-15 hours, so if you were to go through the candles one by one, you get up to 56-60 hours with the 4-pack and over 250 hours with the 18-pack. Realistically though, you probably will be using several candles at once and won’t reach these figures.

Natural Beeswax Candles manufacturers these candles in Maine from 100% pure beeswax and natural cotton wicks. So with this particular brand, you not only go eco-friendly but also support the domestic economy!


  • Subtle yet quality beeswax scent.
  • All-natural and safe.
  • Available in 4- and 18-pack options.


  • Pricey

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Chesapeake Bay Balance + Harmony Candle

The Chesapeake Bay Balance + Harmony candle boasts a soothing combination of notes such as bergamot, jasmine, orange oil, sandalwood, rosewood, and a few others. Balance + Harmony’s scent profile is rich and complex and should work wonderfully for yoga sessions.

Note that the fragrance in Balance + Harmony is on the weaker side, but if you don’t want your candle to blast scent into your face, this will be fine.

Chesapeake Bay offers this candle in multiple sizes – from 8.8 to 12.5 ounces. The burn time of all the Balance + Harmony sizes is pretty nice, reaching up to 70 hours. This particular scent formulation is also available in a reed diffuser format, which may interest some of our buyers as well.

The Coffee Table Jar size is also 3-wick, so it can boast a faster scent throw, albeit at the cost of shorter burn time.

We like the container of the Balance + Harmony candle as well – it’s stylish and comes with a lid that may be used to extinguish the candle.

In terms of formulation, this is a soy blend candle, so it is not 100% soy. It may contain paraffin and other waxes, but we can’t tell for sure. But as mentioned above, with not too frequent use, paraffin should not cause adverse health effects, so you don’t have to worry about it.


  • Multiple sizes available.
  • Long burn time.
  • Good-looking jar.


  • The fragrance is nice but very subtle.
  • Not 100% soy.

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La Jolie Muse Blue Lotus Scented Candle

If you want a 100% soy candle, then this aromatherapy candle from La Jolie Muse might be an excellent choice. It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth the money if you want something safe, clean-burning, and eco-friendly.

The fragrance in this scented candle is based on refreshing blue lotus, and there also seem to be notes of vanilla coconut. La Jolie Muse additionally advertises that blue lotus possesses stress-relieving and health-boosting qualities.

Note that the scent in this candle is rather subtle, so it’s not the best choice if you want a blast of fragrance during your yoga sessions. However, the burn time in this scented candle is 40-45 hours, which is quite generous for the 6.5-ounce size.

La Jolie Muse ships the candle in an attractive container with a lid, so its aesthetics are top-notch. The cute packaging of the candle makes it a good option for gifting as well.


  • Refreshing scent of blue lotus.
  • 100% cruelty-free soy wax.
  • Burns for 40-45 hours, which is great for the size.


  • Pricey
  • The scent is the weaker side.

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La Jolie Muse Lavender Scented Candle

The La Jolie Muse scented candle delivers a quick dose of lavender scent into your space. This is thanks to its 2-wick design – the double wicks allow the wax to melt quicker and in larger quantities, which results in a stronger scent throw.

Compared to the Blue Lotus scented candle, the lavender candle definitely has a stronger scent. The burn time is roughly the same too – 35-45 hours. However, this candle is actually sized at 13.12 ounces – slightly double the size of the Blue Lotus candle – so the burn time isn’t that impressive.

Needless to say, getting roughly the same burn time from double the amount of wax isn’t too good. But for us, this wasn’t unexpected since 2-wick candles typically do last shorter. You can’t get both quick scent release and longevity – these are competing qualities that you will have to choose between.

Finally, the formulation in the lavender candle appears to be the same as in the blue lotus scented candle. The wax is manufactured from soy with no additives, so it should be safe, long-burning, and clean.


  • Double wick for a quick scent throw.
  • 35-45-hour burn time.
  • Made cruelty-free of soy wax.


  • Burns fast for its size, which is expectable for a 2-wick candle.

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Benevolence LA Eucalyptus & Chamomile Soy Candle

The Benevlence LA scented candle offers the relaxing scent combo of eucalyptus & chamomile – excellent for unwinding yoga sessions. The scent throw in this candle is rather strong too, so it’s a great pick if you want to quickly engulf your space.

This is a rather pricey scented candle, but that’s because it’s made of soy wax with no paraffins or other harmful substances. The burn time is also long – Benevolence LA promises at least 45 hours out of this candle! For 8 ounces, this is a great number.

We adore the presentation of the Benevolence LA soy candle too. The black glass container is simple yet eye-catching, which is great if you want your candles to stand out in the room.


  • Relaxing combo of eucalyptus & chamomile.
  • Made of 100% soy wax.
  • Burns for at least 45 hours.
  • Attractive all-black glass container.


  • Expensive

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Final Words

If you still are unsure which would be the best yoga candle for your needs, then we recommend the La Jolie Muse Blue Lotus Scented Candle. This candle is a little pricey, but it’s made of 100% soy, is safe to use everyday, and delivers the stress-relieving notes of blue lotus.

Benevolence LA Eucalyptus & Chamomile Soy Candle is equivalent to the Blue Lotus candle, but it’s a little larger and has different scent notes.

If you want a quick flow of scent, then La Jolie Muse Lavender Scented Candle is a nice pick. It’s not too cost-effective, but when it comes to fragrance throw, it’s hard to beat.

Also strongly consider Natural Beeswax Votive Beeswax Candles. These candles are rather expensive, but when it comes to safety and eco-friendliness, you probably won’t find anything better than beeswax.

As for the Chesapeake Bay Balance + Harmony Candle, it should work nicely if you won’t be doing yoga everyday.

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