10 Best Candle Blogs You Must Know (Explained)

Connecting with candle communities online is still common. Over 16 million posts on Instagram mention #candles.

Whether it’s about the science behind fragrance layers or all the details about a recent candle release, there’s a blog for you.

My blog is definitely one of the best candle blogs out there, no question about it. But you may want to learn more after reading my blog.

In this post, I’ll share what I found in my hunt for the best candle blogs that you must know about.

10 Best Candle Blogs That You Must Know About

This list is in no particular order, they’re just the best blogs I found and wanted to share for various reasons. Some have great information for beginners and others have really cool candle projects. There are various niches in between. I hope you enjoy it.

#1 General Knowledge And Safety: National Candle Association Blog


Candles add warmth and ambiance to any room or event. And scented candles can make a house feel more like a home. There are pleasant benefits to burning candles, but it’s also important to understand how to safely use them.

The National Candle Association’s blog offers safety tips and candle maintenance suggestions for the novice to experienced candle users. Some blog post topics that stood out to me were:

  • Fire safety
  • Understanding product labels
  • Correctly burning candles 
  • Highlighting candle trends 

Even though candles are increasingly popular, there is still so much that can be learned about them and the National Candle Association Blog can help you do just that.

#2 Best Candle Burning Practices: The Candle Review

Although this is an older blog with most recent posts dating back to 2018, I thought The Candle Review was still a solid blog that you should know about. 

What stood out the most to me were their blogs about best burning practices.

For instance, in The Importance of Wax Pools the author casually (and humorously) explains what a wax pool and and how you can get the best use out of your candles by allowing wax pools to form. 

In Tips for Maximizing Scent Throw the author covers three poinst to consider when making sure that you’re doing all that you can to get the best scent throw out of your candles. (And it starts with choosing the right ones to begin with.)

Eliminate Smoke Plumes When Extinguishing Your Candles shares a simple solution for no longer turning your scented space into a smoke-filled one by blowing out the candle wick. 

#3 Best DIY Candle Projects: Hello Nest Blog

I came across this blog while hanging out on Pinterest the other day, and I thought that they shared a lot of interesting DIY candle projects, so I’m sharing this resource with you.

Making candles from wine bottles sounds a little ambitious to me, but it’s highly likely that I am going to try this project for myself.

If you are up for a challenge and have extra wine bottles laying around the house. You might want to follow these steps to make your own candles or give them away as gifts.

The idea of making dried flower candles intrigues me as well. With such a beautiful result, it’s definitely a project that will add a special touch to home decor. These candles would also make a beautiful gift. 

‘Tis the season for layered scented holiday candles. Both color and fragrance make this a special project.

If you’re more of a wax melt candle-lover, then you might want to consider making your own soy wax melts.

#4 Candle Reviews & Suggestions: Candle Junkies Blog

If there is a candle that you’ve been wanting to try, but have been skeptical about buying it, then you might want to search for a review on the Candle Junkies Blog.

For instance, in this post on the best DW Home candle scents, they share their opinions about the best DW scents for fall, the holidays, men, summer, and their favorite bakery scents. 

And then there’s the post, The 9 Best Candles that Smell Like Christmas Trees. At the top of their list is Thymes Frasier Fir. Some of the other brands on the list were familiar, like Yankee Candle and Nest New York. And there were some that were new to me, like Trapp White Fir and Paddywax. 

Candle Junkies also share details about candle deals and how to navigate events like Bath & Body Works’ Candle Day.

#5 Best Scent Suggestions: Osmology Co Blog

Osmology is a UK-based company that sells candles from various brands. Their blog is a mixture of helpful posts, candle reviews, and scent suggestions.

With posts like, How to Scent Your Summer Dinner Party and Mood Boosting Candles To Make Life A Little Brighter, it is clear that they take home interior fragrances seriously.

One post I would like to highlight is, Tobacco Scented Candles That Are Intoxicatingly Good.

I don’t know that I would have paired these two concepts before but I thought it might be a good gift idea for a male friend. After reading this post, though, I was even considering one for myself. They list ten tobacco-scented candles that bring “sweet, woody warmth” into the home. 

#6 All Things Candles And A Directory: Candle Find Blog

Whether you want to support an indie candle company or are drawn to larger retail and luxury brands, Candle Find has a blog post for you. They started writing home fragrance reviews back in 2003 and remain an active blog even after changing hands a few times. 

One standout feature about this blog is that they maintain a candle company directory.

You can search by company, location, special features, randomly, or over a dozen more search options. This feature is especially great for helping to find indie companies that offer great candles but might not be marketed as much as larger brands. As of today, there are 710 companies on the list.

Some of their blog posts are categorized by wax type. Some examples include, 278 soy candle posts, 54 posts about soy blend candles, and 6 palm wax candle posts.  I thought this was helpful.

#7 Best Hobby Blog: How This Smells Blog

One thing that stands out is their Candle Terminology Page.

More specifically, candle culture terminology, the women who run this blog took the time to compile and define a list of candle vernacular that candle-loving newbies might not be familiar with. Ever heard of a dirty burn? Visit this page if you’d like the definition. This page will definitely help you navigate candle-themed subreddits and Twitter feeds.

How This Smells also writes candle reviews and interviews candle collectors. 

#8 For The Joy Of Candles: Candle Fandom Blog

Candle Fandom exists to help you find the perfect candle for your personal enjoyment. 

This blog is run by Lauren, and she writes about:

  • Candle reviews
  • DIY projects 
  • Gift guides
  • Brand reviews
  • Candle trends

Some interesting posts include a Joshua Tree Desert Rose candle review which was written during her 8th week of pandemic lockdown, so I’m sure she was in need of all the candles. She also reviews an indie brand, Basic Bee Candle Co they make natural beeswax candles and her review was of their pumpkin spice seasonal candle.

Although there aren’t many recent posts – looks like the last post was about a year ago – there’s still some interesting brand finds on this blog and Lauren writes in a friendly tone. 

Visiting this blog, you might learn about candle brands that are new for you to explore.

#9 Informative Soy Candle Blog: Pretty Frank

Pretty Frank is a candle company based in Australia, founded in 2016. Their blog posts are written for candle lovers and candle makers.

For candle lovers, there are informative posts, like, Triple Scented Candles, What’s The Fuss? She explains what this term means with regards to fragrance loading and different wax types. Another candle lover post details the meaning of a soy blend candle. 

Posts for candle makers explore topics like candle making tips for beginners, tips for making candles in modern times, and how to use deluxe soy wax. 

General posts about various candle scents that they offer are also interesting.  Her posts are direct, to the point, but in a nice conversational tone. 

Considering that this is also a business, I think it’s kind of her to share so much trade information. Pretty Frank is a pretty cool candle blog.

#10 Best Candle Making Blog: Candle Science

Candle Science is a candle supply company based in Durham, North Carolina, USA, but they also produce blog and video content for those interested in making candles.

Whether you are a hobbyist or are looking to start your own candle business , you will find helpful demonstrations, tutorials, and of course, supplies. For instance, this video demonstrates how to make a cute succulent candle:

While candles are fairly simple to make, if you want to start a small business, there needs to be consistency across each collection. So I can appreciate blog posts, like, How to Conduct a Basic Burn Test In it, they list the process, step-by-step.

Another useful post, Choosing The Right Wick Size, is actually a video with transcript that helps you understand the decision-making process. In Choosing A Soy Wax, I learned that soy candles make up more than half of the candle market.

There are lots of useful nuggets of information on this blog, so you have to visit it if you are at all interested in making your own candles.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Candle blogs can help feed your curiosity about candles. They can also help you get the most out of your candle burning experiences, or start your own business. It’s also helpful to read candle blogs in order to learn more about candles you find interesting but would like to learn more about before making a purchase.

If you know a candle-lover who would benefit from this post, please share it!

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