No Fireplace? 23 Woodsy Candles You Must Try

A fireplace is a great way to cozy up your home during the cold winter months. The fragrance of the burning wood, the warmth and the ambiance from the flames, and the soothing crackling noise that comes from it are all reasons fireplaces make your home comfy and relaxing during the winter. But what about if you don’t have a fireplace? Can you still get that cozy warm feeling to get you through the winter?

While it’s not a perfect fix, woodsy scented candles can help create the illusion of a soothing fire. Wrap yourself up in a blanket and light a woodsy candle and you’ll be given a feeling similar to that of a fireplace. The candle will give off an ambiance while filling the room with a woodsy fragrance.

In this post, I will go over why woodsy candles are a good choice, what you should look for in woodsy candles, and why candles may be a great alternative to a fireplace. After that, I will give you the woodsy candles that will without a doubt bring warm and cozy feelings into your home. If you decide to buy one of these candles, you will without a doubt be pleased with the results they yield.

Best Fireplace Scented Candles

23 Best Fireplace Scented Candles

1. Woodfire by Illume

Woodfire is a great way to bring the fragrance of a cozy fireplace into your home. Illume has taken the best fragrance aspects of cedar wood and smoke and has blended them together beautifully to make your home smell like you have a roaring fire lit in your fireplace.

They’ve even taken this fragrance to a new level with accents of vanilla and patchouli leaves to make this fragrance feel Christmas like as well.

2. Fireside by Woodwick

Fireside not only captures the fragrance of a fire, but it also gives off a soothing crackling noise, which can mimic the noises made while having a fire burn. The fragrance given off by this candle will make you feel cozy and warm as you smell the fragrance of firewood lit aflame.

The wood wick in this candle is what produces the soothing crackling noise that will make you actually feel like you’re curled up next to a fire.

3. Portable Fireplace by D.S. & Durga

This fragrance holds many aspects in it that provide a cozy fireplace scent. The top note of this fragrance is all woody with dwarf pine wood and atlas cedar. The mid note brings in the smoke and ashy fragrance along with more notes of cedar.

The final base layer brings in the scent of birch and birch tar along with resin. Together, this will give you a fragrance that will truly make this candle feel like a portable fireplace.

4. Feu de Bois by Diptyque

This luxury candle will bring you the most sophisticated feelings of a fireplace. It holds the most authentic aspects of fragrances from real fire wood in a fireplace that’s been lit.

You’ll be met with a luxurious blend of rare woodsy essences that blend together perfectly to make you feel like you’re wrapped in the softest blanket and nestled in your living room with the fire blazing, filling the room with the wonderful burning fragrance.

5. Woodsmoke by Brooklyn Candle Studio

This minimalist candle will bring elegance into your home while making you feel warmth just like a fireplace would. When burning this candle, you’ll be left with the comforting thoughts of being wrapped cozily in a soft, fluffy blanket as a fire crackles soothing in the fireplace.

This fragrance offers the richness that comes from the aromatic burning smell of cedar mixed with some notes of incense and leather.

6. Ash by Boy Smells

This Boy Smells candle is the epitome of burning everything down and having a fresh start. You’ll be met with the swirling fragrance of burning hay and black coals as you burn this candle.

Snuggle up with your favorite blanket and a good book with this candle lit and you’ll have the perfect winter night. You won’t even have to long for a fireplace with this candle because this soothing fragrance smells so authentic.

7. Fireside by White Barn

The fireside fragrance is a fairly new addition to the White Barn collection and it will not disappoint. They’ve created an authentic fragrance by taking the best aspects from smoked cedar and warm embers.

They then mixed it together with some spice from clove buds to create a well rounded, wintertime candle that will make any home feel as warm as a fireplace would.

8. Cozy by the Fire by Our Own Candle Company

This candle gives you multiple dimensions of fragrance to really make you feel like you’re cozy by the fire. you’ll be given the fragrance of crackling wood and bark to warm up your home as if you actually had a fire roaring in the fireplace.

To add dimension, they’ve added the spicy fragrances of cinnamon and cloves. This brings the fireplace fragrance together and makes you feel warm and cozy as if you were sitting by a fireplace.

9. Pinon by P.F. Candle Co.

This candle perfectly embodies the fragrance of a pinon pine. This woody fragrance is mixed together with the earthy scents of balsam fir and amber with the slight spice of black pepper. They then added a light fragrance of vanilla and the smoky warmth of cedarwood.

The blended fragrance of this candle will give you the feeling of getting ready to light a fire in your fireplace.

10. Amber & Smoke by Paddywax

Not only does this candle smell amazing, it comes in a decorative jar that can be displayed in any room without standing out. This candle holds notes of amber swirled together with the spice of cinnamon and finished off with the natural fragrance of sandalwood.

You’ll be met with a spicy, woody fragrance from this candle that will embody the fragrance you’ll get from a roaring fire on a cold winter’s night.

11. Cinderose by Boy Smells

Cinderose is the perfect mixture of sweetness and smoky with this fruity, fire filled fragrance. You’ll be met with the sweet and floral fragrances that stem from orange blossoms, rose, and jasmine.

These fragrances mix together perfectly with the scents of smoke, cedar, and birch tar. Together, this creates a lovely fragrance that will bring an air of elegance to your home while still making it feel like you’re curled up by a soothing fire.

12. Juniper Smoke by Broken Top Candle

This fragrance will make you feel exactly as if you’re sitting next to a fire in an oversized hoodie and with some fuzzy socks on. The fragrances of juniper and wood mix together wonderfully with the fragrance of smoke to give you the feeling of having an actual fire going.

When you smell this candle, you will find an authentic fragrance that will trick your senses into thinking you actually have a fire in your fireplace.

13. Feu de Bois by Lafco New York

This candle is also known as the ski house fragrance and will make you feel like you’re warm and snug by the fire on a cold wintery day.

Lafco New York took the best scents from sandalwood and leather and mixed it together along with frankincense to create a soothing, warm fragrance that will give off the illusion that you’re being warmed by a fire. The cold winter months won’t be complete without this candle being lit.

14. Marshmallow Fireside by Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body works infuses essential oils into this candle to really bring the natural woody fragrance of a fireside mixed with the sweetness from marshmallows. This fragrance will make you think of roasting marshmallows in a fire on a cold winter’s night.

On top of the marshmallow and burning wood fragrances, you’ll be met with the satisfying fragrance of fire roasted vanilla and amber to round out this candle.

15. Incense & Embers by Jo Malone

This Jo Malone luxurious candle will bring elegance to your home from the moment you light this candle. You’ll be met with the beautiful fragrance of smoky incense that’s complemented by the fragrances of silver fir and white pepper.

To completely round out this candle, your final impression from this candle will be the scents stemming from leather, vetiver, and golden amber. This elegant candle will complete any cold winter’s night perfectly.

16. Woods by Byredo

Woods by Byredo is a naturally fragranced candle that will make anyone that steps into your home feel welcomed by the warm and cozy fragrance. You’ll be given a feeling of warmth from the fragrance of wood that will create the illusion of a lit fireplace.

You can’t go wrong with having this candle out all winter because it will bring you a soothing fragrance that mimics the relaxing qualities that stem from a fireplace.

17. Teakwood & Tobacco by P.F. Candle Co.

This is one of P.F. Candle Co.’s oldest fragrances and has deservedly withstood the test of time. This candle has been nicknamed as the boyfriend scent, but P.F. Candle Co. calls it the O.G. candle.

The fragrances from leather, teakwood, and orange blend together perfectly to create a wintertime staple for people who don’t have a fireplace. You’ll be given a woodsy fragrance that is well rounded by the orange and leather notes.

18. Santal 26 by Le Labo

This sophisticated fragrance will bring luxury into your home from the very first time you light this candle. You’ll be welcomed by a mixture of smoke and leather that will fill whatever space you put it in and spice up the personality that room holds.

While this candle is luxuriously priced, you’ll get enough fragrance to make it worth every penny you spend. You cold winter months will be complete as soon as you light this candle.

19. Cedar Stack by Boy Smells

This candle is an uplifting yellow with a warm fragrance that will make any winter feel warm and cozy. You’ll be met with the classic wood fragrance mixed with cedar chips and dried tobacco.

To give the fragrance more depth, you’ll smell notes of peppercorn mixed with labdanum. The accent notes gives this candle a little extra bite to this fragrance in order to make it the best candle for your home during the cold winter months.

20. Wild Fig and + Cedar by Paddywax

Paddywax delivers a candle that really packs a woodsy punch perfect for anyone who wants to create an illusion of a fire being burned. This candle brings together notes of fig, cedar, and patchouli to create the woody fragrance in this candle.

The goal of this candle is to capture the true essence of being cozy so that anyone that burns this candle will feel like they’re wrapped in a blanket on their couch enjoying their night.

21. Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity by White Barn

White Barn creates a perfectly rich fragrance with their high intensity mahogany teakwood fragrance. They bring together the essence of mahogany and teakwood and amplify the fragrance by mixing in the fragrances of dark oak and lavender.

The woody fragrances from the mahogany, teakwood, and oak are rounded out by lavender which cuts away from the intensity of the wood.

22. Snow Mountain Lodge by Bath & Body Works

This cozy fragrance is created with a mixture of fragrance oils and essential oils to bring you a natural fragrance. This candle is filled with notes of smoked ember, silver pine, and sandalwood to really make you feel like you’re sitting in front of a cozy fireplace.

This candle is perfect for any snowy night during the winter and will create the illusion of warmth while filling the room with the fragrance of burning wood.

23. Mountain Lodge by Yankee Candle

This is another candle that will bring you the warm feeling of being right next to a fireplace. In this illusionary fireplace, you have the fragrance of cedarwood and sage.

This multidimensional fragrance brings together many different aspects stemming from herbs, citrus, and natural fragrances such as moss and cedarwood and mixes them together to create a fragrance that will truly bring the best warmth into your home during the winter months.

Final Thoughts

Getting through the cold winter months can be a little more dreary if you don’t have a fireplace to bring warmth into your home. The candles I’ve discussed in this post will bring you that warm feeling and the ambiance that a fireplace would. Some of these candles can also bring the soothing crackling noise that stems from a fireplace with a wooden wick. No matter which candle you choose from this list, your winter months will feel complete with a warmth and coziness.

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