6 Best Candle Lighters In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

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Candle lighters are a stylish and comfortable alternative to start a fire compared to the good old matchsticks. It is an essential device that comes in handy, especially if you are a candle lover like me or an outdoor person.

You need a reliable and easy to use lighter, whether you need to light a candle to set the mood for your date or need it to start a campfire on a windy night. Let’s take a look at the must-have lighters.

In this article, we’re going to review the following candle lighters:

Best Candle Lighters

6 Best Candle Lighters Reviewed

Let’s delve into some of the best candle lighters currently in the market, their features, and their pros and cons. We will have a look at each of the following products.

1. REIDEA Electronic Lighter

The REIDA lighter is easy to use with its design and safety features. This electronic lighter can be the perfect size for many candles, especially deep and almost gone ones. This lighter measures 6.2 inches long by 2 inches wide and is roughly 1 inch thick.

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This lighter comes in an array of colors: 

  • Pitch Black. 
  • Champagne Gold. 
  • Rose Gold. 
  • Silver. 
  • Sky Blue. 
  • White. 
  • Pine Green. 

The REIDA lighter is perfect not only for use indoors but outdoors as well. I love using this to light fires outside! With the flameless lighting feature, you rarely have to worry about it blowing out.

This lighter comes with a USB-C cord. Though the charger is short, I am okay with it as I don’t need it to be long!

The bright light on the bottom lets you know it’s on; it auto powers off after about 10 seconds and won’t stay lit for more than 7 seconds, so it has little chance of overheating.

I love the safety feature button. It puts my worries at ease when I have kids visiting! They always seem to find the stuff they shouldn’t get into! 


  • Flameless makes it perfect for use outside. 
  • Makes reaching down into almost finished candles easy. 
  • Auto powers off after 10 seconds. 


  • Sometimes it will not stay lit long enough to light the candle due to the 7-second shut-off feature. 
  • The charging cable is short. 

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2. The RONXS Candle Lighter

This lighter is one of my favorites for both outdoors and indoors, with a stellar high rating. It comes in a light, sleek design with a range of colors: black, blue, red, and silver. 

The nozzle is ten centimeters long, slender and rotatable, enabling it to light wherever you need it. It can comfortably light a sunken wick or a candle in a long jar. With this lighter, you do not need to worry that you will get burnt in the process.

It features five LED lights that indicate the presence or lack of charge, which helps you keep track of battery usage and notifies you when you need to recharge.

I also love that you can use it even outdoors because it is wind resistant and portable, a great advantage for barbeque lovers. It is flameless, which means that it won’t blow out; hence it can work great even in bad weather. It easily fits your pocket or purse, thus saves you during emergencies.

For safety, the device has an in-built auto-shut mechanism that turns it off after 6 minutes, in case you forget to turn it off, it does that for you.


  • The lighter is windproof, which makes it great for the outdoors.
  • It has an easy to hold non-slip handle.


  • The easy on/off button makes it easy to ignite even for children.

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3. Leejie Rechargeable Flameless USB Lighter

I love this lighter because it is elegant and sleek, just like a stylish pen. Made with lithium cells, it guarantees you long hours of use. Available in black, rose gold, silver, white, and sky blue, there’s a range of colors that you can choose.

It weighs just 2 ounces making it one of the smallest and slimmest lighters in the market. You will have no trouble fitting it in your purse or pocket. Apart from being so lightweight, the device is so easy to use and does not require a lot of finger strength to turn on.

I have to mention the versatility of this lighter. Not only does it work well in lighting your candle, but it also comes through even in the outdoors, whether you are camping, grilling, or lighting fireworks. An added advantage is that it is moisture-proof, able to burn even in heavy weather. 

It is generally a cool way of lighting, requiring only an electric recharge, unlike other liquid refillable methods. 


  • It is wind and splash-proof, making it great for outdoor use.
  • It ensures child safety with the safety lock feature.
  • It lasts longer with each charge.
  • It is one of the most affordable lighters.


  • It produces a high pitched sound whenever ignited.

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4. The TROPRO Electric Candle Lighter

If you need a sleek, lightweight candle made of durable material, I recommend the TROPRO lighter. It is flameless and rechargeable, making it one of the cleanest energy sources. 

The device has lithium-ion cells with long life, and it is so easy to charge. You can light it up to five hundred times before you recharge. The chargers are of high-quality material, and it only takes forty minutes to charge it fully.

Four LED charge indicators have indicators to show how much charge it has to notify you when you need to recharge it. 

The one-year warranty on the product depicts quality and value for your money. Made of durable stainless steel, you can use this lighter for a long time. 

For safety, there is a seven-second-auto-shut mechanism coupled with a child safety feature. It comes with a hook so that you can safely store it away from children.


  • It is one of the fastest charging lighters.
  • It is more durable than other lighters (stainless steel).
  • It has an internal cooling system that prevents it from overheating when in use.


  • It is only available in black.
  • The easy on/off button is a safety concern for children.

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5. Zoocura Butane Torch Light

Unlike the previous lighters discussed, this one is refillable with butane gas of a capacity of 1.8 grams. It is the right choice for those who prefer using a refillable lighter. 

It fits nicely in your pocket at only five inches, and it helps that it is lightweight. Its portability also comes in handy when you need to refill it.

It is a sturdy device that produces a steady flame, unlike other flammable lighters. The heavy-duty zinc guarantees durable, long-lasting performance; you need not worry that it will easily break. It still comes with a year’s warranty to guarantee value for your money.

There is a fuel gauge on the side that indicates when you can refill. It ignites to give a full, steady flame that is adjustable to fit your needs. Whether you want to light a single candle or many candles at once like those on a birthday cake, this lighter will not disappoint.

So easy to hold and easy to refill, it is one flammable lighter that I recommend.


  • It lights faster compared to other rechargeable lighters.
  • It is affordable.
  • It comes in an appealing package making it an elegant gift.
  • The flame is adjustable to regular or continuous mode based on your needs.


  • It runs out and requires refilling. 
  • It does not have a child safety feature.

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6. The Electric Arc Plasma Lighter 

The term arc comes from the two igniting electrodes that are in an arc shape. It comes in a sleek pocket-friendly design and packaging, making it an elegant gift. It is a flameless lighter that comes in various colors; black, blue, and pink. 

This lighter, just like the other three, is rechargeable with lithium batteries, and there’s no hassle to refill it. 

One great thing about it is that you can efficiently charge it using a USB cable, a car charger, or a power bank. Once full, it retains power for a long time. With the four-level charge indicators, you can track when it needs to recharge.

Being flameless, it works great for the indoors and the outdoors, considering its windproof feature.

For safety, it has a top cover; hence, there’s no risk that it will accidentally light. Secondly, it has an automatic seven-second-shut-off to ensure that it never overheats when you use it.


  • There’s no beeping noise upon ignition.
  • It is wind and splash-proof, making it a great lighter for the outdoors.
  • Very safe because it never lights unless the top cover is open


  • It is not convenient to light up old candles or those with sunken wicks.

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What To Look for in a Candle Lighter

Candle lighters come in different designs, shapes, and colors to serve a specific purpose; to give you the ease of lighting. Before you purchase one, you need to consider certain factors to obtain a lighter that best suits you. 

The following are critical aspects of a candle lighter that you need to look out for:

  • Design
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Cost
  • versatility

These are the top factors that I consider when recommending a good candle lighter. However, it all depends on how and why you need one. With the various types available in the market, it is easy to land on one that suits you. 

Let’s look at all the information you need to guide you when purchasing a good candle lighter to help you decide.


Each lighter has a unique design depending on its functionality. Look at the nozzle length and its flexibility, the material used to make the lighter, and the lighter’s physical features (shape and weight). 

For instance, the nozzle should be long and flexible enough to light the candle even when the wick is sunken or when the vase is tall. You need a device that helps you light the old candles. 

The lighter should be made of light material to make it portable. I prefer one that is pocket-sized so that it helps during emergencies. 

Some lighters are electric and rechargeable. These are more convenient for most buyers since they come with a charging cable making them easy to recharge and reuse. Other devices use refillable liquid and use real flame for ignition, a go-to for other buyers. 


I always go for the lighter that lasts for a long time before you can recharge it. Sometimes you need to light a candle in a power outage; therefore, you cannot recharge it. You need a lighter that can store charge long enough to serve you during such emergencies.

Consider how many times it lights before you need to recharge or refill. You also need a product made of durable material that will not easily break or stop working; always check that it comes with a warranty. A good, durable lighter is convenient and excellent value for your money.


Any buyer that opts for a lighter instead of a traditional matchbox is concerned about safety. It is a challenge to light a sunken candle using a match without getting burnt in the process, and with playful children around, a matchstick can be a hazard.

Go for a candle lighter that has an on/off button to be safe. Other designs have an automatic off switch if you forget to turn it off, while others have a child safety lock. Pick one that guarantees your safety and that of your children.

Ease of Use

It shouldn’t be a hassle to light your candle. A good lighter is comfortable to hold (non-slip) and conveniently lights in one flick using one hand. The ignition switches should also be soft-touch but not too soft that it lights easily. 

If you’re outdoorsy, pick a lighter that can ignite even when it is cold and windy outside. A good lighter is easy to light compared to a matchstick.


Besides lighting your candle, you may need a lighter that efficiently serves other purposes too. Most candle lighters easily ignite stoves, start camping or yard fires outside or light a cigarette. 

For money value, pick a lighter that serves various purposes other than just one. Ensure that it is windproof and pocket-sized so that it can benefit you both indoors and outdoors.


With a range of goods in the market, it is easy to find a lighter that fits your budget. Its cost will depend on the design and functionality. A more hi-tech device will have you digging deeper into your pocket, but most candle lighters are generally affordable.

Benefits of Using a Candle Lighter

The lighter is an elegant way to light your candle. It is more convenient and practical to use compared to the traditional matchstick method. Matchsticks can get damp in heavy weather, making it a challenge to ignite. Lighters work even in harsh conditions.

Environmentally, the lighter is eco-friendly, with studies showing that it’s greener compared to other disposable alternatives.

With so many accidental fires from un-extinguished matchsticks, the lighter is a safe remedy; you no longer need to worry about the safety of your children. With safety features incorporated, it is safe for you and your family.

The candle lighter saves you money and ensures that you have back up for emergencies. Damp matchstick boxes are now a thing of the past.

My Final Take

Before I purchase a lighter, I check whether its design is safe, durable, and easy to light. Based on my checklist, the RONXS candle lighter ticks all the boxes. 

Having a flexible, rotatable nozzle to light up old candles is a plus for me. Not only is it lightweight and portable, but it is also stylish, providing an elegant way to light my candles. 

With people opting for green energy, this lighter is one of the cleanest ways for lighting. There are no more messy matchsticks from now on.

The power display feature also serves as a reminder and indicator for recharge. Given that it is rechargeable is another plus for me. There’s no hassle when it comes to refilling.

Based on price, it is right in the middle range compared to other lighters; affordable and great value for your money. It is also very safe to use because it is flameless, and it has an auto-shut-off feature.

If you need a convenient, effective lighter, I highly recommend this one.

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