5 Best Smelling Essential Oils In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best smelling essential oil is, then we recommend Healing Solutions LAVENDER Essential Oil as the best one.

There are tons of benefits from using essential oils, aromatherapy has been around for ages and it has brought about not only a sense of relaxation and peace of mind to its aficionados but also healing. In this article, we’re going to talk about the best smelling essential oils and more of its natural wonders.

In this article, we’re going to review the following essential oils:

Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

Essentials oils are mainly used in aromatherapy. They are utilized for a variety of reasons, whether it may be for health reasons or just to promote overall wellbeing. Essential oils are compounds taken (extracted) from a variety of plants.

This process captures the plant’s essence, scent or flavor. This is accomplished through two major methods, either through distillation or mechanical methods like cold pressing.

They are then combined to a carrier oil for the finished product that’s ready to be distributed. There are also oils that are extracted or obtained through chemical processes but these are not considered as true essential oils.

How do essential oils work?

There’s two known and widely used application of essential oils, take note that they are not meant to be swallowed and essential oils are used through inhalation or skin absorption.

There are other application methods but are still being worked on.

Once inhaled, it can stimulate your limbic system which triggers a lot of aspects in our body like emotions, sense of smell, memory and even behavior. The limbic system is also responsible for a lot of our involuntary physiological functions like heart rate, breathing, and even our blood pressure.

This is aligned with what the oils are all about and a lot have incorporated them into their regular routine.

What are some of the essential oils that smell good?

There are numerous kinds of essential oils, probably about a hundred, these are the most famous of them all:

  • Lavender – for stress
  • Peppermint – for energy and digestion
  • Sandalwood – helps with focus and calming of nerves
  • Bergamot – reduces stress and skin conditions
  • Chamomile – elevate mood and relaxation
  • Rose – helps with anxiety
  • Ylang-ylang – for headaches and nausea, also for skin conditions
  • Tea Tree – for infections and to boost immunity
  • Jasmine – aids depressions, in childbirth and libido
  • Lemon – mainly for headaches but also helps in digestion and mood

Major health benefits of essential oils

Essential oils have great benefits for our overall wellbeing evident enough in its widespread use and popularity.

Alleviate Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety and even some forms of mental illness and depression affect a lot of people all over the world. It’s a busy fast-paced world so there’s no surprise that our day to day living can take its toll on our body.

That’s why about 40% as per a study of people who suffers in stress and anxiety turns to aromatherapy and essential oils to alleviate the nagging symptoms of these conditions.

A good massage and essential oil should be enough to relax your mind and body.

Relieve headaches and migraines

A lot of herbs and medicinal plants are already well known to reduce or relieve various types of headaches and even migraines since time immemorial. So given the extraction of these plants, its effects become more potent thus being widely used for that occasional headache we experience.

Aids in sleep and insomnia

Giving the relaxing effects of essential oils, you’re sure to have a good night’s sleep to get ready for that busy day ahead of you. Lavender oil has been known to be very effective.


A lot of the time diseases and illnesses are caused by inflammation throughout our body. Trying some essential oils might actually help in such conditions. Prevention is better than cure.

Essential oils are also known to aid in bacterial infections with their anti-biotic and anti-microbial properties.

What to check when buying essential oils?

  • Please do watch out for labels. Labels such as fragrance oil, perfume oil, and nature-identical oil. Make sure that you only purchase those with the “pure essential oil” label. Also, watch out for those with “therapeutic grade” or “aromatherapy grade” label. There’s nothing that regulates these oils, and make sure you are purchasing a trusted brand from a legit vendor for best results.
  • Watch out for essential oils that may have been diluted on vegetable oil. A paper drop test should determine whether it’s on vegetable oil or not, if it leaves an oily ring then it may not be a good product.
  • Simple bottle check. Essential oils are usually sold in amber dark bottles. Simply put light-colored bottles allows more light that may ruin the potency of its content. More so this alludes to the knowledge of the brand when it comes to essential oils. These manufacturers should know better. Never buy essential oils that are in plastic bottles.
  • Less is more. Buy in fewer amounts depending on your usage to avoid spoilage. Also, shelf life can vary and you may store your oils in the fridge for longer shelf life.
  • Be careful when shopping online. Online marketing has caught on recently and chances are you will be purchasing your oils through it. Just make sure to check on the buyer’s comments and reviews for the best results. Question their products, if they are knowledgeable enough they should be able to give you detailed information about their process.

Lastly, here’s a video to check on further about essential oils:

Best Smelling Essential Oils Review

Healing Solutions LAVENDER Essential Oil 10ml 100% Pure

This pure LAVENDER Essential Oil is a top-quality best smelling essential oil that greatly in demand in the market right now. It has a unique and amazing smell best suited to soothe your entire body.

This lavender essential oil has a fresh floral aroma. Great for massages, diffusion, and aromatherapy.

The product has gone through pure and rigorous testing the company’s distillation factory is GMP ISO 9001, Kosher and FDA certified/registered. So you are sure that the quality you are getting is top notched.

The company HEALING SOLUTIONS also provides over 170 different oils under their massive portfolio so you are guaranteed your product is coming from a tried and tested manufacturer.

What do people say about it?

Overall, this product has great reviews online. A lot of the consumers are actually repeating buyers and are raving of its quality. Some reports inconsistency but overall it’s a great essential oil product.


  • Great quality essential oil
  • This one is indeed one of the best smelling essential oil in the market
  • Great tried and tested brand and company
  • Works great for allergies
  • Very versatile oil
  • Promotes high-level relaxation especially for massages and aromatherapy


  • Very inconsistent smell
  • Some bottles come with a stinky smell

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Gya Labs Sandalwood Essential Oil

A very highly rated essential oil, Gya Labs boasts a very unique Sandalwood essential oil. It’s serene, reinvigorating warm wood aroma is enough to keep you relaxed. It also has a slight touch of incense.

This Sandalwood essential oil aims to restore your focus, clear your mind after that long busy day at work. It is gentle to the skin and provides deep cleansing for a radiant-looking you.

Sandalwood oil is widely used as a skin product specifically to reduce the signs of aging, smoothes fine lines, restoring your youthful glow and beauty.

It can be used for aromatherapy, as a diffuser, for massage therapy and as a topical oil blend.

What do people say about it?

This product has over 5000 reviews online in Amazon and almost 99% of it is positive. It’s got rave reviews online and it’s definitely top of the line. One of the best essential oil out in the market in general.


  • High-quality essential oil
  • Great long-lasting smell
  • From a trusted brand
  • Great packaging
  • Perfect for skincare and relaxation and mental clarity


  • A bit pricey

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Healing Solutions Lemon Essential Oil 10ml (100% Pure)

Lemon essential oils have been very popular and one of the best smelling essential oil is once again from Healing Solutions. Their pure Lemon essential oil is top of the list not just in smell but also in overall quality.

Surely another product from this trusted brand, you will get a variety of benefits from this essential oil for a great price.

Packaged in a UV blocking amber bottle glass you are sure that your essential oil is protected from degradation in terms of quality and will last for a long while, that’s if you won’t consume it right away because of its relaxation effects.

With top-notch distillation process, it’s sure is a great bang for your buck, no question!

What do people say about it?

The product has great reviews online, definitely a must try and one of the best essential oils out there in the Lemon oil category.


  • Great price, high quality
  • Very nice smell
  • Great for relaxation and mental clarity
  • Great anti-fungal effects
  • Calming essential oil


  • Some packaging issues
  • Inconsistent smell

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Artizen Rose Pure and Natural Essential Oil (Therapeutic Grade)

Artizen Essential Oils takes pride in being one of the best in the Rose essential oil business. They boast unparalleled purity and concentration for the best quality oil out in the market. It’s all-natural, no adulterants and no dilution

Artizen’s rose essential oils are routinely tested for quality and purity and are unlike any other rose essential oil products that are diluted in a cheap carrier oil or even in some dangerous chemicals.

It comes in great packaging, UV protected bottles for maximum shelf life and quality when it gets to you. No degradation whatsoever.

What do people say about it?

This product has the least favorable reviews among everything on our list. Although it’s still mostly positive. People love its quality but some complaint about packaging and the inconsistency.


  • One of the best rose essential oil in the market
  • Great price
  • Best for the skin
  • May treat various skin problems like eczema, acne and dry skin
  • Relaxing, calming effects


  • Brand may not be that popular
  • Inconsistent products in terms of quality

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Now Essential Oils, 100% Pure Bergamot Oil

This Bergamot Oil by Now Essentials is making waves with its quality. Definitely one of the best smelling essential oil in the market, bergamot oil itself is a brand new innovation. This product has a sweet aromatherapy scent, cold pressed and considered vegan.

This Bergamot Oil provides an energy boost for its users and just an overall sense of wellbeing. Now you have a safer and healthier way to boost your energy to power through that day.

This product is also naturally sourced, responsibly made and is nontoxic. This bergamot oil is made by cold pressing fresh fruit peels. Made from state of the art labs and is always tested and is naturally derived. It is pure and undiluted.

It has loads of benefits, from relaxation and calming effects, this is a great scent for your room to just have a better outlook for the day.

What do people say about it?

This product is hands down one of the best on this list of ours. Very highly praised online, not just the bergamot oil but the whole company. Very good reputation and high quality essential oils.


  • New tried and tested essential oil
  • Very versatile, has multiple benefits
  • Clean safe alternative, nontoxic
  • All-natural and pure


  • Smell does not last as long

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Final Words

Our wellbeing is of utmost priority, we work hard so it’s only fair that we pamper ourselves in any way we can. You can either go the usual traditional methods of healing and relaxation or go for alternative medicine.

Your body responds differently depending on the type of remedy applied to it. Some of our best smelling essential oils are also the most effective. So be sure to check that label properly, check which flavor works for you and enjoy constant therapy and relaxation for a healthier body and mind.

If you ask me which one to choose, it is definitely lavender. Lavender is a fragrance that most people will like, and the lavender essential oil is very versatile. In addition to adding into a diffuser, it can also be used directly on the skin.

So the winner today is Healing Solutions LAVENDER Essential Oil.

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