5 Best Scented Candle Making Kits (2021 Reviews) – Buyer’s Guide

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best scented candle making kit is, then we recommend Solight Complete Candle Making Kit as the best one.

The market is laden with scented candle making kits of frankly subpar quality. While the experience of making a candle will be there no matter the kit, the end result won’t always be what you may have been hoping for.

In this article, we’re going to review the following scented candle making kits:

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Well, if you’ve been at a loss trying to choose a scented candle making set, then let us introduce you to what we think are the top best candle making kits out there!

What To Look For In A Scented Candle Making Kit?

A scented making candle kit can be fairly cost-efficient compared to pre-made scented candles available out there. Besides, a candle making kit is a great gift idea! But to have a pleasant experience, you would want to buy the right scented candle making set.

Below, let’s talk about the things that you should be paying attention to when shopping for such a kit.


First and foremost, we have scents. The key feature of a scented candle is its scent, and you may want to consider it first.

Pay attention to what kind of scents the desired candle making kit comes with. If you like lavender, then this scent should be included in the kit. Besides, try not to buy kits that include scents that you don’t like – such a kit would be a waste of money since you wouldn’t use these fragrances.

Some candle making kits may come with just 2 scents, while others will include 4 or more. More doesn’t always mean better– you should only buy a set with plenty of scents if you will use them. If you just need 2 scents, there’s no need to get more.

What also matters is scent potency and quality. Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to assess how good the scents will be – you will have to actually use them to find out. But to get some perspective, you could read through some online user reviews to see whether or not someone has in any way complained about a kit’s scents.


Dyes only play a cosmetic role, but if you want your scented candles to look aesthetically pleasing, then pay attention to whether any dyes come with the desired kit.

Whether or not you will need dyes will somewhat depend on what kind of candle tins are included with the kit. If the kit includes colorful and eye-catching tins, you won’t really need dyes since the tins will look spectacular enough by themselves. But plainer tins could greatly benefit from dyed candle wax.

Amount of wax

How much wax the desired scented candle making set comes with is also important. The more wax you get, the more scented candles you will be able to make.

How much wax you will need exactly will depend on the number of desired candles and on the number of the tins included in the kit. With this in mind, pay attention to how much wax the tins will hold and how much wax is included in the kit.

Basic supplies

There are some basic supplies that you will need for candle making. While candle making kit manufacturers usually include everything necessary, some kits may have more stuff than others.

Among the things that are must-haves in any scented candle making kit are:

  • Scents.
  • Wax, usually made from soy.
  • The size of the tins included may vary greatly. As mentioned above, you are usually getting 8-ounce tins, but some kits may come with 4-ounce tins or even smaller.
  • Candle wicks. If you didn’t know, the candle wick is the string (usually braided cotton) that holds the flame of the candle. The wick essentially transports fuel – the wax – to the flame.
  • Glue dots. These are used to secure the wick to the candles.
  • Stirring sticks or wick centering bases. Both help you stabilize and center the candle wick, but wick centering bases often do a better job since they are specifically designed to center the wick. But unlike stirring sticks, centering bases aren’t really suitable for stirring the wax.
  • Melting pot. This pot is used for melting the soy wax and adding dyes or fragrances to it. You may use any other container for this purpose, but if you don’t want to use your own pot, you will be glad to hear that candle making kits usually come with pots.
  • We aren’t aware of any candle making kits (good ones at least) that come without instructions. Typically, manufacturers do a pretty good job of making detailed guides, but you may want to check out user reviews to make sure that the desired kit indeed comes with adequate instructions. Otherwise, you may need to consult online guides.
  • Not all candle making kits come with a thermometer, and yet, a thermometer is necessary for candle making. Candle waxes require certain heating and pouring temperatures. What makes things more difficult is that different waxes have different temperature requirements.

If you do not have a thermometer at home, then make sure that the candle kit you are going to buy does come with one.

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Finally, if you are planning to buy a scented candle making kit as a gift, pay attention to its packaging.

Manufacturers are well-aware of the gift potential of their candle making kits, and they usually do sell their kits in gift-worthy packages. But do make sure that the default packaging is good enough for a gift, or keep some backup options in mind.

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Scented Candle Making Kits Reviews

CraftZee Complete DIY Candle Making Kit

CraftZee is one of the more complete candle making kits sets on our list – you are very unlikely to need to use your own supplies for it.

First of all, CraftZee includes enough supplies for 4 different candles – 4 8-ounce soy wax bags, 4 fragrances, 4 dyes, 4 glue dots, cotton wicks, and a few other things necessary for candle making. For some variety, CraftZee also includes 2 square and 2 round candle tins.

The scents included in this kit are Clean Cotton, Coconut Lime, Cinnamon Vanilla, and Lavender. The scents are solid, but they seem to be not too potent. This won’t be a problem though if you don’t like overpowering scent candles.

One of the bigger additions in this set is the thermometer. This is a fairly important supply since, as mentioned above, candle wax needs to be heated to a certain temperature before being mixed and poured into the tin candles. Not all candle making kits on our list come with a thermometer, and not everyone will have a thermometer at home.

CraftZee also includes a few stirring sticks to again make your life easier – aside from stirring, these sticks may be used to stabilize and center the wicks.


  • Comes with supplies for 4 different candles.
  • 4 scents.
  • Thermometer and stirring sticks included.


  • Not the most potent scent.

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Nature’s Blossom Candle Making Supplies Kit

Nature’s Blossom scented candle making kit is a little simpler, but if CraftZee’s kit seems overkill to you, this one may be a better choice.

This scented candle making kit comes with supplies for 3 candles – most importantly, 1.5 pounds of vegetable soy wax, 3 scents (Chamomile, Lavender, and Lemon), 3 cute colored tin candle jars, 6 wicks, stirring sticks, and a pouring pot.

The scent in Nature Blossom’s candle making kit seems to be more potent than in the CraftZee kit, so if you like your scented candles to be stronger, then this kit may be the right option.

Unlike the CraftZee kit, you aren’t getting any dyes from this set. With that said, the colored tins may be able to somewhat compensate for the lack of color in the candles.

Aside from that, you aren’t getting a thermometer, but if you have one, why overpay for a kit that comes with it?


  • Comes with supplies for 3 different candles.
  • 3 fragrances and a few stirring sticks included.
  • Cute tin containers.


  • No thermometer or candle dyes come with this kit.

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Kenley Candle Making Kit

If you want to make more scented candles, then have a look at this candle making kit by Kenley. This candle making kit comes with 2 12-ounce soy wax bags and 8 candle tins!

Now, keep in mind that the included candle tins are small, and you overall getting less soy wax than, say, in the CraftZee kit. However, the higher number of small candle tins could allow you to distribute the scent better.

Another notable addition in this candle making kit is the 2 wick centering devices. These should do a better job of stabilizing the wicks than stirring sticks.

In terms of scents, the Kenley candle making kit isn’t the most diversified on our list – there are only 2 scents included, which are Lavender and Green Tea. The same applies to dyes – Kenley only includes violet and green color chips in this kit. This won’t be an issue for everyone though.


  • Enough supplies to make 8 candles.
  • Wick centering devices included.


  • Only comes with 2 scents and dyes.
  • No thermometer included.

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DIY Gift Kits Soy Candle Making Kit

This scented candle making kit is arguably the most versatile candle making kit on our list. You are getting 14 tins with this kit – 2 8-ounce tins, 2 4-ounce tins, and 10 tea light tins. The included wax probably won’t be sufficient to fill all the tins, but you have more options when it comes to candle sizing.

For scent, DIY Gif Kits includes 3 scented essential oils – Cedarwood, Lavender, and Lemongrass. The amount of scent included probably won’t be enough for all the tins, but it should be enough for the soy wax included.

Among other supplies included in this scented candle making kit are 2 stirring sticks, 10 candle wicks, 2 dyes, a wick holder, a pouring pot, and a few other, more minor things.

To be fair, we’d like to see more dyes in this candle making kit, but the included orange and burgundy color blocks may be perfectly enough for some people.


  • Plenty of tin containers.
  • Allows to make candles of various sizes.
  • 3 scents and 2 stirring sticks included.


  • Comes with just 2 dyes.
  • No thermometer.

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Solight Complete Candle Making Kit

Finally, we have the Solight Complete Candle Making Kit, which is the biggest kit on our list.

This scented candle making set includes 48 ounces of soy wax, 6 fragrances, 6 dyes, 6 colorful candle tins, and a few other supplies to help you get started. The fragrances included are Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, and Vanilla.

The Solight candle making kit is the only kit on our list except for the CraftZee set to come with a thermometer. If you happen not to have one at home, the thermometer included should do good enough in candle making.

Aside from that, you are getting a few wick centering devices, as well as a spoon for mixing. If you don’t want to use your own spoons for scented candle making, the included spoon will sure come in handy.


  • Comes with 6 fragrances and dyes.
  • 48 ounces of soy wax included.
  • Cute candle tins.
  • Thermometer and wick centering devices included.


  • Issues with packaging.

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Final Words

Here, we usually give our personal vote to the absolute best product in the reviewed category. This time, we want to pinpoint two candle making sets – the CraftZee Complete DIY Candle Making Kit and Solight Complete Candle Making Kit.

These two kits come with an important tool for candle making – a thermometer. Aside from that, they are the most versatile kits on our list in terms of scents, dyes, and the number of candles!

Of course, you may go for any of the 3 other scented candle making kits on our list. After all, they aren’t on our top for nothing! If you have a thermometer, the lack of one in these 3 kits won’t matter much for you.

No matter which scented candle making kit you choose, you can be sure that you will have a good buy – all the kits are highly rated by users, and customer satisfaction is what matters the most with any product, isn’t it?


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