5 Best Lavender Reed Diffusers In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best lavender reed diffuser is, then we recommend WoodWick Aura Lavender Leaf Reed Diffuser as the best one.

Reed diffusers are a perfect alternative to scented candles if you want safety – with them, you don’t have to deal with any flames, smoke, or fire hazards. With that in mind, if you want a sprinkle of lavender scent in your home, then perhaps a reed diffuser is the ideal choice.

In today’s post, we are going to provide you with guidance on how to choose the best lavender reed diffuser, as well as will feature 5 lavender reed diffusers that we think are worthy of your attention.

In this article, we’re going to review the following lavender reed diffusers:

Best Lavender Reed Diffusers

Where Can You Use A Lavender Reed Diffuser?

Lavender scents are generally considered to be relaxing. With that in mind, they are mostly used in bathrooms or bedrooms. So if you are looking for some bath or bedtime aromatherapy, lavender reed diffusers may be perfect for you.

You can use lavender reed diffusers in any other room of your choice as well. In our opinion, lavender reed diffusers can work with pretty much any area of your home except for the kitchen. For kitchen use, we’d recommend more sweet or foody scents.

Scented Candles VS Reed Diffusers – Which One To Choose?

Scented candles & reed diffusers are both intended for aromatherapy. So why would you want to choose reed diffusers rather than scented candles?

Well, reed diffusers have a few advantages over scented candles:

  • No flames & soot. Reed diffusers employ no flames to disperse scent in the room. Instead, reed diffusers have reeds (hence their name) placed in the oil. The fragrance oil gets soaked into the reeds and is then spread into the air – without any flames, smoke, soot, or fire hazards. Besides, you can place a reed diffuser anywhere without having to watch it constantly.
  • Finer-grained control over the scent. Reed diffusers usually include not just one but 6-12 reeds. By adjusting the number of reeds, you can regulate the intensity of the scent and its duration. You don’t have such control with scented candles.
  • Continuous scent delivery. Reed diffusers don’t need to be fired up to deliver scent and then extinguished for safety. You can let a reed diffuser diffuse scent all day long, though you can also stop the scent delivery by just taking the reeds out.
  • Longer scent duration. Reed diffusers tend to go through fragrance oils slower than scented candles. If you don’t need a quick blast of fragrance in the room and would rather prefer to have a weaker scent but for a longer time, then a reed diffuser would be ideal. Read more about How Long Do Reed Diffusers Last.

Of course, reed diffusers also have downsides compared to scented candles:

  • They don’t produce light.
  • Many people consider that reed diffusers aren’t as good mood-setters as scented candles.
  • The scent intensity may be weaker in a reed diffuser (though this allows for increased longevity).

So although reed diffusers are excellent for aromatherapy, not everybody needs their benefits. So try to base your decision on your preferences and needs.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Lavender Reed Diffuser

Now, let’s briefly cover the most important features in lavender reed diffusers.

Scent notes

First up, since we will cover specifically lavender reed diffusers, pay attention to the scent notes of a reed diffuser. Reed diffusers marketed as “lavender” most often have many scent notes other than lavender, such as eucalyptus, cedar, or thyme.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you specific tips as to which fragrance profile to choose. Go for whatever scent you think will work for your needs and preferences.


Next, pay attention to the reeds – more specifically, to their length, thickness, and number. Generally, a higher number of thicker and longer reeds allows for a stronger scent. Apart from that, short and thin reeds will become saturated with oil quicker, so the number and size of the reeds is also a matter of longevity. Read more about Can You Reuse Diffuser Reeds and Best Reed Diffuser Sticks.

Scent duration & intensity

Apart from the reeds, the formulation of the oil can also impact the intensity and longevity of the scent. When shopping online, there’s no objective way for you to determine how long an oil will last and how strong it will be – the best way to determine this is to read buyer reviews.

Sellers usually indicate how long their reed diffusers will last, but their numbers won’t be true for everyone – the actual fragrance oil longevity will depend on how you use the diffuser.


Consider packaging as well, especially if you are looking to gift the reed diffuser to someone. Most lavender reed diffusers come in pretty nice boxes that work excellently for gifting, but some reed diffusers have subpar packaging.

Best Lavender Reed Diffusers Reviews

Chesapeake Bay Lavender Thyme Reed Diffuser

The Chesapeake Bay Lavender Thyme reed diffuser (marketed as Serenity + Calm) is among the less expensive lavender reed diffusers on this list and will probably be the best buy for most of our readers. Its scent perhaps isn’t the very best on this top, but you won’t have to dig too deep into your pockets to get this reed diffuser.

The body of this Chesapeake Bay reed diffuser’s scent is formed by lavender and thyme. However, the scent of the Serenity + Calm reed diffuser comprises more notes than these two, including also bergamot, eucalyptus, cedar, clove, and a few others.

This particular reed diffuser listing includes a 4.05-ounce bottle that is advertised to last up to about 3 months. However, you have to be really conservative with your oils to get 3 months out of this thing – most people seem to have gotten up to a month, though depending on your use case, you may be able to get more.

While we’re talking about the scent, also know that many people have found the fragrance of this diffuser to be on the weaker side. For small areas though, it should be okay.

We like the minimalistic yet sleek glass bottle of the Chesapeake Bay reed diffuser very much. It’s not as eye-catching as some other diffuser containers on the list, but it should work with many interior styles.

What we don’t quite like though is the packaging – it’s not bad, but it isn’t as gift-worthy as the packaging of the rest of the featured reed diffusers.


  • Not too expensive.
  • Lasts for up to about 3 months.
  • Lavender notes enhanced with thyme.
  • Minimalistic yet sleek glass bottle.


  • The scent may be on the weaker side.
  • Not the most gift-worthy packaging on this top.

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NEST Fragrances Lavender & Cedar Leaf Reed Diffuser

NEST Fragrances is one of the more premium brands on the market, so you could expect better fragrance quality and strength from them (as testified by thousands of positive reviews). They are priced accordingly, but for many people, they are worth it.

Today, we have the Lavender & Cedar Leaf reed diffuser from NEST Fragrances. The oils included with this diffuser have notes of lavender & cedar leaf along with rosemary, sage, and eucalyptus. The scent appears to be pretty balanced here as well – it’s neither weak nor overpowering (though, of course, this is subjective).

With 5.9 ounces of oil, this reed diffuser is claimed to last up to 3 months. Again, this will depend on use, but with nearly 2 more ounces of oil, the NEST diffuser is more likely to last 3 months than the Chesapeake Bay diffuser.

What’s also very nice about this reed diffuser is that it comes in a beautiful package that makes this diffuser an excellent gift choice. The included glass bottle is gorgeous as well – as usual for NEST.


  • A quality scent that many people have liked.
  • Lavender-scented with notes of cedar leaf.
  • Lasts up to about 3 months.


  • Expensive

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WoodWick Aura Lavender Leaf Reed Diffuser

If you are looking to gift a lavender reed diffuser to someone, then there perhaps is no better option than the Aura lavender leaf diffuser from WoodWick. It’s again on the pricier side, but it comes in the most unique box among the reviewed reed diffusers.

Not only that, but the oil vessel is interesting as well – elegantly made from copper, it again stands out among most diffusers available out there. And unlike glass, copper won’t shatter upon the slightest impact, though it will instead corrode if exposed to moisture.

Interestingly, WoodWick includes two 4-ounce scented oil bottles with this reed diffuser. WoodWick doesn’t advertise how long the oils will last, but we think that they will be good for 1-2 months with frequent use, or perhaps up to 3-4 months if you conserve the scented oil.

As for the scent, it comprises notes of lavender with touches of white cedar and warm sandalwood. The fragrance appears to offer balanced strength and great quality – the vast majority of buyers have liked the WoodWick reed diffuser.


  • Unique packaging that is excellent for gifting.
  • Elegant copper vessel.
  • Lavender leaf scent with notes of sandalwood and white cedar.
  • Comes with two 4-ounce bottles of scented oils.


  • A little bit pricey.
  • The copper container will corrode in humid environments if not protected.

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LOVSPA Lavender De Provence Reed Diffuser

The LOVSPA reed diffuser differs from diffusers featured so far in the kind of lavender used. LOVSPA advertises that the included scented oil is based on lavender stems from Provence, which is considered the lavender capital of the world.

The scent of this reed diffuser won’t necessarily be better for you than that of other diffusers, but if you’ve tried many lavender diffusers and liked none, give this reed diffuser a try.

The LOVSPA reed diffuser also lasts for quite a long time – it’s advertised to deliver scent for around 3 months, and judging by buyer feedback, 3 months isn’t too far-fetched. The scent is a little on the weaker side though and will probably struggle to fill large rooms.

What may also interest some of our readers is that the formula of the LOVSPA scented oil is VOC/CARB-compliant.

Finally, the LOVSPA reed diffuser is inexpensive yet comes in a beautiful box that will work very nicely for gifting.


  • Not too expensive.
  • Made with lavender stems from Provence.
  • Lasts up to around 3 months.
  • VOC/CARB-compliant formulation.


  • Struggles to fill large rooms.

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Trapp Fragrances Lavender De Provence Reed Diffuser

Last but not least on our best lavender reed diffuser reviews, we have a lavender de Provence diffuser from Trapp. This is a pricey reed diffuser, but it offers perhaps the most unique and high-quality lavender scent on this top.

Like the LOVSPA diffuser, the Trapp diffuser comes with scented oil made from “lavender de Provence” that is again advertised to deliver real lavender scent. But since it’s priced much higher, expect the Trapp reed diffuser to deliver higher-quality lavender scent.

Trapp includes 4.5 ounces of fragrance oil with this diffuser, claiming that it will last for 45-60 days. This is shorter on paper than with previous reed diffusers, but it seems to last just as long. Trapp just appears to provide more restrained estimates.

Notably, Trapp includes two sets of 12 reeds with this reed diffuser. You are also getting an elegant glass bottle that’s unlike anything else reviewed in this post. All that is packed in a nice box that will work wonderfully for gifting.


  • Made with lavender from Provence.
  • Lasts up to 45-60 days.
  • Comes with two sets of 12 reeds.
  • Elegant glass bottle.


  • Expensive
  • Very light fragrance.

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Final Words

Although all our picks for the roundup are excellent, we think that the WoodWick Aura Lavender Leaf Reed Diffuser is the very best lavender reed diffuser out there. This is largely due to its unique gift packaging and the copper vessel. The scent is great as well, so the WoodWick reed diffuser works not only for aromatherapy but also for room decoration.

The Trapp Fragrances Lavender De Provence Reed Diffuser is also notable. Not only is it formulated from Provence lavender, but it also allows for more flexible scent adjustment thanks to the 12 reeds – the most on the list.

If you think that these two lavender reed diffusers aren’t ideal for you, then no problem – feel free to pick from the remaining three reed diffusers. They offer great scent and have their own interesting things, but the two diffusers mentioned earlier deserve the most attention in our opinion.

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