5 Best Salt Lamp Diffusers In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know which salt lamp diffuser would be the best, then I would recommend,Pure Enrichment’s salt lamp and diffuser, as your best choice. 

Salt lamp diffusers are so attractive that you might purchase one without paying attention to detail. But the thing is, they’re not all created equal. There are variations among them, even if subtle.  

If you expect a salt lamp to heal a medical condition, I don’t think you should get your hopes up. Continue reading to learn the real benefits of salt lamp diffuser and how to find the best one for your needs. 

In this article I will review the following backflow incense cones:

Top 5 Best Salt Lamp Diffusers

Best Salt Lamp Diffusers

Lamp diffusers come in many finishes, shapes, and sizes. I tried to include a variety here to give you an idea of what’s available. Here are my top five picks:

1. Basic Budget Option: Himalayan Glow Salt Night Light Diffuser

Design-wise this salt crystal is attached to a wooden base. Neem wood is favored for its strength and durability due to its interlocking wood grain pattern.

Dimensions: 3.9 in diameter x 4.7 in tall.

Housed within the hollowed crystal is a 15-watt light bulb. This is both the source for warming your oils and for using the night light function on this diffuser. What’s really helpful is that the bulb intensity is controlled by a rotary knob. 

Being able to adjust light intensity to settings creates a more personalized experience.

The same holds true for fragrance. Above the light bulb is a small cup-shaped glass container that holds essential oil. Your essential oil will smell stronger the higher you turn the rotary dial. A few drops can last for hours, even on the lower settings. 

The Himalayan Glow diffuser also comes with a 6-ft. cord. Having such a long cord means that you can set this diffuser in different places or higher shelves within your home without having to unplug and replug it that often.


  • Pure Himalayan salt rock
  • Inexpensive but durable
  • Consumes very little power
  • Calming warm light 
  • Adjustable light intensity


  • Slight variations in color and shape
  • It’s smaller than some people expect

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2. Most Portable: HISUNY Mini Desk Salt Rock Aromatherapy Diffuser

If you are working from home and want to experience aromatherapy in multiple rooms, then you might prefer this mini diffuser. It takes up very little space and is highly portable.

It’s LED and heating panel-powered. There are five levels of brightness that can be adjusted by touch. Additionally, there’s a breathing light option, which is a slow pulsating glow.

Instead of a container, you can drop your favorite essential oil directly onto the Himalayan rocks for diffusion. 

This cord is relatively short, at 39 inches (3.25 ft), so this diffuser will need to be closer to its power source. But it only uses 5-watts, which is one-third the amount of power needed for the previous lamp.

Designed with Smart Heating Technology, it can function for two years before it would need to be replaced. This is another form of savings because you won’t have to buy replacement bulbs. 

If you would like to experience aromatherapy even when the lamp is off, this diffuser is a good option. You can activate this feature after touching the panel seven times. A longer, two-second touch, turns off the light and smart heating feature altogether.

Dimensions: 4.1 in wide x 3.5 inches tall. 


  • Real Himalayan salt chunks
  • Small size for desks or small tables
  • Very low power usage
  • Beautiful warm glow
  • Ready for gifting


  • Might be smaller than expected
  • Cleaning the oils from the rocks might be challenging

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3. Easiest to Navigate: ARTNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

This device doesn’t use heat. Instead, ultrasonic waves release a mist of fragrance. There are separate control buttons for the light and mist. 

Five brightness levels help you find the right setting for the kind of mood you want to create in your home. A halogen light bulb is used as its light source and two come with the lamp. This section of the unit is separate from the water tank. So you don’t have to worry about it being a safety hazard.

Misting options are 1-hour and 3-hour settings. It’s possible to remove the reservoir from its base in order to clean and/or fill with water. Tank capacity is 120 ml (4 fl oz). Once it’s refilled, simply add drops of essential oil, and then place it back on its base.

While this model is larger than the previous two lamp diffusers, it still won’t take up too much counter or table space. Learn more about ArtNaturals essential oils here.

Dimensions: 9 inches diameter x 11 inches tall


  • Authentic Himalayan salt
  • Heat-free diffuser
  • Adjustable light settings
  • Easy to clean and fill with water


  • Small water reservoir
  • Machine isn’t always quiet

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4. Sleekest Design: Pure Enrichment Himalayan Salt Lamp & Diffuser

This is the largest unit I’ve reviewed so far in this post. It’s dimensions are 7.4 in. long x 6.9 in wide x 8.6 in. tall, so it’ll take up more space on your table or shelf. But the cord measures 5 ft long, which gives you some leeway with regards to placement.

There are five settings for light intensity, but if you prefer to operate the diffuser without the lamp, that is an option. Three 10-Watt halogen light bulbs are required for the lamp and are included with your purchase.

Pure Enrichment’s reservoir holds 160 ml (5.4 fl oz) of water and lasts up to 16 hours. The tank is removable for easy clean-up and refills. It’s really user-friendly and sets up quickly. If the machine runs out of water during operation, it’ll automatically shut off.

Diffuser coverage is up to 160 sq. ft, but continuous mist is the only option. There isn’t a way to alter mist intensity, either. But a huge plus is that it uses ultrasonic technology instead of heat to distribute the diluted oils.


  • Automatically shuts off when water level is low
  • Independent use of lamp and diffuser
  • Modern, elegant design
  • Ultrasonic diffuser
  • Makes a great gift


  • Must avoid blocking sensors for the diffuser to work properly
  • You might consider the water tank to be too small
  • Lacks diffuser mist options

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5. Best Value: Himalayan Salt Diffuser with Essential Oils

Not only does this diffuser hold more water (400 ml/13.5 fl. oz), it comes with ten bottles of essential oils (10ml/0.33 fl. oz). You’ll also receive over 2 pounds of raw Himalayan salt crystals.

This heatless device operates using ultrasonic technology. When combined with water, ultrasonic vibrations turn essential oils into fine particles that are then dispersed throughout the room. Misting intervals are continuous, one hour, three hours, and six hours.

Ultrasonic technology maintains the integrity of your essential oils without reducing their effectiveness or altering their structure in any way. 

When in operation, the machine will shut down if it senses a lack of water. This makes it safe to operate overnight.

In addition to the light over the Himalayan rocks, the machine cycles through ambient glow colors located on the lid. You can also choose for only one color to glow by pressing the light button twice. One downfall is that you can’t turn the light off altogether. 

It’s also unfortunate that you have to operate the lamp and diffuser simultaneously. Another thing that I dislike is that you can’t remove the water reservoir. You have to wipe out the container in order to clean it.

Including Pure Daily Care’s most popular essential oils almost makes up for all of that. This set such a great deal. These oils are included:

  • Clove
  • Eucalyptus
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Nutmeg
  • Orange
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint 
  • Tea Tree Oil

Pure Daily Care’s oils are not diluted, nor do they include any synthetic ingredients. They can be used individually or combined to make custom blends.


  • Heatless diffuser maintains oil purity
  • Includes essential oils to get you started
  • Great gift idea
  • Diffuser runs quietly
  • Efficient use of water; runs for hours


  • You can’t turn off the ambient lights
  • The water reservoir can’t be taken out
  • Diffuser and lamp won’t work independently

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What Are The Benefits of Salt Lamp Diffusers?

The aim of salt lamp diffusers is to combine the benefits of natural Himalayan salt with aromatherapy. Many companies refer to this as 2-in-1 because they’re offering you two mechanisms in one device. But is combining the two necessary or effective?

Is Himalayan Salt Truly Beneficial?

Aside from enhancing home decor, the idea behind Himalayan salt lamps is that they release negative ions. These negative ions counter the positive ions in the air that tend to be harmful to humans. It’s been suggested that these lamps improve the electrical charge of air within your home.

Because of its unique color and mineral composition, pink Himalayan salt has been marketed as being significantly healthier than sea salt, but it is made of sodium chloride, the same as sea salt. Its mineral composition has more magnesium in it, which gives it the pinkish-orangish color.

To keep things in perspective, though, pink salt is 98% sodium chloride with a 2% blend of other minerals. Pink Himalayan salt does not offer substantially more nutritional benefits than sea salt. 

Are There Health Benefits to Himalayan Salt Lamps?

A growing sentiment in pop culture is that these lamps can improve your sleep, mood, alleviate allergy symptoms, and cleanse the air within your home. 

Scientists conducted a meta-analysis that reviewed thirty-three studies dating back to 1957 through 2012. After combing through all the research, there were unable to find any verifiable proof that exposure to negative ions have a significant positive effect on mood, sleep patterns, anxiety, or a person’s outlook.

There were lower depression scores for people who were exposed to high levels of negative ions but the results were not consistent enough for negative ionization to be considered an alternative treatment for chronic depression or seasonal affective disorder.

And it would be impossible for a person to experience that same level of exposure from a salt lamp.

How Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Made?

They are made by carving out rock crystals from the Khewan Salt Mines in Pakistan. It’s close to 200 miles away from the Himalayan mountain range and is the second-largest salt mine in the world.

There are seventeen levels to this enormous mine, eleven of which are underground. After extracting, these crystals are washed, hollowed out, and embedded with a light source.  

Lastly, the rock is coated with a gel to prevent it from dissolving in humid conditions during transport. So you have to wonder whether this coating allows the salt to release a high volume of negative ions or even absorb air pollutants onto its surface once it’s in a person’s home.

Why Combine Salt Lamps and Diffusers?

Combining the warm glow of a salt lamp with aromatherapy from a diffuser can contribute to overall well being.

I’ve written a lot about essential oils on this website, so you’re probably familiar with their many benefits.

When safely used, they can help you cope with symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. They can help you feel more alert or meditative. And even in clinical settings, essential oils have been integrated into treatment for pain, symptoms of dementia, and more conditions.

Of course this depends on which oil is chosen. For instance, the essential oil form of bergamot, a citrus fruit, has a positive effect on mental health.

Peppermint oil can help clear the nasal passage, offering relief when diffused. And there are many more benefits to diffusing essential oils

Takeaway: Essential oil health gains pair well with the aesthetic benefits of observing the gentle glow of a Himalayan salt lamp.

Are Salt Lamp Diffusers Truly Effective?

Whether they truly heal health conditions or cleanse the air remains to be verified. But they definitely create a beautiful glow when lit. This glow can be a calming experience.

Looking at these glowing rocks can also lift a person’s mood simply because it’s a gently captivating sight.

Little research has been conducted about the benefits of salt lamps; it’s a fairly new trend. But because of this, there’s no way to confirm whether they are effective or whether users are experiencing the placebo effect. People believe the lamps to be helpful, so they get well.

What does have supportive evidence is the effectiveness of essential oils.

In short, if you find salt lamps to be aesthetically pleasing, you should by all means buy one. If you are expecting it to heal a specific health condition, the jury is still out on whether or not that happens when lighting a salt lamp. But essential oils are definitely effective, so pairing the two can potentially benefit you.

Takeaway: If it brings you joy to see and use a glowing Himalayan salt lamp diffuser, then you should get one. Just keep a balanced perspective about its potential benefits.

How to Choose the Best Salt Lamp Diffuser

Overall, there is nothing harmful about using a salt lamp diffuser. It’s just that unfounded medical claims have been misleading. When choosing the best salt lamp diffuser, I would focus on how the machine diffuses oils, and then whether you like the aesthetics of the salt rock or light intensity.

Heat-Free Diffusers

Heat can change the therapeutic properties of your oils. Since diffusing is the most important function of these machines, I would look for an ultrasonic salt lamp diffuser. This preserves all the healing properties of your oils as their mist particles float around in your home. There are three suggestions above.

Himalayan Salt Glow

Whether you believe in their healing properties or not, Himalayan salt lamps are undeniably beautiful. 

Some of these units display the salt crystal front and center. Others place hardware around the salt. And another version I’ve seen is to store smaller chunks of the salt in a compartment.

I would suggest paying attention to which display or storage option you like best.

Lighting Intensity

The glow of the salt can be extremely calming. This is another reason why so many people like to light them before bed. It sets the mood to let your body know it’s time to sleep.

Be wary of really bright salt lamp diffusers. Also, look for one that allows you to adjust the light setting to your preference.

In Conclusion

There’s a lack of scientific evidence to prove popular salt lamp health claims, but they do generate a soothing glow. Essential oils have long been proven to be beneficial. Combining the two gives you all the health benefits of essential oils with the aesthetic benefits of Himalayan salt lamps.

Which salt lamp diffuser do you want to try? For me the clear winner is Pure Enrichment’s salt lamp and diffuser. It has an elegant appeal, is easy to operate, and allows for variation in mist and light settings. It’s also ultrasonic, which doesn’t alter essential oil composition like the heated diffusers. 

If this is your first time using a diffuser, or you’re low on essential oils, I would suggest Pure Daily Care’s diffuser and oil bundle.

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