Top 4 Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Space and Room (2020 Reviews) – Buyer’s Guide

Picking the best essential oil diffusers for large spaces and large rooms is pretty difficult nowadays. There are plenty of options, so how do you know which one to go for? Or you can try reed diffusers.

We’re going to help you a little by showcasing 4 essential oil diffuser models.

Each of them is unique in its own way, so you should be able to find something interesting for your own needs.

Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Spaces: A Buyer’s Guide

Running a diffuser filled with essential oils in your home is a great way to feel better and even avoid illness during the cold winter months but if you’ve never bought a diffuser before, it might be a little confusing to determine which one you want. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to increase the odds of finding the perfect diffuser and it all starts with knowing what to look for in this interesting little device.

How Large an Area Is Covered?

One of the first things that you’ll want to consider when buying a great diffuser is the coverage area it offers. Some diffusers are meant for large spaces while others are not. This is easy to determine, however, because it is always listed on the package by the manufacturer. Generally, the larger the diffuser, the longer it will last because it can hold more water in the first place, meaning that you won’t have to refill it quite as often.

If you’re planning to use a diffuser in a large room such as your living room or den, it’s best to do two things: buy a larger diffuser that is made for bigger rooms and make sure that you put enough essential oil in it to cover the entire room and last for a while.

Ease of Operation

Another consideration when buying the right essential oil diffuser is the ease of using it. With most diffusers, you simply plug it in and press the “on” button but others can be a bit more complicated. Again, if you read the directions on the packaging and pay attention to the photograph that’s on there, you can easily determine the difficulty level of operating the unit.

In addition, some of the more sophisticated diffusers have various settings that allow you to choose how many hours you want it to run. Most diffusers will list their maximum operating time on the package and this can range from as little as 18 hours to as long as 40 hours. Many diffusers also simply run until they run out of water and then the unit is shut off automatically.

The Noise Level Is a Consideration

Each diffuser has a different noise level even though most of them are extremely quiet. Let’s face it; they are likely going to be used to help you relax. Most of the noise comes from the steam or mist that is spewed out once you turn the unit on but if you look for a unit that specifically mentions on the package that it is quiet, you’ll be in good shape because this is what you want.

The noise level is especially important when you’re planning to put the diffuser in a bedroom because no one can sleep with too much noise in the room. However, even putting it in the living room or bathroom means that you should look for one that is quiet because it is more convenient and nicer to have around.

Essential Oil Basics

Once you find the right diffuser for your large room, you’ll need to make sure that you use the right essential oils in it. The oils that say “100% pure essential oils” on the label are best; otherwise, you might be purchasing a blend of oils that isn’t as strong as the pure oils themselves. In most cases, you won’t need to add more than a few drops of the oil and you can even add several drops of two or three different oils if you like.

Of course, when it comes to the right mixture and amount of essential oils, the final decision is based on your own personal preferences and nothing else. Some people like to smell the essential oils when the diffuser is on while others prefer a more subtle aroma that is barely noticeable. Essential oils are so effective that they will work regardless of how many drops you put into the diffuser but if you prefer a strong scent, you can add more at any time.


Buying the right diffuser for the larger rooms in your home isn’t that difficult once you learn some of the basics. The best part is that most diffusers are so reasonably priced that you can purchase one for every room in the house if that’s what you want!


Best Essential Oil Diffuser For Large Space Reviews

SpaRoom Theralizer Waterless Micro-Air Essential Oil Nebulizer (up to 1000 sq. ft.)

Operation principle

A nebulizing essential oil diffuser, SpaRoom Theralizer employs the Bernoulli principle to diffuse oils into the air. Basically, pressurized air is forced into the reservoir with oil, which causes the essential oil to atomize into microparticles. Those particles are then emitted out of the reservoir into the environment. This process requires no water.

As an essential oil diffuser, the range up to 1000 square feet, which is the best product we have ever used.


  • Fill the glass reservoir with 10-15 drops of pure essential oil.
  • Plug the diffuser’s adapter into a wall outlet.
  • Manipulate the glass cap to select the direction of mist dispersion.
  • Turn the power knob to the right to begin the default 2-hour cycle. To increase mist intensity, continue to turn the knob right.


Materials: dark wood, glass

SpaRoom Theralizer isn’t merely an oil diffuser. With its beautiful wooden design, it may be able to greatly complement your interior.

As far as oil diffusion goes, this device is designed to create a potent stream of oil particles directed into the room. This diffuser runs for only 2 hours per full cycle (with 2-minute on and 1-minute off cycles), but it delivers a strong aromatizing effect in this short time frame.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Up to 1000 square feet coverage.
  • Potent nebulizing effect.


  • Slight tendency to clogging.
  • Fragile: the internal reservoir is made of glass.

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Sofia Waterless Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser (up to 800 sq. ft.)

Operation principle

Sofia essential oil diffuser also relies on the Bernoulli principle to aromatize the air. It delivers atomized microparticles of oil into the air, which allows for quite a strong aromatization effect.


  • Add 5-10 drops of essential oil into the glass reservoir.
  • Plug the diffuser to a wall outlet and turn it on.
  • Clean the diffuser with hot water and soft cloth after use.


Materials: wood, ceramics, glass

While Sofia nebulizing oil diffuser may not be as visually appealing as SpaRoom Theralizer, it might be a more interesting model to you.

This diffuser has an inbuilt LED light designed to create ambiance in the room or maybe even assist with your meditation.

In terms of oil diffusing, Sofia diffuser operates in a similar fashion to SpaRoom Theralizer. However, its aromatizing effect is slightly less potent, which is why it is suitable for up to 800 square feet areas.


  • Up to 800 square feet coverage.
  • 2 glass reservoirs included for quick oil changing.
  • Inbuilt LED lights.


  • Fragile glass reservoirs.
  • Clogs up relatively quickly.
  • Runs a bit loud.

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URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier (Up to 430 sq. ft.)

Operation principle

This diffuser employs ultrasonic vibrations to break down the essential oil into particles. These fine particles are mixed with steam and dispersed into the air, achieving an aromatizing and humidifying effect. No heat is used in this process.


  • Fill the diffuser’s water tank with the desired amount of water, preferably distilled.
  • Add 3-5 drops of water-soluble essential oil per 100ml of water.
  • Touch the mist button on the diffuser or on the remote to turn the diffuser on. Set a timer if desired.


Materials: ABS plastic & polypropylene

Urpower 1000ml oil diffuser is a relatively inexpensive yet functional oil diffuser.

First of all, relying on water to spread the oils, this diffuser can both aromatize and humidify the air.

This model’s timer feature also allows a little more flexibility when it comes to oil diffusing. Urpower also includes a remote control with this diffuser to allow its users to easier control its functions.

Remarkably, Urpower diffuser also has 7 built-in LED light colors for the creation of a more vivid ambiance.


  • Up to 430 square feet coverage.
  • Both humidifies and aromatizes.
  • Can be controlled via a remote control.
  • 3-, 6-, 9-hour timer settings.
  • 7-color LED lights.


  • Requires water.
  • Messy when refilling.
  • Cheap looks.

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Exqline 1500-Milliliter, Ultrasonic Diffuser Humidifier (Up to 450 sq. ft.)

Operation principle

Like Urpower essential oil diffuser, this diffuser produces ultrasonic vibrations to break down oil into fine particles and mix them with water.


  • Add the desired amount of water in the diffuser.
  • Add a few drops of a water-soluble essential oil.
  • Turn the device on and select the desired mist setting.


Materials: ABS plastic & polypropylene

Thanks to its increased water reservoir capacity, Exqline ultrasonic diffuser is capable of providing an aromatizing and humidifying effect nearly all day long.

Using its flexible mist settings, you could get this thing to diffuse oil for up to 20 hours. Or you could just opt for intensity and get a quick stream of fragrance into the air.

Like Urpower oil diffuser, Exqline diffuser has 7 LED light to allow you to play around with the ambiance of your room. But unlike Urpower essential oil diffuser, this model doesn’t have timer settings, so it is a bit less flexible.


  • 450 square feet coverage.
  • Up to 10-20 hours of runtime.
  • Both aromatizes and humidifies.
  • Flexible mist output controls.
  • 7 LED light colors.


  • Creates a mess when refilling.
  • Needs water to operate.

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All of the essential oil diffusers reviewed are unique in their own way, so which one to choose comes down to your own needs. Obviously, room coverage plays a primary role in selecting one or the other diffuser, but that’s not all.

We view SpaRoom Theralizer oil diffuser as a suitable device for people who want looks as much as aromatizing. It is a beautiful device that can make your room not only smell but also look good.

Sofia waterless oil diffuser is a better choice if you are going to use several types of oils. With the included 2 reservoirs, quickly swapping out the oils should be easy with it.

Urpower ultrasonic diffuser is a good pick if you want to have an inexpensive essential oil diffuser with good functionality.

And lastly, Exqline essential oil diffuser is suitable for people who want to have a long-lasting effect and wish to gain more control over the mist intensity.

In the end, which model will be the best essential oil diffuser for you depends on your preferences and needs.



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