5 Best Candle Holders In 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best candle holder is, then we recommend LETINE Candlestick Holder 12-Pack as the best one.

If you’re struggling with finding the right candle holder for your needs, then let us help you.

We’ll begin our post by providing you with handy tips on what to look for when shopping for a candle holder. Although candle holders seem simple, there is a lot to consider in them. Once we have an idea of what makes the perfect candle holder, we’ll have a look at some products that we think are the best candle holders on the market.

With that, let’s begin without further ado!

In this article, we’re going to review the following candle holders:

Best Candle Holders

Things To Look For In The Best Candle Holder Set

First things first, let’s try to understand what you should be looking for when shopping for candle holders. Although candle holders are very simple pieces of furniture, it’s rather easy to choose badly. Hopefully, our buyer’s guide will help you pick the right candle holder set pretty easily.


First up, consider candle holder size. More precisely, pay attention to:

  • How large the candle holders are. This probably won’t matter for many people, but if your space is limited, then make sure that you aren’t getting huge candle holders.
  • What candle size the holders are designed for. Obviously, the candle holder should be able to accept the diameter of your candles. We’d suggest going as close to your candle diameter as possible – if the candle holder is too large, the candles may not sit stably in it, especially if they are narrow.

Candle style

Next, check what candle style the desired candle holders are designed for. Generally, candle holders are designed for either taper or pillar candles. Pillar candle holders have a wide plate, while taper candle holders rely on deep sockets for stability.

Since pillar candles are wide, they can sit in the holder without any support. In contrast, taper candles are narrow and require some kind of support to stay upright. In taper candle holders, the candles are typically supported by the walls of a candle socket.

You can place a taper candle on a holder designed for pillar candles, but it probably won’t be stable.

Some candle holders can accept both taper and pillar candles. We have one such a candle holder set on our list.


Although materials in candle holders mostly bear an aesthetic purpose, there’s also a practical side to them that you should know about.

Typically, candle holders are made from metal, glass, or wood. Below, let’s briefly talk about these materials’ advantages and disadvantages.


Metal candle holders are probably the sturdiest of them all. They aren’t indestructible, but they can take quite a beating and serve you for years without significant wear. Metal holders are also usually smooth and easy to clean.

The main problem with metal candle holders is rust. Though there are rust-resistant candle holders available out there, those that are not rustproof will fall to rust if left in a humid area (like a bathroom) for a long time.

So here, ask yourself where you will be placing the candle holder. If the room isn’t typically exposed to humidity, then any metal candle holder should work. Otherwise, look for a rustproof candle holder or consider other materials.


Glass candle holders are gorgeous and can fit any room, though they will work especially well with glass-abundant interiors. Unlike metal, glass doesn’t rust and is also very easy to clean.

However, as you could’ve guessed, glass candle holders are fragile. This, of course, means that you should be careful with them. Apart from that, know that glass candle holders can easily shatter or break during shipping, though this seems to happen pretty rarely.


Finally, we have wood, probably the most exquisite material of them all. If you want traditional-style candle holders, then wood is probably the right choice.

Apart from being beautiful, wood candle holders don’t rust and aren’t as fragile as glass holders. With that said, wood holders have their own issues.

First up, they tend to be rather expensive. Next, although wood is fragile, it still isn’t as tough as metal and can get damaged upon impact. For some wood candle holders, moisture may also be a problem, so bathroom use probably isn’t ideal for them.

Cleaning can be a nightmare as well, especially with wood candle holders that have a rough, textured finish.

But perhaps most importantly, wood candle holders can catch on fire if the candle melts and the flame gets sufficiently close to the holder. This shouldn’t happen if you keep an eye on the candle, but it’s still a possibility.

Candle holder count

Candle holders are typically sold in sets. Our picks, for example, include from 2 to 12 candle holders. Needless to say, choose the set that you think will be able to satisfy your needs.

Apart from the holder count itself, consider how much you are paying per holder in a set. This will allow you to distinguish between cheap and expensive holder sets and go for the one that you think is the best for your budget.


Last but not least, consider design when shopping for candle holders. Candles very often serve a decorative purpose, so you’d obviously want your candle holders to fit your home’s theme. Pick whichever candle holder set you think will fit the best to the room that it is going to be placed in.

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Candle Holders Reviews

SUJUN Candle Holder Set Of 3

This candle holder set from SUJUN is one of the sleekest options on our list. If the room you are going to put your candles in has modern motifs, then this set may be the right one.

SUJUN ships three candle holders with different heights in this pack – 9.49 inches, 11.42 inches, and 13.28 inches – but they all are suitable for 3/4-inch candles.

The SUJUN candle holders are elegantly made from metal, so they should be able to serve you for the years to come. The set we’ve based our review on came in matte black, but there were also gold and silver colors available. Gold and silver candle holders are truly gorgeous, but they won’t fit every interior.

With this set, we feel that the candle holders may be a little tippy due to their long necks. The base is pretty beefy and should be heavy enough to keep the holders stable, but you should nonetheless be a little careful with these candle holders.


  • Includes 3 candle holders of different height.
  • Sleek and distinctive design.
  • Tough metal build.
  • Available in gold, silver, and matte black.
  • For up to 3/4-inch candles.


  • Pricey
  • May be tippy.

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Scwhousi Iron Plate Candle Holder 3-Pack

This 3-piece candle holder set from Scwhousi is quite the eye-catcher. In fact, we think that Scwhousi candle holders are the most beautiful on our roundup. They are minimalist yet very elegant, and the gilded color option that we based our review on is absolutely gorgeous.

There are 4 other colors to choose from as well though, so no matter your interior theme, these candle holders could work for you.

Notably, the metal in these candle holders is non-rusting, so this set is suitable for use in the bathroom or other humid areas.

Although product images imply that Scwhousi candle holders are designed for candle jars, they can be very easily used with regular wax candles as well. In fact, thanks to their 4.75-inch diameter, Scwhousi candle holders can take thick pillar wax candles pretty easily. Plus, judging by user reviews, wax is very easy to remove from these holders.

With that said, we think that the Scwhousi candle holder set isn’t the best option for thin taper candles. This is because these candle holders have a flat, stand-like surface. In traditional candle holders, the candle base is hugged by the candle socket, which ensures the stability of thinner candles.


  • Minimalist yet eye-catching design.
  • Non-rusting metal build.
  • Can take large 3×3-inch pillar candles.
  • Available in 5 beautiful colors.


  • Thin candles may lack stability on these candle holders.

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LETINE Candlestick Holder 12-Pack

LETINE candle holders look like traditional candle holders except for one thing – they are made from glass. The glass makes these candle holders stand out. Aside from that, the glass here is unstained and pretty neutral, so the holders should easily fit in a wide range of interiors.

What’s also nice about LETINE candle holders is that they are very cheap. For a price a little higher than for the Scwhousi 3-set, you are getting 12 candle holders! All the candlestick holders in the LETINE kit are sized the same – 1.9 x 2.5 inches (D x H) – and all take up to 0.9 inches thick candles.

LETINE candle holders look very lovely indeed, but they have one downside – made of glass, they are fragile. A few buyers have also been unlucky in that they received broken candle holders, but this doesn’t seem to be a frequent issue with LETINE.


  • Very inexpensive.
  • Includes 12 candle holders.
  • Lovely glass design.
  • Takes up to 0.9-inch candles.


  • Fragile

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CYS EXCEL Glass Candle Holder Set Of 2

These candle holders from CYS EXCEL are interesting in that they can stably hold not only taper but also pillar candles.

In the center of each of the included holders, there is a socket that takes up to 0.8-inch taper candles. Above the socket, the holders have 3.25-inch plates that hold up to about 3-inch pillar candles.

So unlike most candle holders on the market, CYS EXCEL holders will work perfectly with both taper and pillar candles.

Notably, CYS EXCEL is available in multiple sizes and styles. However, the supported candle size is identical for all the available options. Some styles only take pillar candles as well, so be careful with what you are buying.

Made from glass, CYS EXCEL candle holders have a similar vibe to LETINE holders. Likewise, these holders are fragile and require some carefulness in use. However, the CYS EXCEL 2-holder set is also much more expensive than the LETINE 12-pack, so you could expect these holders to be more durable.


  • Designed for taper and pillar candles.
  • Clear glass design.
  • 2 candle holders included.
  • Multiple sizes and styles available.


  • Pricey
  • Fragile

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Deco 79 Distressed Wood Candle Holder Set Of 3

Finally, we have the Deco 79 wood candle holder 3-set. Made of genuine mango wood, these candle holders are arguably the most distinct on our list. This set is also the priciest on our roundup, which is expectable given that the holders are made from wood.

The Deco 79 candle holders should be a good fit for traditional, more classical interiors, especially those that are abundant in wooden accents. And available in white and brown, these candle holders should work with many homes.

This 3-pack comes with 3 candle holders of varying height – 4, 6, and 8 inches. All holders take up to around 3.5-inch pillar candles. Thanks to the spike in the center, the Deco 79 holders should keep not too tall taper candles stable as well.

But as mentioned in our buyer’s guide, wood candle holders have a common downside – they can catch on fire and become a fire hazard. If you keep an eye on your candles though, this shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Excellent choice for traditional interiors.
  • Beautiful wood build with a distressed finish.
  • Includes 3 candles with varying sizes.


  • Very expensive.
  • May become a fire hazard if left to burn unsupervised.

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Final Words

Have you found the best candle holders for your needs?

If not, then our personal recommendation would be the LETINE Candlestick Holder 12-Pack. This set is cheap, includes 12 candle holders, looks good, and should work for those who are intending to use taper candles.

A close second pick would probably be the CYS EXCEL Glass Candle Holder 2-Pack. Apart from boasting a lovely glass design, these candle holders work with both taper and pillar candles.

What about the other 3 candle holder sets? They are excellent as well (they wouldn’t have made it to our list otherwise), but we feel that our top 2 picks will work better for many people.

With that said, when shopping for the best candle holder set, don’t forget about the points we’ve talked about above. Once you put your needs together, maybe LETINE Candlestick Holder 12-Pack or CYS EXCEL Glass Candle Holder 2-Pack won’t look as good to you. In that case, one of the 3 other sets should is likely to work.

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