Best Candle Brands: 16 Big Names You Need to Know

Lighting a candle is the perfect way to make sure your home smells exactly how you want it to. They are great for covering up unwanted odors or just giving your house an extra touch. Whatever the reason you have for lighting a candle, you want to make sure you have the best kind.

The top brands you need to know and I recommend are: Diptyque, Jo Malone, Nest, Yankee Candle, Chesapeake Bay, Otherland, Voluspa, Bath and Body Works, and Homesick.

Each brand has their own unique touch that makes them stand out from the rest. We will be taking a look at these brands and diving in to see what makes them worth being used in your home.

Best Candle Brands

1. Diptyque

Diptyque is a French company that hand makes their candles, packaging them in sleek glass or ceramic jars. This brand has over 40 different scents for you to choose from. This brand is a tad pricey but you definitely get your money’s worth with their candles. Their Baies candle fills the room with the scent of roses and black currant leaves.

The fragrances are rich and last for hours. Be careful where you burn these candles, though, as some of them may not be suited for bathrooms as soap and shampoo scents may easily overpower them. Regardless, Diptyque provides high quality candles that bring your home to a higher level of sophistication.

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Price Range: $68 to $340

Best Sellers:

2. Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a brand out of London that has an enormous range of fragrances with over 400 different scents. They hand make their candles, which means their candles are going to be high quality. The waxes they use are specifically composed to pair well with the fragrance oils.

A great thing about Jo Malone is that they offer sample kits. Having to choose from over 400 scents can be a daunting task but they do their best to help ease that feeling. You can choose up to ten different fragrances to sample. This can also come in handy because of the luxurious pricing. The candles are definitely worth the price, though.

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Price Range: $36 to $520

Best Sellers:


NEST is a brand from New York that specializes in using scents that are familiar as well as unexpected and exotic scents. Their goal with their scents are to elevate your mood and to make sure the fragrance is strong.

These candles have fragrances that last a very long time. Their fragrances, on top of elevating your mood, are specifically made for your moods. These candles are high quality and are packaged in a sophisticated box. The jar the candle is in is also sleek and makes a great decoration for anywhere in the house.

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Price Range: $16 to $140

Best Sellers:

4. Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle is one of the most well known candle companies in existence. They have over 200 different fragrances and three different sizes you can choose from. Their candles have a long burn time, up to 150 hours! These candles also have a strong scent throw and their fragrances have a long lifespan.

Yankee Candle also has a rewards program where you earn points that turns into money to redeem for candles. This is awesome for candle lovers. Getting reward points is a great chance to try out a new candle scent without worrying about spending money on a fragrance you do not enjoy.

Price Range: $11 to $30

Best Sellers:

5. Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay is a company owned by Yankee Candle. They present a more sophisticated, sleekly designed candle than Yankee Candle does. These candles are created with the idea of sending your mind and body on a wellness journey. Their fragrances are meant to target different wellness aspects.

These candles are perfect for personal use but they also make a great gift. There is a specific line of candles from this brand called Sentiments Collection. This collection offers three wick candles with a jar that is brandished with a personal message for yourself or for someone you are gifting the candle to. With a long scent lifespan, this line is perfect for any gift or for personal use.

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Price range: $13 to $17

Best Sellers:

6. Otherland

Otherland is a candle company dedicated to giving you the best quality candle for your money. They started out with the idea of making a candle that is a good quality but is not too expensive to burn all day. They have a small range of scents but each scent offers a strong throw and elegance mixed with a fresh fragrance.

The founders of this company use only clean ingredients, including organic cotton wicks and essential oils instead of fragrance oils. Their candles are hand poured which means they will have an even melt pool when burning. On top of this, the glass tumblers they pour their candles into are meant to be reused after you burn your well loved candle.

Price Range: One candle for $36 or three candles for $89

Best Sellers:

7. Voluspa

Voluspa is another high quality brand you will definitely want to invest in. This brand originated in California and is handcrafted to make a luxurious candle. The unique thing about this brand is that their ingredients are rare and sourced globally. This is the reason they have such a big following as well as a celebrity following. Everyone wants these luxurious candles.

Voluspa has a very large range of fragrances. Luckily, their website has them broken down by scent type to make shopping that much easier for you. This company also sells a wide variety of candle sizes. Their candles have anywhere from one to five wicks, which gives a variety to the scent throw. On top of this, their jars are elegantly designed to make them perfect for any type of home decor.

Price Range: $9 to $224

Best Sellers:

8. Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is a great place to find candles because they offer high quality candles without the luxurious price. They also frequently offer deals where you can get your three wick candles for $10 off what you would normally pay. As if this was not good enough, they have an annual Candle Day where they sell candles for an insanely cheap amount. The price varies but it is always an amazing deal.

Bath and Body Works has a wide range of scents to buy in store, as well as more scents available online exclusively. These candles have a long lasting fragrance and a candle lifespan of up to 45 hours. By using one of their three wick candles, you can easily fragrance a large room. They also have seasonal candles that they frequently add new fragrances to.

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Price Range: $15 to $25

Best Sellers:

9. Homesick

Homesick candles are not only great for casual candle lovers, but are also perfect candles for someone who moved away from their home state or country. This brand specializes in creating fragrances to represent different locations. They have collections for states, countries, and some cities. They even have a memories collection. Many people have said that these candles have actually made them think of memories from their homes.

Homesick hand makes and hand pours their candles with clean products including organic cotton wicks. They pride themselves in creating high quality candles that are free of any unnatural ingredients. Because the candles are hand poured, they have even melt pools, which helps maintain a good quality candle with a long lasting fragrance. The price reflects the quality of the candle but is not as expensive as other luxurious brands.

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Price Range: $34

Best Sellers:

10. Dorothy B. and Co.

Dorothy B. and Co. is a company based out of Brooklyn, New York. They hand pour their candles to give you the best quality burn and scent throw as possible. The ingredients they use are completely natural, which means that your burn will be healthier for you and will not leave any oily or black marks on your wall. Their candles also last longer than paraffin wax candles because the wax they use burns almost 50% cooler.

This company uses fun names for their Mantra Collection that other candle companies do not use. Instead of making the name related to the fragrance, they make names such as Ambition on Fleek and Good Vibes Only. The jars this collection is poured into are a sleek black ceramic with the name of the candle written in an inspirational poster way. The best part is that this ten ounce candle has a burn time of 50 hours.

Price Range: $8 to $25

Best Sellers:

11. Le Labo

Le Labo is a candle brand out of New York that devote themselves to making unique scents that are missing from the candle world. They put so much effort into their candles that they create the candles when orders are placed. This means you are getting a freshly made candle with each order. The luxurious price reflects this, but it is definitely worth the money.

This is another company that uses names for their fragrances that other candle companies do not. For example, they have candles with the name Verveine 32, Calone 17, and Palo Santo 14. The fragrances for these candles are hand formulated. The creators of this company have dedicated themselves to making sure you are getting the best quality candle they can create.

Price Range: $65 to $480

Best Sellers:

12. Pretty Honest Candles

Pretty Honest Candle was born out of the desire to be able to fill a home with a scent. They use clean products to create a high quality candle that fulfills their desire of filling a home with the fragrance. They use soy wax because it creates a clean burn and it burns slowly, which makes the candles last longer. These candles in particular last up to 50 hours. They also use essential oils to fragrance their candles instead of fragrance oils.

The candles are packaged in jars that either reflect what the scent is or says the scent name. For example, they sell an iridescent candle that comes in a jar designed to be iridescent. They also have candles for different football teams. The price of these candles is also something to jump for joy at. These are high quality candles for a highly affordable price. Also, if you cannot decide on a fragrance, there is a candle quiz you can take to help you.

Price Range: $10 to $40

Best Sellers:

13. Evil Queen

Evil Queen is perfect for people who like their candles to give off a little attitude with the fragrance. This company was created in Los Angeles with the goal of selling candles that let the buyer have some fun either keeping or gifting to their friends. These handmade candles use pure cotton wicks, soy wax, and are completely vegan. On top of this, they have a burn time of over 50 hours, which is pretty impressive.

The candles are hand poured into small mason jars with a cute little label on the front. The fonts on the labels are different depending on the type of candle, making each package unique. Most of the candles are dyed a pastel color but there are some that have a deep, fuller color. These candles are perfect for any type of person and any occasion, whether you are buying them for personal use or to gift to a friend.

Price Range: $20 to $25

Best Sellers:

14. P.F. Candle Co.

P.F. Candle Co. is a company based out of Los Angeles. Their goal is to make a high quality product while still maintaining an affordable price. Their candles are made out of soy wax that is grown in the United States. While the company has grown over the years, they are still committed to keeping the development, production, testing, packaging, and shipping within their Los Angeles warehouse.

P.F. Candle Co. packages their candles in rustic looking mason jars. The label adds to the rustic vibe with typewritten font. They have a large handful of scents that are not too typical for popular candle brands. For example, they have scents called amber and moss as well as black fig. They sell four different sizes of candles ranging from 7.2 ounces to 12.5 ounces. Regardless of the size you pick, every scent is a great addition to your candle collection.

Price Range: $20 to $57

Best Sellers:

15. Harlem Candle Company

Harlem Candle Company sells luxury candles that are inspired by the city of Harlem. The goal of this company is to blend together fragrance, jazz, and Harlem into each candle. They have several different collections of candles such as botanical, Renaissance, nightclub, and 22 karat gold. Each collection is packaged differently to fit with the theme of the collection.

The candles themselves are not named after the fragrances. Instead, they have names to correspond with the theme of the collection. For example, in the Botanical Collection, the candles have names like Home, Love, and Dream. These luxurious candles do have some affordable candles as well as some that are at a luxurious price. Each candle also has a description of the fragrance and what the candle is supposed to represent on its web page.

Price Range: $15 to $60

Best Sellers:

16. La Botica

La Botica is a luxury candle company based out of New York City. They bring together Spanish culture and modern ritual into every candle. The great thing about La Botica is that they create products that are sustainable. Their goal is to create an international, sustainable way to fragrance your home.

The candles are packaged in a sleek black jar with a large white label that displays the name of the candle in large letters. This company only has five candle fragrances so it is not too difficult to decide on a fragrance. Whatever scent you choose, though, you will thoroughly enjoy the essential oil fragrance your house fills with. These candles have around 75 hours of burn time, too.

Price Range: $65

Best Sellers:

Wrapping Up

Choosing a candle can become overwhelming when you take into consideration the hundreds of different candle companies there are. Several brands, though, stand out above the rest for their high quality products that can fill a room with a fragrance for hours.

You will definitely be left happy when you choose a candle from one of these 16 companies. Their luxurious, carefully created candles will be a great addition to not only your home decor, but to the fragrance of your home as well.

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