Are Candle Warmers Safe for Pets (Dogs, Cats, Birds)?

Candle warmers provide a healthier and safer solution when compared to traditional candles. Pets, on the other hand, are very delicate buddies. Unlike our advanced human systems, several products are often not safe for pets, which begs the question, are candle warmers safe for our pets?

Candle warmers are safe for use around pets since they are flameless, smokeless, and wickless. However, their safety is dependent on the warmers chosen, since several scents pose health risks to pets. A quality candle warmer, coupled with an animal-friendly scent, is the safest package for your pet.

If you are genuinely interested in purchasing a candle warmer but worried about how safe the appliance is for your pet, read on to understand how the two interact. Learn whether you can get that candle warmer you have been fancying and how to keep it pet friendly.

Are Candle Warmers Safe for Pets

Benefits of Using Candle Warmers as a Pet Owner

If you have a pet that might see a flame on a candle and think, ‘ooh, this looks fun, maybe I should bite or chew it,’ then a candle warmer would do you great. Here’s why:

Candle Warmers Are Flameless

The fact that candle warmers are flameless is advantageous to your pet’s respiratory system. Pets can easily stumble over burning candles when playing and jumping from corner to corner. Candle warmers eradicate the danger of accidental fires. 

Some pets tend to get wowed by the flame and may end up getting burnt. This can be super hazardous for your furry friend, as fur is quite flammable.

The only risk of fire that is posed by the electrical element of candle warmers is if a flammable material gets in contact with the heated plate. Unless your pet has some pure talent and can move flammable things around, then you’re safe.

Candle Warmers are Smoke-free

Due to their metabolism, pets are more sensitive to poisons. The burning of conventional candles potentially releases toxins into the air through the smoke. Once a pet inhales these into their lungs, they go directly into the bloodstream, causing health problems.

Fortunately, candle warmers are smoke-free, making your scented environment a lot safer for your pets too.

Candle Warmers Are Soot-Free

Scented candles often come with lead in their wicks. Once the wick is burnt it releases a dangerous amount of lead into the atmosphere and your house through the soot. Lead is a harmful component that overtime poses great health risks not just to your pet but you too.

A study by the University of Michigan showed that by 1999, 30% of the candles that were used in the USA released lead into the air. Although the legislation was passed against the lead in Wicks in 2003, imported candles with the lead may still make their way onto shelves.

By using a candle warmer, you protect both you and your pet from this potential risk since you are using wick-free candle wax.

A Good Candle Warmer Is Touch-Friendly

A quality candle warmer should be warm enough to melt the candle but not so hot that it could burn your curious pets if they were to touch it. The wax should burn to slightly above your body temperature.

Picking Scented Candles for Your Pets

Candle warmers may be safe, but if the candle warming has a risky scent, then the candle warmer isn’t much of a secure package, is it?

Depending on the scent and how strong it is, odors released pose a risk of irritation or stress on most pets’ airways. Unfortunately, there isn’t a general rule. Like humans, dogs and cats will always have a scent aversion and preference. 

Picking a pet-friendly scent will generally be trial and error. But here’s a pro tip, felines aren’t the biggest fans of citrus aromas, so maybe do not put this in the trial period if you are dealing with one.

If your pet is a cat, then it’s most likely that there are some unpleasant smells that you’re looking to mask. Before jumping ship to candle warmers for that pleasant scent, try adopting a new housekeeping routine to keep those bad scents at bay.

Birds are among the most delicate pets when it comes to the scent world. No matter how cleanly the chemical compounds and essential oils in the candle scent melt, birds like parrots have an extra delicate respiratory system.

Even the simplest of scents place their health at risk. Consult with your vet on scents before choosing a scented candle for your warmer.

Pet-Safe and Fun Fragrances To Try Out

Even when using a safe candle warmer, you must pick a safe scent for your pet. Many pet parents ponder on whether to get scented candles and whether there are any that are good for their pets. 

Scented candles can be used as an aroma-therapy treatment, which is useful for both you and your pet. Here are several fragrances from which both you and your pet will benefit.


Lavender is among the most popular fragrances in de-stressing and relaxing both animals and humans. Lavender has historically been used to aid sleep. So, using lavender-scented candles will give you an advantage when trying to calm your restless pet.


Eucalyptus is a beautiful decongestant that will help your pet, and even yourself deal with respiratory problems. However, eucalyptus may not be a favorite if you are not into the slightly medicinal scent. However, you can always place the candle warmer on one side of the house.


Peppermint, as a scent, is quite the stimulant. If your dog is a little sluggish, this scent is a plus. The fragrance in peppermint is also exceedingly strong, so you get the advantage of masking over any other pet-related smells and odors.


 A citrus fragrance like lemon and orange is ideal if you want to mask a pet’s smell. These fragrances come with sharp overtones that work to neutralize any musky smell created by your pet.


Floral scents are generally famous for homes that have pets. The floral aromas I recommend are jasmine and rose. These two are both strong enough for the masking yet light enough for your pet and yourself too.

Scent Blends

Many companies go out of their way to blend fragrances into candles specifically intended to handle pet odor. Such blends are advantageous because they come specifically made for all types of pets, so they’re usually animal friendly.  

Scented candle warmers not only keep your house smelling fresh but can mask any foul smell arising within your house. As a pet owner, the smell of kitty litter or a wet dog, among other smells, quickly pervades through a home. It’s only normal for you to want to neutralize this smell. 

Pro Tips When Buying a Pet-Safe Candle Warmer

When picking out your candle warmer, check for durability. Pets are the clumsiest sometimes, so look for a candle warmer with a great deal of craftsmanship. Ensure that the material used is as durable as it is beautiful.

To be safe, buy your candle warmer from pet-friendly shops. A host of pet-friendly shops have adopted candle warmers that are animal friendly. It is always safer for you to make purchases from these brands. Their products are precisely tuned for safety for pets.

Check the heating levels of the candle warmer. Pets are curious, don’t assume that your candle warmer won’t attract their attention. Pick a warmer that won’t burn your pet if it comes into direct contact with it.

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Know Your Pet-Friendly Scents To Make That Candle Warmer the Perfect Package

Candle warmers, if you think about it now that you’ve learned about them, are the perfect gift for pet parents. Unlike conventional candles, the appliances are soot-free. Therefore,  they won’t pose the risk of fire from pets toppling them over. Also, they are smoke-free, so no respiratory problems for the pets.

To top it up, you still get a chance to mask your pet’s smell with beautiful scents. Ideally, candle warmers allow you to keep a healthy pet and well smelling house; I’d say they’re not only safe for your pets but you too. 

It’s only fair that we still remember that no matter how much risk they eliminate, the choice of scent is still quite a significant factor for the safety of your pet. Go through our recommended pet-safe scents to ensure that your candle warmer comes as a complete safety package.

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